A dream; Love and Time Travel Dream

time-travel (1)

I had a dream straight out of a science fiction novel about time travel. It was also about love.

The premises was in this reality people who were killed reduced to a lower functioning form. They treat this world like dying was a game of tag. Once you are tagged you have to live up to the consequences of starting from scratch from the lower functioning form.

All around you are your potential love interests in life but each one of them were killed off in this world of existence. These other realities are destroyed once you have chosen a lover is how i interpreted it.

In this dream I settled for one but i had to save her from a mechanism that would destroy her under a frame of time. I am able to turn off the machine and there’s time to snuggle for some reason.

As I turned to leave I am faced with the same scenario except from a different perspective. That I was the one setting up the actual dilemma I was in. In a manner of speaking I was the architect of the dilemma and the scenario of choosing the love I ended up with.

I see myself falling in love and making the choice of choosing my potential partner. The dilemma of doing it before the mechanism ended her. The plot twist is that I am my own means to my cause. I decide my destiny because there’s a future version of me who is acting as the hidden”antagonist” along side with the potential love of that future time frame pulling strings in order to make this story right.

6 thoughts on “A dream; Love and Time Travel Dream

  1. Hi. What you wrote resonates with a much elaborate but very intriguing 3-part story (I wont call it Novel because the content is way too intricate and multilayered to be just a fantasy though it is that too). The first part of that book is titled, Pretty in Black, by Rae Hachton. Hope you come to see what I mean.

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