Purity of Universal Light and Cultural Ties with Angels


There is a misconception that Victoria Secret models are now heaven’s angels. That Angels represent the entirety of light and this is not true. Victoria Secret Models, Angels and Light are not interchangeable. They make make a stanza and paradigm category for what goodness is, is possibly on the same parallel but they are not the same thing. There is a universal energy of purity called in Sanskrit (deva) which is in Hinduism called the shining one. It is the closest thing I know of that represents the goodness of a person in form.

Our language is restricted to words and our cultural ties makes misconceptions of what is truly light. So let us define this purity, using Dr. Kageyama’s Steps in practicing. I like to use methodologies in all i do. So we will use the one from a professor I know of.


1.Define goal

2.Go for it.

3. Evaluate result.

4.Identify problem

5. identify cause.

6.Identify possible solution

7. Test solution

  1. My goal is to redefine light in the english language that best describes the purity of the universal force of light.
  2. I like the words Lux – Luxor –  Lumen – Divine – Deva all describing light
  3. Deva is simplest. mix them together and get Deluxor, Devalumen, Divine Deva, or compound them deluxordevalumen-divinedeva.
  4. The problem is finding a word that best describes all five at once or compound them. Possibly Luxor lumenosity Divine Deva or Luxor lumen Divinity of deva. Or Just Deva the shining one.
  5. The cause of this problem is that there are limitations to the English language unless I make up a word myself i cannot express myself without sounding like i’m doing pseudo science or have the pretentious notion that I am the creator of the language.
  6. Solution: Use the language within the parameters of the English dictionary but at the same time compound them in a understandable manner. Divine-Deva sounds clean and best.
  7. Testing it: The highest form of energy that describes the purity of the highest universal light is Divine-Deva of lux.


Divine-Deva of Luxor is the result of extensive probing of the words light and goodness in life. It could be shortened to Divine-Deva but Divine-Deva of Luxor feels like it ties everything together more correctly if there was a formal way to put it. Maybe we will leave it at Deva for a short form but we make due with what we have i guess. I would love to add celestial to the mix but I felt celestial refer more to stars then it did to a person or being.


2 thoughts on “Purity of Universal Light and Cultural Ties with Angels

  1. I’ve been kind of planning to write a blog post (or maybe something longer) about how language limits thought – or at least the expression of thought – for quite a while. It’s a subject that fascinates me.
    You’ve raised some very interesting philosophical points here, and I like the way you’ve used that methodology to clarify the process – works well.

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    • Always fun to hear from you Jan. I’m on vacation and my posts are on phone atm. I too believe language conplicates and restricts the expression of the mind but it’s our best medium to get through to people even at this frequency. My means of talking right now is unthinkable back in the day but now texting is possible. We make possibilities happen through manifestation of wanting to improve sometimes conscious desire needs no conciuous action to appear. Just existing and doing our duties not getting entangled by politics and drama of men is the only way to go. I’m so attached to being my own character that I’m immersed in this world where I can not help myself unless I become impartial to people in solitude. My caring affects my purpose of experiencing life for myself. I need to find a balance somehow.. and probably am bUT just hard on myself. There is no measure of pleasing and self purpose. Anyways good to hear from you. And I hope to see that post soon.

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