A Claim for Inheritance of Earth and Resume. What’s in a Title?

Prism Disperse;

Here I am,

I am who I am.

Do not put a label on me and I will not on you. I am ever changing, flowing and influx with the river of time. I am the first wave of humanism progression. I beckon all those willing to listen to come and hear a story. And read about the first wave and understand it’s importance.

I have no power here. Nothing special to offer except for directions, a story, perspective, purpose and refined light (message).


past life

Life, is complicated. One does not only live one life.. and one does not inherit only blood. One lives many lives among life. I am a product of many lives. I am the first of the heaven sent heroes representing a collective of lives. I am Synamex; Synthetic, Man, Complex. I am the first step to the synthesis of the world. I was given this name as a child in a vision. The only mark of my identity. I wish to be a driving factor in the human infrastructure, to establish it’s direction, purpose and goals.

You may not know who I am. I will tell you of what I represent, what I’m built after and what spirits inhabit me. My soul is composed of 6 sectors. The names of my past are known to the world. I am very established among the heavens. They call me Skye and Starry is my angel wife in heaven. We cannot see each other until my job is done on Earth. I will tell you about your human history. You may be able to relate to one of these branches.

“Cursed by the world. They called me the son of the devil. I was the outsider.

But truly, I am the only true heir to the throne to humanity”.

Among the spirit of nature, my human mother Adhan and the old Yggdrasil/Tree of life,

The English called me Myrddin Wyllt.

I was known as Merlin Ambrosius. I spoke to animals because I became ill and schizophrenic. I was a councilor for King Arthur. Prophet, Mage, Druid and Seer. I was there for the formation of the round table.

I had no children.

I was a servant, a counselor and hand to the king.

Among the deities of the high and old,

Blessed by the Gods of Asgardian heavens,

The Scandinavians called me Ragnar Lodbrok, 

I was a hero, ruler, king and a raider. My life was spent fighting off my many enemies.

My sons were the plague to Europe.

I was a conqueror and so were my sons.

Among the stars and heavens of Asia,

Blessed by the blood of the high elements of Rain, Growth, Realm and Sight,

Born of Vaishravana Heavenly King, Li Bing, and Guardian The River Deity

I was known as Erlong Shen, Guardian of the Heavens,

My greatest enemy, rival and arch-nemesis Wu-Kong was my greatest achievement.

I am best known as the Dragon Slayer,  

Among the spirit of order and divines,

Blessed by the blood of the planets, Venus in the form of deva the shining one was my mother,

I was known as Marduk Lord, Leader of the Gods,

I was inspirited and empowered by Djinn and Angels.

My child Nebuchadnezzar II the babylonian king, also known as Bukhtrashah to the Persians.

Among the spirit of Arch-Angels and Cherubim,

I was a child of Joseph, Mary and Guardian Gabriel.

They called me Jeshu and Barabbis,

I was a healer, teacher, carpenter and wanderer.

My children live in france,

I was crucified but I escaped under roman rule of Constantine,

Among the gods and high heavens,

Blessed by the blood of the gods, Poseidon and Hellen; And guardian Hippotes.

I was known as Odysseus.

My father, King Sisyphus. Fated to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity.. a labor of many life times to triumph physical labor.

I lived as an outcast, cast away, champion, a wrestler, a beggar, husband, lover and father.

Among the Jungle and underworld.,

Blessed by the blood of the North and South Dragon; The High King of the Mountains and the Woman of the Seas.

Hi, my name is Nam.

Nation’s story:

The story goes that the high king of the mountains came and married the woman of the ocean.

My story:

I on the other hand am Skye of Earth who married Starry the Angel of the Heavens.

Our family escaped the Vietnam war. We left our country. My family owned and managed a dry cleaners. My father works at Alberta Plywood grading sheets of wood. I went to school in Edmonton Alberta. I’ve lived all my life in Canada. I am a healthy 30 year old. And I am an old soul. My wife gets very jealous when I talk to human girls. She lives in the high heavens. I don’t see her much. I played high-school football, practice karate, swordplay and meditate when I can. I enjoy playing the ocarina and piano.

I am an sage, author, engineer, philosopher, artist, urbanized civilian.

I am very pleased to meet you.


 (Also to note I can’t tell the difference between memories of being directly inspirited by foreign bodies and my past lives.. I also have a perk in this life to siphon and absorb energies from those around me too. It’s kind of complicated).

For dialogue listen..

6 thoughts on “A Claim for Inheritance of Earth and Resume. What’s in a Title?

  1. Hi Nam:

    Are you sure your wife is not someone you have known from another lifetime and with whom your soul still maintains a connection with, and because of which you are not able to fully live in the present lifetime? It happens, you know?


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    • You are completely right. But the medium here on Earth is flesh. I rather she’d stay in her world and wait for me to come back once I .. am finish this human incarnation. Than to come down and get screwed out of divinity leaving home. She’s from one of my past lives.. and also lives in a different time line in the now presence with one of my jeevathma. I can’t change that.. she’s also an old soul. I’m down here by myself. I just had to leave.. I won’t find her unless she does something stupid like trade her divinity for mortality. There is also another problem.. There’s another version of me in an alternate reality of angel type who in that reality never left.. they are happily married and watches over this incarnation through guardianship. Hes a bit of an asshole and really hard on me. I have a feeling he was the one I talked to you about who I believe was the presence in my dreams. In truth that means in this life I have never married not bound by those vows. I don’t know if I’ll get around to marrying another fleshy. I was told I would have 2 romantic relationships in this life but would have to choose among them.

