Theoretical Time Travel Loop-Hole Exploit


The answer is that if the first person pushes the button to get off the elevator at the top floor but the second person pushes the button to go to the mid floor. The second person can take the trip to the top with the first person. And both get off at the top level.

Just for your information, in case of accidental time travel. Which has been recorded throughout history in very random, bizarre and sometimes temporary situations. In order to exploit the loophole and bring information from the future time to the past self this practice must be implemented.

The time loop: The pioneer of the first time traveler must make sure to tell the past time traveler to continue his journey and proceed to enter the veil. The pioneer has to change hats every time he greets a new past time traveler. He has the most important role of the group, for if he fails in his task to greet, (pass the message) and the past travelers fail to do the assigned task of entering the veil, he will disappear and his time line will be gone. He will give a message to each one, to tell the previous time traveler that comes through to signal an entering of the veil. Each time a traveler returns he will give them a colored badge to each of the ascended members. Each member will receive a badge from red to brown to orange to yellow to green to blue to magenta to signify that they have completed the loop. Once the complete cycle has been made. The cycle will continue with a simple act of tribute of waiting for the first time traveler to come and be given another red badge to signify he has entered twice. And the rest will do the same in giving their own colored badges. 7:7 atom sequence.

The first sequence to start the time loops is;ExploitTimeTravel SYSTEMS

It’s a theory anyways. If done correctly the loop hole can be exploited and information from future can be therefore brought to present time and imminent compilation of truth will be unveiled.



4 thoughts on “Theoretical Time Travel Loop-Hole Exploit

    • It’s all precautionary theory for those pioneers that happen to come across the opportunity and don’t want to erase themselves. Energy cannot be erased or destroyed but it can be manipulated and organized to do anything we want. This cautionary step is actually mindless action in theory if time can be is created and destroyed. But if the theory for time travel is all created and alterable without consequence of the major time line then there are no bounds to the limits you can go. It could also be a mix of two where both are valid and that you become something different when you help your past life acquire certain knowledge and you open bigger doors for him to find higher knowledges and maybe form of body like the atom body 7:7 ascension and instead of creating and destroying a time line it is just slightly altered to branch a new way.

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      • Cool. I was also thinking, our bodies are just physical conduits channeling the energy (consciousness) you refer to, so if there was a ‘vacant’ conduit in the past or future, maybe our present energy could occupy those conduits, merely transferring our consciousness. But that’d mean we wouldn’t take on the same physical forms between past/ present/ and future. And I’m not sure what a vacant conduit/ body might be, because a dead body can’t be occupied if the death of the body was due to severe damage, we can’t posses a broken conduit. So… Maybe we can build artificial conduits/ bodies today, so that tomorrow when we travel back into the past, the avail conduit exists for us to occupy. It’s like transferring data, sending an email. Except it’ll be our minds/ energy/ consciousness. Would be interesting to figure out…

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  1. Maybe the rule of Energy, Consciousness and Matter comes into play here as different methods of going back into time. Matter can come back in time as duplicates, The Energy part could be your abilities to alter the past rippling a butterfly effect over time But Consciousness can go back without a body and do what you were saying, take existing conduits if there is a present one in that timeline and use it. I guess having a artificial conduit would be like having an independent conduit sent off on its own kind of like how we have drones going to the moon and stuff.


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