The Material World Means Death to the Human Soul


“I just had a epiphany”.

The material world and everything it stands for is the death of the soul. It stands for selfishness and individualism and “dividedness”  (just how light hits a prism). And reveals what we really are. Cousins, Sisters/Brothers, Neighbors and distant relatives down the path of human history.

Humanity and it’s races is just an illusion. All human life on earth matters.. Not just any color, occupation or what country you reside in. We are all a mixture of something.. looking at a person and determining the ethnicity based on their physical appearance is the wrong philosophy in determining what they really are. At least in the physical realm of things. The best we have is and genetic testing.

Talking about the wrong path and focus I was making a comment on the state of mind of the Americans right now on #BlackLivesMatter. I wrote this comment below. And it fits nicely with how the world is not aligned in mentality yet in the world.

“What happens when black lives matter is achieved? You can’t use black lives matter as a vehicle forever.. All the lives matter despite it’s history of being a response to black lives matter. Doesn’t matter. All Lives Matters is a focus vehicle of balancing that all lives matter. “white” Lives Matter would be the spectrum opposite and “Insert color” Lives matter would be just as important as black lives matter. You are prioritizing that black lives matter over all else.. which should not be the approach. This is a dividing trivial debate, I agree to the anthem change in philosophy. All Lives do matter.. You should try changing your perspective. You can’t force the world to change theirs.”


Mapping life through paradigms and charts, Creating guidelines and rules to practices within the human experience perspective and finding an Application for Philosophy

I’ve been trying to map the universe using paradigms and charts slapping together words that represent something and using metaphors to define them. Abstractly and Concretely defining things color coordinating them and articulating them best I could, arguing that there is a relationship between color and words in the dictionary in life. That was the project.

I have been scrambling to put together guidelines and rules for what I believe was the best approach and path to approaching the human experience. Reasons why and how to do this describes the process in getting to an application of philosophy.

The application of philosophy is maybe finding a direct route and aligning a common ground with the ideas of a certain path and tree in life. Learning about Knowledge and it’s gateway is the application of philosophy. Synthesizing to become one and then moving as a vehicle towards an ascendancy. Working towards the now of the situation.

As of right now, the project is physical taking a toll on my living body. I think the mental stress of assessing all these ideas are starting to weigh on me. I’ve been starting to get these blisters on my hands from what I read it’s from excessive stress.. Even though this is all I’ve been doing. I guess you come to understand that the strain is real when your physical body starts to act up because of thinking too much.

I also had a dream about a life I never had. And I communicated with Yahweh.. angry as usual but what he said concerned me. He said I was selfish and I think I know why. It was about this life I never had about my wife and child in a time line that has not existed yet. I went to alternative universe psychic readings one day.. and I asked for a reading. I change my career path and direction completely that day, making me ask what happens to that life I would have lived had I gone that direction. The woman told me that I would be unhappy with my current direction but what about the child and romantic relationships I have with the people of that universe? That universe is wiped out. I felt i was visited by them last night when I was sleeping.. a warm body embraced me from behind and a little girl who I didn’t realize could have been my future child. Yahweh called me selfish for doing this, maybe because he felt an attachment to this child, I didn’t know these people – at least not yet so I couldn’t relate. I guess that’s something sad thing about being omniscient, you get to see all the failed realities.

Christ was making jokes, I couldn’t remember the joke otherwise I would’ve quoted it for the bible people. But he was “light-hearted” and kinder — more understanding of my condition and circumstance. These stories left me very heavy this morning it was a burden of ideas that came to me in a flood that made me realize I might’ve lost it all to pursue selfish personal goals on Earth. I don’t care to be rich, but riches in this world means freedom and opportunities for life. Money is a currency for freedom in life.. and I want to have the freedom to help others – freely. I would want to design systems, strategies and ideas for what the world should embody, practice and apply.

Also I apologize for focus on self again, I can’t help but work in first person. I forget that telling “you” to do things in second person and including us as a collective is a better practice. There are many ways to express myself but the medium of the Now is best represented in the “I” perspective. It’s a great strain to reach such ideal standards but I’ll try is all i can do. Anyways, just remember this the human experience of life and it’s material illusion, it’s science of physically being “real” of narcissism is the death of the human spirit. We are humans and should get our priorities and preferences in check.

Humility, Curiosity and Prosperity,


Secret Conclusion to; God, Universe and Truth Integration.

“Dreams indicate and reveal what you have decided in life.”


