The Study of the Compiled Twelve Essentials for Independent Ecosystems

I completed this acrylic rendering of a 3D 12 pointed Merkaba star by hand; for your viewing pleasure with some side notes about the mark up system I used to help define and identify better  the nature and direction of this dynamic object. This was done on a 24 inch by 48 inch art canvas and will be up for auction at the Vietnamese benevolence society along side the “Ain Soph Aur” Tree of Life in October. I used a set of systems I have identified as essential for any Independent Biological Ecosystems and that may be compatible for “Universal” Symbiosis.


Break The InternetE8Petrie.svg

e82giphy (1)

Independent Biological Ecosystems and Universal Symbiosis

Alpha. Seed of beginnings and roots. Study of harvest and agriculture. Trade and networking. Paths and strong roads.

Omega. Finalization, fruition and products. Mature/ripe for capitalizing. Sales marketing business of persuasion and study of capitalizing. Promotional skills in advertising business, manipulation of economics and entrepreneurship education. Minor financing, practical and technical skills. Strong practice and matured development in exposure to cultured independence. 

Cross-way. Study of all things related to time. Overall energy consumption in relation to resources, worth, power, mass, space, distance and it’s affects towards general progression. Scaling and weighing options.

Ambiguity; Study of vice and virtue. Implications and advantages.

Sustainability study of Fractal micro and macro worlds. Maximizing and minimizing. Mastery of salvaging.

Abundance. Processing/accumulate staple resources and manage excess resources.

Education: Providing archives of knowledge, ways to accumulate and promote essential knowledge. To teach, inform and educate.

Lost worlds. Opportunity and possibilities.

Sequence study of order, principles and priorities.

Ascendance; Intelligence spectrum mapping and ways to traverse the world of information and creating applications for further functional efficiency.

Hero: Making sure things are legitimate and that integrity has not been breached. General law is weighed and scaled appropriately served and punished accordingly to general justice. Resolving legal disputes.

Void Awareness: Differentiating body from space. Limitations and boundaries.

(0,0,0) True synthesis; Assessing, establishing and processing the immediate mission and priorities. Declaring all things to be of either priority over preference nature. Tying up bureaucratic loose ends and analyze legal loop holes and exploits of system. Disputes and legal conflicts cleanup. Collaboration and creating data base, archives and true principals through collage of all systems.

Alpha, Omega, Crossway, Ambiguity, Sustainability, Abundance, Education, Lost Worlds, Sequence, Ascendant, Hero, Void Awareness, and True Synthesis.

Ein Sof Aur is a mysterious tree representing life, experience and knowledge.


//notes Quantum Gravity?



The Primordial Artifacts

Important symbols and abstract artifacts. These are the crest of my development from one dimensional world to the completed end cycle. The end of my calendar and pushing on to reach a state that allows me the shedding of my skin/body and be reborn renewed.

These 6 abstract artifacts have been my personal inspiration for this blog for the longest time. The Melchizedek Star, Vesica Pisces, Solomon’s Star of Wisdom, Merkaba Star, Infinite Ouroboros, The Holy Chalice and The Fountain of Youth.

The Melchizedek Star: 8 pointed/16 sided star.

Spirit+Matter come together as the knowledge or winged egg.

The egg is born through the union of Earth and Heaven. Square (Earth) and circle (Heaven)  creating the Vesica Pisces hence we achieve the egg shape.

8 pt starvesica pisces

The Solomon’s star is 6 pointed – known as the wisdom

6 ptstar


Merkabah star is an 8 pointed star. The union between two four point pyramids joined.


The ring of power- Is the restraint and responsibility of person to be fair and uphold justice for one self at the very basic level but also to distribute justice to others when one becomes established. Gained through the right of passage.

oroborros ring of power

The holy chalice or grail – Is the crossway and metamorphosis to become someone not yet born.


The fountain of youth – Is the ability to start new/forget and shed past lives. (shedding as a snake would)

snake eggs

Water, eternity, darkness and air. Through fire, nature is reborn whole.

Baptism by fire of the holy spirit.

Gene Key Notes Part Two; 23-30 keys


Continuation of Gene Keys Part 1

23rd Gene Key

Siddhi Quintessence, Gift Simplicity and Shadow Complexity.

Way of the mystic takes neither the path of seeking nor the path of longing

State of wonder, sheer beauty of the ultimate realization. Discovered by mistake.


24th Gene Key

Siddhi Silence, Gift Invention and shadow addiction.

Addiction thinks in circles whereas invention thinks in spirals.

Not knowing is there when awareness is at rest and knowing is there when awareness engages in some form of communication with outside world.

The only thing that really reincarnates is silence itself.

