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I had a dream about The Buddha. I started resonating at a strange frequency and also saw what it felt like with negative thoughts at the frequency. The resonating felt like a ringing and it rippled through time. I concentrated on what I learned and meditated on being at peace and what Nirvana meant when I was in this state. I was able to have an out of body experience and wanted to see what I looked like asleep. So I floated up in this dream state and looked at my face. To my surprise I had a 3rd eye, the color of the eye was a blue and it was wide open. It was so real, being rational and scientific about my approach I tried pinching the eye as gently as I could and it reacted as you would think. Unflinching but the skin moved as it would as I pinched the top of the eye and bottom of it. It was a real eye soft and strange because it was in the middle of my forehead.

For this section I made charts about Chakra and it’s sources the Glands of the human body. I used this website as my source and i found these cool affirmations that I personally wanted to write up myself but they were done so i didn’t need to. Thanks to these guys at the link above. Chakra is the study of ancient Hindu body, mind and spirit as they are connected through this vessel we call our vessel of experience. It is only possible that your universe exist through this thing we call a body. We are many collective sources of expression and experience with the spark of God in us. We as a collective make up the human experience that is God.

light spectrum

The Chakra Red Muladhara:


The Chakra Orange Svadhisthana:


The Chakra Yellow Manipura:


The Chakra Green Anahata:


The Chakra Blue Visuddha:


The Chakra Indigo Ajna:


The Chakra Violet Sahasrana:


Affirmations: These are just healing words for a certain targeted gland or chakra source. These help in the pursuit to heal, strengthen and master our chakras.Affirmations

I also went into a post about Chakra a long while back how Music, Life, Flower and Chakra were interrelated. The post is below.


Rei-Ki Principles

Study of martial arts

Qi Energy

This is the art of Rei-Ki. And i’m a quick study, but there’s some interesting concepts that i would like to inherit into my systems.

Rei-Ki Symbols

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