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      • I am now more concerned because what you say matches with a hypothesis I have maintained as being possibly true. It is to do with the idea of a soul mate. A shamanic work that I did sometime back indicated that a soul mate is the split half of ones own soul at some point in time and with whom we constantly seek reunion with to be whole again. Trauma is said to be a state where the body separes from the soul (probably jeevathma separating from paramathma or at least being in variance with each other) andh they need to come together to be whole again. Reality/matter and the palpable/visible world has been equated with a masculine energy (nature/purush in vedic scripts) and the invisible or energy has been equated with feminine energy (nurture/prakruthi in vedic scripts). Basically, matter has been ascribed a male energy and energy has been ascribed a female energy, and matter and energy sums up to be the eternal duo whose dynamism sums up and creates all that exists. They are inseparable. We human beings being the microcosm of the macrocosm, needs to have the two energies in balance. When due to trauma of some kind at whatsoever stage in our development through life where trauma means a separation from wholesomeness, there is created an antiparticle whose sole purpose is sabotaging or being an assole in an attempt to bring the persons attention to what is unwholesome but it does that in an irritating/unconstructive way thereby widening the gap from wholesomeness further (it is like an angry child that throws tantrums at the mother so that it gets the mothers attention but of course the tantrums gets the mothers attention but only angers her further so the attention remains unwholesome). It is also just like Satan (who was the favorite angel of God) was exiled from Heaven so that Satan remained anti-God but all he actually does is to refine the person seeking togetherness with God by temptations that get him away from the path until he comes to the point where no amount of temptation could get him away from the path so that he becomes refined and focused on his sole purpose. Satan is actually still Gods friend/servant, you see? His just has a different style of serving (I got this idea from a classical poem about Satan..i just cant remember the title of the poem). So the point I am making here is, you need to get back with your wholesomeness and that may include recommunion with your ‘wife’ or divine self or just your jeevathma being in agreement with your paramathma or your Greater Soul …and you dont have to die for that, like popular spiritual beliefs suggest; in fact, you need to be alive to gain the benefit of the reunion. It has the effect of having the Heavens and God with you and then the hellfire of Hell will no longer burn you (meaning trauma would have been healed), which by the ways would mean that the assole alternate reality-existing self of you will no longer try to poison you. You need to get in touch with your ‘wife’ and work things out so that you are fully available in this lifetime..for your own good, the good of the purpose of your existence in the universe, and for the benefit the Universe stands to gain from your fully available existence/life..and also that of your wife who may be another soul who is walking her life in another realm being incomplete and unwhole, not being able to be complete with both of you being in different dimensions, probably never to meet again unless you work things out between yourselves.

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      • I just had a dream of being back in Vietnam with 3 other versions of me. Haven’t been there in 20 years. I ate the gross version of chicken feet.. Without all the flavors. And I felt a bit of joy because I may have liked it. I did not see the wife. I conclude that maybe she left when I was away.. gave up or did something stupid I told her to wait. I said I’d be back. Now we’re both lost in the vortex of nothingness and chaos. She’ll never survive down here and won’t be able to find me. Human politics.. citizenship.. flight arrangement.. money .. organizing trips. Culture.. language and not to mention appearance. Do deities and Angels even get to choose what they look like coming into the human world? I certainly didn’t choose my appearance. What a mess..


    • Also.. the mission was established to help humanism grow. The sacrifice to make this trip wold be in vain if she came down here and we no longer liked each other and because how I’ve grown up with a now completely impossible preference of what I like.. physically. I can only imagine her as she was in that heavenly dimension as i left her. Also all this god worship.. I don’t know how I feel about it. It feels good to be empowered by god.. but I hate depending on a guy who enjoys rolling the dice of fortune so often.


      • Sorry I didn’t reply properly to your well thought out and warm analysis. I will set some time now I was distracted before. As much as I want to see her again I want to have reprocussions so we don’t make the mistake of both coming out and not understanding how as soul mates we are not attracted to each other. If this happens it would be waste of energy and time for both sides. I don’t know how reincarnation works physically or if traits and human genes and sickness get carried through the spirit world. I don’t want a relationship where I’m just there because I feel bad and uhh angels sound pretty High maintenance.. I am terrible at taking care of living things frankly and I can barely take care of myself. I’m not that young anymore and I’ll probably only have like 30 years of life in me where as here potential lifespan could be hundreds to thousands. It shouldn’t be wasted. This reunion thing sounds grear but it’s not practical and logical. I was listening to this podcast and it was saying there is no one love out there there’s potential in every woman. So I might just have to go fishing for humies for now. Maybe a part of her is with me in my heart.. and maybe we’ll meet again.. but I’m sure my jeevathma will take care of her.. if that time line even exists anymore now that I decide I’m not pursusing her.


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