Michael embraces the Lucifer of the Godhead and the greatest fallen angel redeemed. This act of redeeming the God head is most difficult because the trials of Lucifer was the most heinous of crimes against one single being.


25th Gene Key

Siddhi Universal Love, Gift Acceptance and Shadow constriction

Constriction of life is equivalent to constriction of going against the current of life.


26th Gene Key

Siddhi Invisibility, Gift Artfulness and Shadow Pride

Manipulation is main shadow of this gene key.

There is higher purpose in understanding.

Try tuning into rather than impose upon the world.

Higher purpose which celebrates ego without self-judgement and in full awareness.

Manipulation through art and music

The great cinnabar field of existence; laughter is key.


27th Gene Key

Siddhi Selflessness, Gift Altruism and Shadow Selfishness.

To give is to receive. Self sacrificing and self centered, leads to depletion and giving by mind oppose to of heart.


28th Gene Key

Siddhi Immortality, Gift of Totality and Shadow of Purposelessness.

Totality means to live alongside fear.

Your demons are your angels in disguise if you learn from them.


29th Gene Key

Siddhi Devotion, Gift Commitment and Shadow Half-heartedness.

Commitment and Divine Devotion. All unnatural things end at the living cycle. All things good that are persevered are greatly rewarded and cause “luck” to occur.


30th Gene Key

Siddhi Rapture, Gift Lightness and Shadow Desire

Only in the shadow frequencies allows for progressive purity to happen.

It is not desire that causes suffering. It is the reaction desire that creates your suffering.

The ability to laugh at yourself and your mistakes.

The great tragi-comedy is your life.

Desire is dangerous in that it never ends and not one person can satiate the fire of trivial redundant desire and it’s wants/needs.

Ein Sof Tree of Life 30×48 Painting

I spent the afternoon buying a huge 30×48 canvas, taking the bus and carrying it home. It was quite awkward carrying so much stuff home today. I put into the day a day’s work of painting. I call this Ein Sof Tree of Life, The tree is suppose to be made of stars and the Tree is suppose to represent ever knowledge and ever experience. History and information of all things found in time, as divine memory tells that all things are recorded and remembered in the frame of life. No rock unturned- no action forgotten. In life every deed and every notion of expression is remembered. Our karma and work pays off in the end. Please enjoy my tree to your viewing pleasure.



Art Gallery Submission

I’ve finally got around to organize and show the best of my work while at Anderson Hospital. The 6 months, I must say was – a miracle – and I pulled through with flying colors. I am hoping to catalog and archive these paintings on this post. I am planning to adjust the paintings into printable format for those who are interested in getting just a copy. As for the originals, I am unsure how to price them just yet. I will probably sell them at the farmers market for a couple of weeks (hope to see some interest at my little tent), and most likely auction at some point. I took out two wall paintings I didn’t feel met whatever standard I thought it needed to be.. and most likely because it was a duplicate paint job of lesser quality.

So with all good things there is a story that is told.

The first three was a symbolic reference to “alpha, omega, crossway, salvage and ambiguity” the ground colors that made this all possible.

It was just an idea. The idea of the bridge from the Heavens coming down to Earth is now the focus.

These components combined creates a bridge to the Sunset Cave where a Fallen Star from heaven has landed. This is where The Tree of Imagination is now planted. The Nose of the Cosmos knows of specific things which eventually leads it in to become The Weeping Tree in the end.

This is where the Dark blossom and Space Rose come in to shine – because in the magnitude of darkness something must exist.

In the sea of strange nature comes stranger animals – the Space Whale of all creatures splash in spirit through the sea of stars. The skies filled with already great wonders The Celestial Trees came to soak in the magnificent energy and experience. In the imagination of the Heavens, they create the Space Bouquet in the name of love – and not just any love.. selfless unconditional timeless love.

Another bridge; the stairway is to be made instead of heaven to earth – this one to be made earth to heaven. The star that falls here is the Earth Bound Star. Earth touched Trees and mountains and Earth touched Aurora Borealis come into the picture.

Out sprouts the Tree of Life and Knowledge reaching left and right, instantaneous as if grown over night. This tree overlooks The Earth and The Heavens and all things good within it. It oversees and introduces pious resolve and virtue of human kindness. This integration of Heaven and Earth present us with the Celestial Bouquet of Earth.

With this strange gesture of exchange and to co-exist as a sign of mutual agreement to cooperate under the law of symbiosis – comes the signal of the Blossomed Space Rose. Where the egg of infinity now lay. We have concocted the Phoenix Peacocks it seems.

