Sadly, The World is Actually Busy Worshipping False Idols


OH. The market of Christ never ceases to amaze. Full of hippy commercial, advertising and organized ideology and concepts. The Epitome of everything he has never taught. Take a look at yourself Christianity. You have fallen (but there’s fight in you yet).

PRAISE JESUS EVERYBODY. Everyone gets a rosary, an autograph of Jesus (Not actually him) with a fake portrait (it’s not even accurately depicted) and a mislead but a genuine smile from me! The commercialized and organized religion  of today’s society has lost it’s human touch for me. Whether your praising The Catholic Jesus, Bronze Skin politically correct Jesus. The hippy white as paste Latter day Saints renditions of Jesus.. Strict Morality Bent Chastity Police Catholic Jesus.. or The Desert Roaming Camel Riding Prophet of Islamic Traditions. You’ve got it wrong, when all you need is his message of love, unity and will of collective consciousness.

You aren’t even praying to God any more who is the cosmic collective of all essence and should be the center of your life. Jesus did say he was the way but God is the focus. God – through us as a collective experience. He wants us to take care of ourselves! His spirit lives in Personal name: Ehyah Asher Ehyah, Informal name: Elohim and Most Exalted Formal name: YHVW (Yahweh). You call him God, and when you call for God – who you’re getting is probably his hands, eyes and heart. The 2nd hand resource called guardian angels, archangels. If you’re going to Address him do it right.  He often likes to be called Heavenly Father, as his role is a fatherly one.

I’m just tired of the idolatry worship and almost everyone is doing it. Whether it’s just a concept of him your practicing.. The trinity. Or through the different denominations a conflict in how the bible  is read, which version of the bible.. The word of god is the whole bible in it’s collective message. I know he said all those who seek the father you need to go through Christ. But Christ is not Jesus of Nazareth. He is a different person Jesus was just an incarnation of Christ. Jesus of Nazareth were two people. Jeshu who died by getting stoned to death (Did not die at the actual cross) he was unable to teach his disciples who identified themselves as fishermen further under the vesica pisces symbol. And Barabbis is the Christ we know that was the political activist in his day that got crucified in his etheric body. But we know that Christ didn’t even die at the cross according to these certain evidences and enigmatic suspicions (suspicious for the right reason) and actually lived a full and happy life with Mary Magdalene according to the Zacharias Rhetor under secret changed names.

In Jesus’s complete life we find that his love life may have been complicated because of the Roman rule and Jewish control. Though it is said he may have lived and visited Mary Magdelene after he was crucified, claimed dead and put in a tomb but said to have raised from the dead. Hints to his survival was the cloth that made him instantly die when stuck in his mouth (suspected he may have been sedated) and also when they went to his tomb they carried aloe and healing materials instead of funeral flowers which is suspicious if he is dead. In the lost gospel Ecclesiastical History of Zacharias Rhetor under the pseudonyms of “Joseph” and “Aseneth”. According to the text, the two were married and had two children. The encrypted tale is suggested to have been based on a lost gospel that escaped being destroyed during the time of the first Christian Emperor, Constantine. Not to be confused but Jesus is just a prophet just as Buddha, Mohammed, Zoroaster, Krishna who attained enlightenment. Christ is the one of interest who is the perfect being of light.. He is the product of all the multiple enlightened lives he’s lived. Christ is by definition the ideal truth that comes as a divine manifestation of God to destroy incarnate error.

What is this non-sense of him rising from the dead and ascending to heaven? That’ll keep the Romans scratching their head for a while is my thinking. They needed to stop the Romans from searching for Christ. If they started believing Christ was taken from this world ascending to heaven just maybe the two; Christ and Mary Magdalene can start a normal life. Even then Mary still had problems with the Christians, Constantine’s book burning and so forth. Rewriting a lot of the bible based on political agenda. The bible is warped, distorted history of Jesus and his gifts. His message is there but it is heavily damaged. We need to remember that he was a message of love, unity and collective humanity. If Christians can’t even depict Christ correctly how do you expect them to depict god and communicate with god. The sheer pride and incompetence of their nature is enough to make one shake withholding wrath..

But remember– practice patience, forgiveness and mercy. The practice of them believing going to heaven and hell is suitable. A childish plot made for adults who think they’re so smart in indoctrinating their children to do good or there will be great consequence. The world doesn’t really care what you do in life. It’s actually indifferent of the horrors you put yourself through. Karma is a very real thing though.. If you do good things, you will receive good things. If you do bad things all your life – your going to attract all the bad things that may lead to a tragic life of accidence, dispute and argument.

Stay true. Curiosity and Prosperity.


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