If you finished reading the book and still don’t understand what it all means. I will simplify it for you and summarize the answer you are looking for. In this extended The God, Universe and Truth Integration; Summarized Answers.

If you don’t want me to ruin the book for you do not read past this line.

Warning Spoil Alert.. Highlight the page to read below.


I believe in God, but probably not the same one you may believe in. I believe God in the universe and god in the collective of human beings. I believe the answer to the universe is for us as a people to act through selfless unconditional love. I believe that Christ had many lives, that he was a reincarnation of Thoth.  That he was one of the architects to the Giza Pyramid, that he commenced the project that was the catalyst to the human evolution of consciousness. That he was an initiate for the Giza pyramid and said to meticulously design the pyramids for his future awakening. That under the identity of Jeshu who also lived his lost years with the Buddhist monks written in the Manuscript of The Good Son; He sought enlightenment through them. That he brought Buddhist teachings back to teach his disciples. That Jesus actually lived two lives, one as Jeshu who lived a admirable good life but stoned to death and also as Barabbis who was the political activist who is the etheric body of Jesus. He is the manifest of Christ the Son of God. Christ didn’t even die at the cross according to these certain evidences and enigmatic suspicions (suspicious for the right reason) and actually lived a full and happy life with Mary Magdalene according to the Zacharias Rhetor under secret changed names. His survival is tribute to the knowledge that Christ did not die in 15 minutes at the cross. No he was sedated by a cloth put in his mouth that put him in a death like unconscious state. This is the reason why when they went to his tomb they brought aloe instead of funeral flowers. Aloe is used to heal wounds. They left no trace of where they went only the story that he ascended into heaven so that the romans could not chase him. Jesus and Magdalene lived full and happy lives, in the lost gospel Ecclesiastical History of Zacharias Rhetor under the pseudonyms of “Joseph” and “Aseneth”. Therefore I also do not believe in the resurrection sorry to say.

The purpose of this was to solve god who is the collective, solve universe through selfless unconditional love and the truth through Christ is to demystify his life. This is the conclusion and summary of the book.

Sadly, The World is Actually Busy Worshipping False Idols


OH. The market of Christ never ceases to amaze. Full of hippy commercial, advertising and organized ideology and concepts. The Epitome of everything he has never taught. Take a look at yourself Christianity. You have fallen (but there’s fight in you yet).

PRAISE JESUS EVERYBODY. Everyone gets a rosary, an autograph of Jesus (Not actually him) with a fake portrait (it’s not even accurately depicted) and a mislead but a genuine smile from me! The commercialized and organized religion  of today’s society has lost it’s human touch for me. Whether your praising The Catholic Jesus, Bronze Skin politically correct Jesus. The hippy white as paste Latter day Saints renditions of Jesus.. Strict Morality Bent Chastity Police Catholic Jesus.. or The Desert Roaming Camel Riding Prophet of Islamic Traditions. You’ve got it wrong, when all you need is his message of love, unity and will of collective consciousness.

You aren’t even praying to God any more who is the cosmic collective of all essence and should be the center of your life. Jesus did say he was the way but God is the focus. God – through us as a collective experience. He wants us to take care of ourselves! His spirit lives in Personal name: Ehyah Asher Ehyah, Informal name: Elohim and Most Exalted Formal name: YHVW (Yahweh). You call him God, and when you call for God – who you’re getting is probably his hands, eyes and heart. The 2nd hand resource called guardian angels, archangels. If you’re going to Address him do it right.  He often likes to be called Heavenly Father, as his role is a fatherly one.

I’m just tired of the idolatry worship and almost everyone is doing it. Whether it’s just a concept of him your practicing.. The trinity. Or through the different denominations a conflict in how the bible  is read, which version of the bible.. The word of god is the whole bible in it’s collective message. I know he said all those who seek the father you need to go through Christ. But Christ is not Jesus of Nazareth. He is a different person Jesus was just an incarnation of Christ. Jesus of Nazareth were two people. Jeshu who died by getting stoned to death (Did not die at the actual cross) he was unable to teach his disciples who identified themselves as fishermen further under the vesica pisces symbol. And Barabbis is the Christ we know that was the political activist in his day that got crucified in his etheric body. But we know that Christ didn’t even die at the cross according to these certain evidences and enigmatic suspicions (suspicious for the right reason) and actually lived a full and happy life with Mary Magdalene according to the Zacharias Rhetor under secret changed names.

