What Makes Us Human?


I often thought what is it about circumstances, conditions and events that change a person so drastically? Is it the pressure to do something great? Or is what makes a great story based on whether a person suffers and goes through drastic change? Is it the struggle a man must go through to find higher truths? Is it what we are willing to do in the face of pure survival?

I believe all this brings me to the idea that life is about respecting one another for your trials and testimonies about life. About relieving pains and suffering one goes through in the here and now. That we heal trauma, fears and sickness where it is necessary. To provide sanctuary is my priority and a home from insanity.

There’s a classic story of Moby Dick and a movie this year called “Heart of the Sea”.

The story tells of a crew that goes out to sea to go whale hunting for their “whale oils”. They run into something majestic, a force of nature they called Moby Dick the great white whale. And they were before hunters now found to be prey to it. The Great White Whale was only protecting it’s family, whereas the crew were mere hands to their vessel’s profiteers. They ended up stranded on a island because their ships were destroyed. Surviving and found eating raw fish, raw eggs anything they could put in their mouths to sustain there frail sea worn bodies. They left to sea to return home and did horrendous things like eat the corpses of their dead sea mates. They eventually got home, at least two of them did. I wasn’t sure who i was cheering for in the end but i was glad they were all safe and happy.

This raises the question of in the face of survival these men who were raised to be ethical, wise and godly. Thought of themselves as godly men were faced with the dilemma that was to not eat human flesh. Who set up the idea of what was moral in that situation? US in our minds we thought it was completely immoral to eat another man. It was just a rule we believed in our hearts was truly wrong. I believe if we let every wrong thing that we do in life haunt us it will destroy us. If we let it fester in our thoughts for too long we may be driven to do self damage in the end. They did what they had to do to survive. And so must another man in a world of desperation.

You cannot judge a man when you throw him to the sharks. Oh it is animal cruelty to what the man will do to the shark? Does anyone ever think oh it’s human cruelty because the shark will tear him apart? We need to think who side are we actually on? The humans or nature– or both and impartial? For me my answer is both and impartial. And i believe that’s where we all should be appreciating nature and the life of man at the same time.. but never rooting for a team like it were a football game.

Is a person still human after his morals and ethical self tested and found to be repulsed by what he has done? I think yes. He is tormented and troubled making him even more human I would say. If he weren’t troubled i then think he would very much be inhuman no matter how strong. If that infliction of trauma does not affect the person there is complete something wrong with the person.

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