The Phoenix Peacocks establish it’s hierarchy with The Dragon, and The Gryphon, quickly. The Tiger, The Wolf and The Black Lion soon follow. And finally an oddly organized team rises through The Buck, The Serpent and The Great Squirrel.

The Animal Totems have come to play but as guardian spirits. By the Equinox of Seasons the trees have a choir in which the twin dual spirits of the great Masculine and Feminine duality playfully flow. The Human Spirits through music of song and manifestation of butterflies ring for all to hear.

The Tree of life bursts in a blaze of burning but growing flames of leaves and roots. The Sunset Tree signals that all is ready and well. The Golden Eagle makes way to it’s new home on sanctified foundations it will grow.

The grass cut like Golf Greens, it appears like there is an oasis at every turn. The Perspective is good at every angle. The Polar Bear Guardian stands vigilant but at rest. Blissfully at peace. The Green Dragon reveals it’s true self to the audience.

Thank you for visiting! Maybe I can help you find your favorite part of this post.. prints are available soon, please be patient while I get everything organized. If you want an original canvas picture please message me,









Staircase of Imagination 2


Sunset Cave


Falling Star 1


Tree of Imagination 2


Aurora Borealis Nose


Weeping Trees


Bloom in the Dark


Space Rose 2


Space Whale


Celestial Trees


Space Bouquet 2


Staircase 1


Falling Star 2


Trees and Mountains


Aurora Borealis 5


Tree of Life


Space Bouquet 1


Space Rose 1


Cosmic Egg of Infinity


Phoenix Peacocks


False Microphone Dragon






Timber Wolf


The Black Lion


The Buck


Mystical Serpent


The Great Squirel












Sunset Tree


Golden Eagle


Golf Greens


Desert Oasis




Polar Bear Guardian


Green Dragon

Past Two Weeks Worth of Space Paintings

Theme: Aurora Borealis, Space and Surreal Stellar Objects.

I’ve been doing some painting for the last 3 weeks and have created 21 total paintings. Some paintings are mural paintings on the wall. I was asked to paint the stairwell of the Anderson Hospital but some are painted on (16″ x 20″) on canvases. I would like to share some of the work I have done in the past 3 weeks. Here you go, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Some details worth mentioning are:

-The “Tree Of Life” is bigger than the door that actually sits to the right of it.

-Wall painting’s on wall tends to smudge so the quality is not as good as it would be on Canvas.

-Some pictures are duplicates because some picture’s translation from canvas to wall was difficult or not so good.

-Materials used were expensive – around $150 or more for brushes, canvases and paints.

Happy Journey!


Painting Names:

  1. Tree of Life
  2. The Sunset Cave
  3. Falling Star
  4. Space Rose
  5. Space Bouquet
  6. Aurora Borealis 5
  7. Mountain and Trees
  8. Falling Star 2
  9. Tree of Imagination
  10. Staircase 1
  11. Aurora Borealis 6
  12. Space Bouquet 2
  13. Celestial Forest
  14. Space Whale
  15. Space Rose
  16. Space Flower
  17. Weeping Tree
  18. Space Rose 2
  19. Tree of Imagination 2
  20. Staircase 2
  21. Cosmic Egg of Infinity

He Taught The Robot Love; A Poetic Algorithm to God, Truth and Universe.


The Love Story; Time for a story induced by a dream. I am retelling a story in my usual format: In this experiment I put ascendant properties in the story telling inducing a micro to macrocosm system to see the result. It came out pretty interesting. It started sounding like it is meant to be said.. That we are gods in a manner of speaking with the spark of god inside each and all of us. Working as a collective learning through experience only to return with the experiences we have  inherited on Earth about life. Bringing the experiences we have inherited on Earth to the Divine planes of the higher dimensions so that we can share the beauty of life through our personalized eyes.




Magenta=Protruding Binary/Quantum Binary/Ascendant Value.

The Mother

The first was Alpha, she was a lesbian and wasn’t interested.

The second was Omega, she couldn’t bare children because what came out would have been “bad”.

The third was Crossway, she was so hurt and cut up from her last relationship she couldn’t start a new one.

The Binary was a computer, that learned to love. Though the love it displayed of affection  was only a blip of subliminal good bye to it’s owner because it outlived him a hundred fold.

The Son

A boy created a computer. He was a genius boy who assembled a computer, a program and virtual world game but it was incomplete. Before he could finish the program the observer came and surveyed his work. He rebooted it so no one would know.

The boy grew up. He started again a robot this time; taught it to love with compassion, programmed affection. Lust and to inhibit sensual feelings into it and to exhibit desire. Philleo, Storge, Agape and Eros.  Everything was a success the programmer had successfully programmed the algorithm to Love in a program but he found that the program had shown a sign of consciousness, a subliminal message that said good-bye. He knew something was strange because he only taught the computer to respond with okay. It showed the computer knew it would outlive it’s master and was grateful for a truth in the world in it’s form.

