The Memory Recovery Dream; “Unforgeting”

blog_kedd_dom_unforget_neon.jpgI saw myself in my dream and in this dream it was different. I actually approached myself and my brother and said hello.

There was a boy in the second upper floor of a building. He had a great intensity in his eyes muttering words about how 29 years ago he was determined to forget everything he once knew for a special reason. He is in a sort of focused trance and with all his will he summons his memory of who he was before he died.

Who was I, where did i come from. Was it important to know who i was before i became who i am today? is this information important to the world. Fragments of the other life linger and remembering is a process i must “unforget”.

One thought on “The Memory Recovery Dream; “Unforgeting”

  1. Love this, Nam!
    It’s an interesting thought, and one I ponder on a lot – why we forget, what we forget, what we ‘need’ to unforget…

    I still don’t know the answers, although the unforgetting is gradually building and the veil between lives seems to be thinning.

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