The Science of Religion Through Humanism.


The word spiritual is misused now a-days to profit from and poorly understood. It has no concrete fundamental to back up that it exists. Today i would like to act as a bridge to those who believe there is no soul and that spirituality exists. I believe that with love, compassion and understanding we can come to a higher light of what it means to be human. In curiosity we will prosper but we will need to be curious and willing to sacrifice or at least question ideas and fundamentals about what we know about the world.

Explaining the Science in certain things takes time and patience and religion as a practical application is going to take some amount of explaining so lets get to it in “The Science of Religion” or “Religion of Science” through humanism.

Three is the number of simplicity. It is the world we live in; three dimension. We are very familiar with it. Two point diagram would be too simple. A four point diagram could be possible but not necessary until we establish that we understand three points diagrams.

It seems that practice often brings a person to the process of thought of the mental realm. That thought is often accessed to become nature of the spiritual realm. The nature will then accumulate to produce manifestation.

The trinity is an enigma that is only scarcely mentioned in the bible but it speaks of who God is which i believe to be really important. There is no definition of what the trinity is other then it is known as the son, father and holy ghost and because no one knows what it really is by definition. No words can define it’s complexity. We hope to solve the trinity enigma.

The trinity has three forms, functions and fields. The form are the cores of the trinity. The function are the transitions between the cores. And finally we have the fields; the physical microcosm, the mental mediocosm and the spiritual macrocosm.


Cores represented by these three triangles to be objects subject to the three categories: physical, mental and spiritual.

Cores (Forms):


I’m going to introduce the transition functions in the trinity. This geometry represents the trinity’s transitions between the three cores in the trinity paradigm.

Transitions (Function):



Microcosm and macrocosms are represented in outwards growth and inwards growth of the model paradigm through what we call fractals.

Microcosm and macrocosms (Fields):



Practice, thought, nature

The practice of something can lead to the process of thought, once that thought has been accessed it can become a nature and finally it accumulates to manifest in life.


System of practical use of the trinity.


Practice > Thought> Nature > Manifest


Process > Accessed > Accumulation


Complete cores and transitions combined:

Practice > ProcessThought > AccessedNature > Accumulation > Manifest

It seems that practice often brings a person to the process of thought of the mental realm. That thought is often accessed to become nature of the spiritual realm. The nature will then accumulate to produce manifestation.

(physical) It matters where you live, what you eat, what you drink and where you sleep.

(mental) It matters what you do as long as you do it right when it matters.

(spiritual) It matters what/who you choose as your idol/mentor as your savior when you die.

(Ascended) It matters what you do in life as it reflects who god is through your experience as a collective. As we are all in the end are just data in this reality, records to be kept and history of the human kind.

It doesn’t matter what path you choose to get there, as long as you contribute to the human cause.

Micro and macrocosm article

Here is a system of stanza i have written more in depth detail of what we should do in the physical, mental and spiritual world to get there.

practice (keys): unconditional love, service and honor. life

believe (tools): hope, faith and redemption. dream.

manifest:(solutions): awareness, understanding and benevolence. light.

Practice with these keys; They are unconditional love, service and honor. They will lead you in life.

Believe in these tools; They are hope, faith and redemption. They will make your dreams come true.

Manifest these solutions; They are awareness, understanding and benevolence. They will bring you to the light.

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Science, Religion and Humanism are a stanza in itself. Heaven often means paradise.

This is where we are headed heaven on Earth.


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