Fractal Lives and Computed Reality

Breaking the Trinity Code:

You are living a fractal experience. This has 1 level in this trinity. Second image below has 5 levels.


This is a trinity, which represent geometrically the trinity of the holy bible scriptures.


The fractal here if you start with the 4 visible triangles you can see that there are triangles delving further down into the microcosm smaller and smaller  creating replicas of itself. This can be done into the macrocosm growing bigger and bigger into the universe also.

Before we get further let us get into the parallels of the green, blue and red variable that make up these plains.

Spectrum: (state), microcosm, mediocosm, macrocosm and ascended-value

Red: (physical), particle, bread, agitated matter and science

Blue: (mental), atom, wine, space and religion

Green: (spiritual), molecule, holy ghost, time and humanism

As you can see this matrix can be read from left to right and top to bottom. We will expand these words into a sound format.

Left to right: The category of spectrum will be in a state of form from there will contain the fields of microcosm, mediocosm and macrocosm. The last is an ascended value.

The microcosm is a smaller world of minimizing properties whereas macrocosm is a maximizing attribute. Mediocosm just means for it to be middle scale and inbetween in the universe. The ascended value describes a quantity with a z axis coordinate.

The category of red is aligned with the words physical from there particle, bread of christ and agitated matter of that parallel come about. The ascended value of Science is the result product.

The particle the smallest considered mass in life is of the microcosm world. The bread of christ represents the fuel or sustainance of life makes it the mediocosm. The agitated matter which represents solid form gives things shape. The result of science being the father or product of these things makes it tangible and logical in life.

The category of Blue is aligned with the words mental and the fields; atom, wine and space are identified. The ascended value of religion is achieved.

Atom or rather Adam is the smallest form that make up a material or substance in life. It’s close sound to Adam is not left by chance and refers back to it’s biblical roots. Wine is the blood of christ and represents the mind of christ. Space is a envelope or cushion for all celestial matter and it is a form of space memory. Religion is the given name and product that arises from this group.

The category of Green is aligned with the words spiritual, molecule, holy ghost and time. Humanism is achieved.  

The molecule is the spirit that makes an element what it is. The holy ghost is the spirit of christ ever vigilant, benevolent and sturdy. Time is the next subject that the quality of existence and being more tangible acording to expirey and age. With these qualities it retains the image of humanism we are only here for a short time physically attributing our eternal soul and to a life better spent to rest eternally humbled.


up and down: The colors are Red, Blue and Green. The state is physical, mental and spiritual. The microcosm is of particle, atom and quark. The mediocosm is of bread, wine and holy ghost. The macrocosm would be agitated matter, space and time. The ascended value would now be of science, religion and humanism.



These are worlds within worlds inside this fractal of microcosm and macrocosm and i propose the usage of a cone to describe what we are seeing here. There are always a duality in a sustainable system; good, bad. on, off. life, death. black, white. yin, yang. This is why there is an open top, a singularity in the middle and a open bottom. Nature loves symmetry so that enforces the duality system. If there is a black hole that sucks in material there must be a white hole else where spitting it out. If the big bang is expanding rapidly because of a initial grand explosion physics theorizes that it must collapse again until it is back to it’s potential to big bang again oscillating forever into the infinity of time. Each time possibly creating a better version of us and life as it progresses. Refining us as a creation in time.

To wrap this up, the red triangle (science), the blue triangle (religion) and green triangle (humanism) must come together to come to some sort of mutual understanding and work as collective to cooperate and that is where they will meet coordinates (0,0) in the middle of all the conflict and ascended to new territory into a different dimension of existence that is a 3 dimensional pyramid with a Z-value coordinate of depth. We were only working on a linear 2d plane before so the 3d value is a great significance to the study of the transitioning of worlds.

We create a 3 sided pyramid that is also the all seeing eye that governs life and it’s spectrum of creation what ever that may be. Hopefully the step by step account was clear in how i got to my conclusion.

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