Jesus Was a Child of Arch Angel Gabriel. (Secrets between the disciples and Christ.)


So it’s 2015 now. What have we learned about Jesus through science and history? It seems that we have warped and distorted the image of who he is in some kind of idolatry of a strange man through idealism. It’s unrealistic and unkind to those who do not look like him. He was a bronze skinned man who lived in the middle east and his hair was kinky and rough. He looked nothing like how is portrayed in these portraits of him that we see in modern times.

These Articles tell of a secret meeting that Christ had with his disciples that told he is of Gabriel. A messenger angel of Judgement, or the Earth’s moon. He was another Earthly Deity, not to say he may not be the light and way. Not to say that his gift to earth was not legitimate. He was still part of God but he’s more from the family of God. Gabriel is one of God’s children/creations, an angel. He did not become Jesus until conception of his birth through Mary.

Gaborim is rooted from the word Gabriel meaning born out of God and man. Jesus was a Gaborim through the angel Gabriel. We have to get our heads out of the idea that Religion is a perfect science. And that everything written is completely accurate and perfect.  There are thousands of manuscript variations of the Bible. There is a truth deeper then just the content that is read briefly on the surface.

The deal is that we may have extra influences, attributes and dna variations that give us perks and qualities above other men but at the end of the day have we given back to the world more then we are given? This is a time of healing and growth. The ignorance of people to claim that one religion is better then than the other through radicalism and extremism is insane. That one will dominate the other.. we need a construct of co-existence. We have had enough of war of bigotry, of propaganda and censorship. The wrestling of control of peoples minds and lives is insane. Saudi Arabia claiming all atheist as enemy of the country is insanity. Saudi Arabia and its religion and state indistinguishable theology and passage of conquest to dominate the world is an idea that leads to the destruction of many lives.

The 15-25% of muslims that are extremist and radicals is approx 300 million people. Of those people who are involved in Sharia Law and Jihadist Holy War. There is in truth a very distinguished danger of conflict. Though  life is not perfect and these two things must learn to coexist even if they are very different. Some prefer the Light others the Moon (Dark). It’s all about preference and how you feel about yourself at the end of the day. What the religion does for you and how it changes you is all that matters.

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