In Jesus’s complete life we find that his love life may have been complicated because of the Roman rule and Jewish control. Though it is said he may have lived and visited Mary Magdelene after he was crucified, claimed dead and put in a tomb but said to have raised from the dead. Hints to his survival was the cloth that made him instantly die when stuck in his mouth (suspected he may have been sedated) and also when they went to his tomb they carried aloe and healing materials instead of funeral flowers which is suspicious if he is dead. In the lost gospel Ecclesiastical History of Zacharias Rhetor under the pseudonyms of “Joseph” and “Aseneth”. According to the text, the two were married and had two children. The encrypted tale is suggested to have been based on a lost gospel that escaped being destroyed during the time of the first Christian Emperor, Constantine. Not to be confused but Jesus is just a prophet just as Buddha, Mohammed, Zoroaster, Krishna who attained enlightenment. Christ is the one of interest who is the perfect being of light.. He is the product of all the multiple enlightened lives he’s lived. Christ is by definition the ideal truth that comes as a divine manifestation of God to destroy incarnate error.

What is this non-sense of him rising from the dead and ascending to heaven? That’ll keep the Romans scratching their head for a while is my thinking. They needed to stop the Romans from searching for Christ. If they started believing Christ was taken from this world ascending to heaven just maybe the two; Christ and Mary Magdalene can start a normal life. Even then Mary still had problems with the Christians, Constantine’s book burning and so forth. Rewriting a lot of the bible based on political agenda. The bible is warped, distorted history of Jesus and his gifts. His message is there but it is heavily damaged. We need to remember that he was a message of love, unity and collective humanity. If Christians can’t even depict Christ correctly how do you expect them to depict god and communicate with god. The sheer pride and incompetence of their nature is enough to make one shake withholding wrath..

But remember– practice patience, forgiveness and mercy. The practice of them believing going to heaven and hell is suitable. A childish plot made for adults who think they’re so smart in indoctrinating their children to do good or there will be great consequence. The world doesn’t really care what you do in life. It’s actually indifferent of the horrors you put yourself through. Karma is a very real thing though.. If you do good things, you will receive good things. If you do bad things all your life – your going to attract all the bad things that may lead to a tragic life of accidence, dispute and argument.

Stay true. Curiosity and Prosperity.


Harmonics, The Pyramid of Giza (human development catalyst)- A love story for humanity, Initiation and Awakening.


Properties of the Pyramid of Giza: It holds the math of pi, phi and euler the universal constants all in one structure. The acoustics of the kings chambers have very interesting properties.. the Pyramid is like a tuning fork suggesting and now proven through science it is a structure for harmonics. Another aspect of it is that it may play the role of shaping our DNA. It is through the evoking of an ancient “language of light” an ancient language called the Hibiru language (said to have harmonics imbued into the language) and the Hebrew language is also similar in evoking these feelings. The properties can also be found in Keys of notes evoking nature, feelings and emotion. Which are said to be evolutionary triggers. It is said that the Pyramid of Giza is a resonating structure that harmonically acts as a catalyst in triggering human spiritual evolution. The consciousness trigger that allows people to attain higher knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We find that historical figures have had past lives there namely. Ra-Ta aka Edgar Cayce. Thoth, Hermes, Merlin aka Jesus of Nazareth; also had lives as Adam, Jeshua, Joshua, Elijah and Joseph of Egypt and Enoch, (who was the son of Jared [Genesis 5:19–21], the father of Methuselah, and the great-grandfather of Noah. The one taken to heaven to see Ein Soph the tree of life and to describe it to the people on Earth).

I have reason to believe that the Pyramid Giza is a gateway not for the body but for the soul of the architect of the Giza pyramid, for not only the queen and king to be eternally united – but for those involved in the construction to continue to reincarnate and find each other every time. I also have reason to believe that there was a much grander scheme that they were acting as a catalyst in the construction of this structure. For it has harmonic properties that resonate throughout time and life on earth. Used almost like an antennae for influence at the DNA level for consciousness.