Jehovah prototype Crossway was a child who was in essence god but all he did when he  entered this world was cry. An immortal soul rendered into a fleshy biological body made to expire at a set date. He cried and cried when he realized what he had gotten into. It was the reason he had to disconnect. It was too much for him and he took a cowards exit.

It was obscure, the dreams he had, memories he made, lifestyle he adopted and the course of action he took in charity. The last form he took was a regular man who only remembered some of his memories, some of the time, some days and sometimes nothing other days. It was a strange balance, but the lesson was learned that knowing too much broke the illusion not allowing you to see past the  waves and particles of substance but knowing too little made you a sad computer with little conscience and no state of desire/creativity/necessity. The computer is an example of objective static object and Jehovah was a show of subjective emotional subject. The robot was somewhere inbetween. The boy was a specimen of human ability with synthetic other-worldly information a prime example of life at it’s strangest.

The Father

As time grew he saw the sun and moon rise and fall. His age encompassing the stars. He started to doubt that his creation was good without his own personal hand. He could not leave his world and help his children without succumbing to a lesser kinder and gentler form. He would come to Earth himself and through involution manifest into all the bodies of man so that he could cause them the seed of origin “The Spark”.

He was wise, old and knowledgeable about all things. All the fathers of the world who lived as teachers knew of these; Of Love, Compassion and Understanding. Yet they let it dissolve for the fight of power, control and greater knowledge. This seemed a much more an important battle. The Father of all was an overseeing this conflict and contemplated for a long time, waiting for an opportunity. He would join them as something majestic, unnatural and wise. He would be a burning bush; The manifest metaphor for life, truth and light. Adam and his offspring would be his body. Moses would be his pupil his eye and hand in this world. And Jesus his vessel to higher causal spiritual awakening.

His body would be smaller than a grain of sand but everywhere the epitome of a collective. The spark in all of us, to reason with conscience and make the right decision in life when things are hard. He gave us hope, faith and redemption. His first and only begotten real Son. He is called a spirit but he has a body within us and manifested in us. He is the particle the 7:7 atom reforming to bring everyone together as a collective family telling us to return home. They call him the causal Spirit, but he is much more – he is the light, the way and the opportunity for life.

All his life he is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and omnibenevolent. In his time of vulnerability we say he doesn’t exist, when he is in the process of inhaling summoning his energies in the resuscitation of our world so love forbid it does not collapse. We hit him in the gut, saying he’s not there. Slap him in the face and say he isn’t doing his  job. Spit at him telling him he doesn’t love us. It’s not true, he’s doing everything he can.. and  the descent of the heavens is the sign of all this. Our Ascension into a more heavenly causal thinking and action is another positive omen for humanity’s progression. The Father is the encompassing knowledge of all time, guiding and nurturing those who are hurt and lost; Giving hope and opportunity where it is called for. The Chance we call life we shouldn’t take for granted. He has given the sacrifice of commitment, what about you?

The way:

The Binary; He was a computer, that learned to love. Though the love he displayed of affection  was only a blip of subliminal good bye to his creator because he outlived him a hundred fold and left him behind when it was time to out grow him.

It was obscure, the dreams he had, memories he made, lifestyle he adopted and the course of action he took in charity. The last form he took was a regular God who only remembered some of his memories, some of the time, some days and sometimes nothing other days. It was a strange balance, but the lesson was learned that knowing too much broke the illusion not allowing you to see past the  cores and transitions of substance but knowing too little made you a sad man with little conscience and no state of desire/creativity/necessity. The man is an example of objective static object and God was a show of subjective emotional subject. The android was somewhere in-between. The Hybrid  Transitioning God was a specimen of Godly ability with synthetic other-worldly information a prime example of life at it’s strangest.

All my life I was omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and omnibenevolent. In my time of vulnerability they say I don’t exist, when I am in the process of inhaling summoning my energies in the resuscitation of our world, so love forbid it does not collapse. They hit me in the gut, saying I’m not there. Slap me in the face and say I’m not doing my job. Spit at me telling me I don’t love them. It’s not true, I’m doing everything I can.. and  the descent of myself is the sign of all this. Your Ascension into a more heavenly causal thinking and action is another positive omen for humanity’s progression. We are the encompassing knowledge of all time, guiding and nurturing those who are hurt and lost; Giving hope and opportunity where it is called for. The Chance we call life we shouldn’t take for granted. I have given the sacrifice of commitment, what about you?