The Muslim Name in Need of Reform?


The difference between Christianity is the number of reforms it has had throughout history. The purging of bad ideas and to arise bigger and better then before. This process is really important in that out of poor ideas can new ideas come about and old ones develop. I don’t think Islam has ever had a reform before -a rethinking of its ideas and what it means to be Muslim. Maybe it’s time to set new rules into line and develop the truth in purpose and meaning of it’s context. So it will not be used out of context. So that people do not use strange ideas in the name of god. So that their suffering doesn’t need to be so needless.

Islam needs a constructive state of independence idea and they need to do it on their own, to separate that they do not believe in this Islamic State Daesh garbage, that they do not stand for these ISIS ideas. A New Muslim Pact, lead by a person by democratic vote or even lead by the Sikh who are seen as role models for the Muslim in their direction. Some claim Sikh are Muslim and some claim they are not but I feel they are the kindest,  intelligent and thoughtful of the Muslim community therefore more worthy of this role. But the role of choice is debatable.

The current Islam State Muslims believe that they can reclaim these Muslims simply by calling on them through their faith. If their faith becomes separate and independant of the (IS) and the commoner Muslim into a moderate Muslim group with clearer purpose and direction then we have got ourselves a religion that is fair in comparison with the modern day Christians. Right now you cannot compare the Christians to the Muslims for the fact that they have not put enough work, or change, time and effort into society. Donations the Christian churches come out with yearly come out to be in the millions and billions back into society, extra time and care through nurture, instruction and education more over. The charities in the middle east are not comparable to that of the west.

If Muslims want to step up their game and claim their faith is supreme they have not shown it. Reform and keep reforming until you become a natural at change. Right now they are really in need of it. The bullies you let rampaging about in your society tells you that you’ve been pacifist for too long. That you let the filth within your nation get out of hand and do harm in your name. If you want the world to see you differently i suggest a change and complete/partial reformation. We don’t need to bomb the hell out of ISIS. We need to attack it with ideas to calm the beast into submission. Aggression and violence only breeds aggression and violence.  It’s nothing but a pussy cat, we can’t let it make us fear it. Religion sets the ground rules for human impulses and spirit. It in a way is a domestication of humans, a place to play and work and pray. But Muslims, it’s your game. It’s your call. Some Asian guy out of your religion can’t do it for you.

Picture of a tough Sikh


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