The architect was one of great wisdom building this monument which represented rebirth according to this symbol The vesicle Pisces. We later learn that the architect was actually Hermes Trismegistus, the Thrice Greatest, also known as Toth (Lord of Magic and Time) the Atlantean or Hermes to the Greek or to the Celtic Merlin who disappears up an apple tree to mythic Avalon seeking the secret of immortality. Edgar Cayce’s reading says that Jesus is the reincarnation of one of the builders for the Great Pyramid. The builder Toth got help from an Egyptian priest by the name of Ra-Ta who is said to be reincarnated as Edgar Cayce himself. Toth meticulously designed the pyramid for his future awakening as the historical Jesus of Nazareth who awakened to the Christ consciousness through the Great Pyramid initiation. If the initiation in the Great Pyramid was successful the graduate was awakened and returned with supernatural abilities to heal and perform wonders. Many biblical historians claimed that Jesus indeed spent a long time in Egypt. Toth and Enoch said they would return “with the keys to the gates of the sacred lands”.

vesica pisces pyramid

The Vesicle Pisces which is also a strong symbol of Christ. Who we find that his love life may have been complicated because of the Roman rule and Jewish control. Though it is said he may have lived and visited Mary Magdelene after he was crucified, claimed dead and put in a tomb but said to have raised from the dead. Hints to his survival was the cloth that made him instantly die when stuck in his mouth (suspected he may have been sedated) and also when they went to his tomb they carried aloe and healing materials instead of funeral flowers which is suspicious if he is dead. In the lost gospel Ecclesiastical History of Zacharias Rhetor under the pseudonyms of “Joseph” and “Aseneth”. According to the text, the two were married and had two children. The encrypted tale is suggested to have been based on a lost gospel that escaped being destroyed during the time of the first Christian Emperor, Constantine. Not to be confused but Jesus is just a prophet just as Buddha, Mohammed, Zoroaster, Krishna who attained enlightenment. Christ is the one of interest who is the perfect being of light.. He is the product of all the multiple enlightened lives he’s lived.

The fourth generation pharaoh Khufu “built” the Giza Pyramid with it in mind the constitution of construction of the body, the Pyramid, It’s associations the  3 pyramids of Giza. And also the system or what we in the human world would call the story of his life as pharaoh. His work, life and love attempting to manifest through time. But the architect and mastermind was Ra-ta and Toth of the time who are reincarnations of Edgar Cayce and Jesus of Nazareth. They are the initiates of the Pyramid of Giza and are the ones that deserve the credit. There is one more figure in the puzzle the only one to be taken up to the heaven’s with flesh still on him, we’ll learn of him in a minute.


(The Giza Pyramids Alignments say that it is made by the mastery of using Circles [Study of Heavens] and the creation of the pyramids just establishes how superior their knowledge in sacred geometry was.)

The Pyramid’s elevations to the chambers represent the time and years marked by ticks.  They also mark historic events in time. The pyramid encodes Jesus’ birth date as exactly 27th Sept 2 BC. Maybe the greatest mystery of all, if the pyramid has a timeline that perfectly predicts the future, how were the builders of the pyramid able to see into the future? I wonder if they induced out of body telling of the future rather then time travel by body. According to Lemusier, the Great Pyramid has been meticulously designed to mark all historical events from the last 4000 years into our present time. Lemusier found that an inch in the passageway corresponds to the length of a year. The Enoch circle in the Ante-Chamber was the perfect key for the translation of length (an inch) into time (a year).

There is also another figure in the building of the pyramid, he goes by the name of Enoch who happens to be known as Jesus too as the scientist-priest in the construction of the pyramid. The man who was shown Ain Soph/Ein Soph which is the Tree of Life. There is a language of light.. and it is called harmonics the keys of music are actually the keys to activating certain natures, emotions and feelings in the human body. The kings chamber is said to harness this power, the Hebrew language is said to best known to evoke these feelings – which is said to help in the transformation of human beings in consciousness to become beings of the stars. They say that humans are potentially beings becoming beyond angels, like unto gods. The lost Enochian knowledge reveals the mother tongue as a language of light. Known to the ancients as HIBURU, it is the primal seed language, introduced at the beginning of this time cycle. Hibiru is a harmonic language, mimicking the waveform properties of light. The tree of life is a live vibrating structure.

Sonic experiments performed in the King’s chamber showed that the King’s chamber has a series of acoustic resonance frequencies that correspond with perfect musical notes. The coffer inside the King’s chamber has a perfect resonance frequency of 440 Hz, the ground note A, the frequency of a tuning fork.

Four other resonance frequencies were found in the King’s chamber. These correspond with the musical notes F#, A, C# and D#. These notes are the notes of the F sharp melodic minor scale (F#). Indian shamans tuned their ceremonial flutes to F sharp because they believed that it is a frequency that is attuned to mother Earth.

Now we may remember from the Cymatics studies that the Platonic solids emerge from the perfect sound frequencies of the diatonic musical scale. Pure tonal frequencies were found in the Earth grid frequencies.

The amazing thing is that the resonance frequencies of the King’s chamber correspond with the resonance frequencies that were found in the 4 nucleotides of the DNA molecule. This structure has only 4 basic building blocks, the DNA bases adenine (A), cytonsine (C), guanine (G) and thymine (T). Two out of four of these nucleotides can be joined to form a base pair and these base pairs are sequenced to a DNA string. The complete DNA is a spiralling helix of three billion of such base pairs.

The purpose of this Pyramid of Giza is for spiritual initiation and healing. Another purpose could be that it served as a balancing instrument for the Earth’s energy grid.

We’ll get into the studies DNA as we learn more about it. I think this is a good place to stop.

Sathya Sai Baba; Why we didn’t hear about a second Jesus.


‘There’s only one religion- the religion of love. There’s only one language- the language of the heart. There’s only one cast- the cast of humanity. And there’s only one God- and he is omnipresent.”

Hamilton-Parker, Craig (2014-10-21). Psychic Encounters: Amazing Psychic Experiences (p. 162). . Kindle Edition.

This quote is from Sathya Sai Baba, if you don’t know who he is. Let’s just say he was the Jesus of modern times. If you missed his efforts, that’s because he was in India and not trying to impose or convert any religion to his. He created miracles, raised the dead, turned water to petroleum, flowers, silver boxes, pendants all out of thin air because he can materialize things into the physical world. Vibhutti ash and its liquid equivalent amrith materializes on photographs of Sai Baba. Apparently even the materilization of ash and liquid that often grew off his pictures gave miracle properties. Yes, people still collect this stuff.

There were trials and messages of his imperfection that arose but he claimed in his passing that none of his riches and estate were actually his as he gave them up when he became a devote. All the gifts he attained, goods that seemed to accumulate were under his care and not claimed. Thus went back to his cause and society itself. There were apologies made by government officials for slandering his name. Though he passed away on 24th of April 2011. He tells us he will reincarnate again in approximately 8 years under the name Prema Sai Babain in the neighbouring state of Karnataka. Mediums who saw his aura told that he radiated light.

It’s too bad i learned of him too late. I don’t think we’ll see the likes for a while now.

*read Peggy Mason.

(For answers about the afterlife.)

No home for those who thrive on the dark and abuse the lowly.


We had great religious prophets/leaders in the world including; Muhammad of the Islams, Moses of the Jewish and Christ of the Christians. They have gifted us with a world we see today and wisdom that influence the world we live in today. Though this is true we must remember that we live in a secular world now and are bound by rules of man. We should be more worried about going to jail for dating minors, drinking and driving, modern people rules, public intoxication, representation and taking care of our bodies. This is modern society for the urban. We’re civilized smart and tame, contemplating and intelligent capable of many things. I’m sure all these people were capable of being able to use all the technology and things we are today. Their nutrition may be different but their minds are not. They do not think better than we do.

The only difference is that they had different rules they had to abide by which influenced the rules they implemented on themselves, be it through the roman’s rule or even no rules and from scratch. The rule of Muhammad may be to pray everyday before you wake up before you sleep and before you eat. Stay a virgin or die by fire for shaming your family. Don’t blaspheme the holy Koran or you’ll get stoned by rocks, heaven knows there’s probably no rocks around in the city. Those are archaic ideas instilled in a person for that time frame, place and mentality. It may be Gods rule for the time, but even God wouldn’t want these ideas to work against his people or himself in the future. These ideas must be left behind because they are hindering the potential of man. We need to adapt and survive the new world. New imbalances in the human body from nutritional intake, fat intake, sugar intake and salt intake must be monitored. Exercise must be monitored, blood pressure and mental functions must be monitored. There are more things to worry about than the control of what other people think because that on it’s own is impossible. It should be more about what people feel from their hearts is right without the absence of the mind through consequence, circumstances and conditions.

Going to Moses who actually wrote rules on tablets to guide his people. This was a step up from those dark desert ages Muhammad lived. Know that our brains yet have not changed dramatically since than and it is just rules that have been implemented on us. God was told to be with this man and he led his people out of the Egypt out of slavery. Taught them rules to abide by, not as extreme of rules as been set by Muhammad back then. Though Muhammad lived a harsher and more dangerous world which reflected in the rules he instilled in his people. This was all good and now we have the modern Jewish people who are bankers, lawyers and business people leading the modern American world. The Islamic people are left behind while Israel the jewish have moved on to better things. They cling to a medieval world that exists today only to be extinct soon as the world will purge the undesirable societal parasites who live sadly maybe in poverty, theft, crime, prostitution, terrorism and thrive in such. Those who thrive in the sickness of the dark will be nothing more than a memory holding on by a thread of life in this modern society. Justice and Order don’t exist for those who aren’t willing to live under partial surveillance and willingness to change. Why do you deserve to roam freely if you have dark desires that you cannot control in the real world and ashamed to show it in life?

Christ was a stepping stone for preaching, teaching and creating a starting point for redemption. He gave us a second chance through his atonement rule. This is just another game rule implemented into a world that needed a new start. Now more than ever do we need this new sort of atonement into life in the modern world. Will we ever get another prophet identified by the heavens under God? This i believe is not necessary because the kingdom of heaven is already established on Earth as you can see. The modern world is what it is and it just needs refinement and workers because instilled in us we all know what work needs to be done, what ideas need to be emphasized and what wisdom needs to be instilled in people. We are going in the right direction all the prophets made sure of this. They have done their jobs of the past but we need new mentors in this world more current and latter leaders we can look up to. This is the new world, it’s not made up. Not run by anyone older than 100 years it’s run by young people who believe in freedom of thought and justice. Those who lack it are in the wrong side of the world and on the wrong team. In this world we’re all capable of being shepherds and self made heroes.

This is the modern world. The new prophets heroes are you. You are the only ones who can change the world around us through your efforts by work, ideas and wisdom. Those who want a free life and fresh start even now are attached to those who do not care for the free life. Separation is necessary for some and integration for new ideas and people are even more necessary. This world is not run by tyrants and to a degree we are headed in the right direction. Let’s just work with what we have and build on it and be mindful of the many things that are out there. There’s people doing their own thing believing they are doing gods will for their people and such things. Whether it’s a medical mental disorder or spiritual disorder we do not know. We just need to be mindful, intelligent and contemplating when acting here on out above the rest of the world.

Scenarios: If God existed then..


God does exists because even if he doesn’t Christianity has made him exists and living through their being. God does exist because our image is unique and upright among the animal kingdom separating us to be on top of the animal kingdom thus saying something about our ultimate form.

God exists because the universe is unknowable and the vastness and endless boundries of it continue to grow and that we rely on faith and science hand in hand in order to understand the world around us.

God exists because Jesus is a time traveling, dimension hopping master of manipulation of an unknown origin and that in itself is impossible thus god must exist.

God does exist because of the complex systems made in a human being. We exist because a combination of things – life on earth is able to sustain life and our chromosomes at birth are distributed in the correct amount so that we have all 5 senses, body parts, organs and a head all in tact. The miracle of birth in itself maybe evidence of that there is a god, very complex and delicate. More importantly – possible! giving us a chance to grow and change with the world around us. Life exists because something has dramatically changed in our DNA to allow us to cohesively understand the world around us. It maybe not attribute to god himself commanding a change but maybe a godly design where we grow and change as time goes pass. Whereas in any other planet around us it does not happen. We are obviousily not the only habitable planet in the universe there maybe other humanoids just like us. From early humanoids like the Neanderthal we obviousily evolved through selective breeding in order to pass our genes and trade off traits from one another. Though the chance for intelligent life on the planet is unknown – it is naïve to say that we are alone in the universe unless we were created in which would explain souls, the spirit world and reincarnation.

I’m a big believer in different dimensions, that we exist also in several “what if” scenarios with every decision we make. What if there is some truth to all of these theories and all this exists to a degree, a very shallow and neutral degree – that it exists simply because it is mentioned? There is not always a solution to a problem but there will always be infinite problems to solve as long as we keep discovering things. I believe faith and facts the duality of two extreme forms of functions and understanding take a big role in this. As we see more of the world it becomes clearer. With facts and faith as our identity grows stronger and as time and civilization evolves so that we can navigate, organize and discover our world more efficiently. Perception of a present time frame is all we can experience and what was in the far past and far future is unknowable to us except through facts and faith – through religion, technology, science, visions, 5 senses of experience, life, dreams or any other form of enlightenment. What ever our inspiration we will always build on a balance of faith and facts.