Humility and Heroes; God Wants Humanism, Facility and Growth


Abdul Sattar Edhi RIP July 8 2016;

I know I focused a lot on myself the last 2 days, but I needed to understand more about myself and my situation on Earth. I needed to see and explore for myself my priorities and assess my preferences. I needed time to grow and understand the world we live in. Maybe relativism is what we need right now. A world view where we can all just get along without prejudice. I’m headed this direction because I feel in many ways the double standard of a faith based god is dangerous in a poverty stricken world who has little to live for and prone to suicide. I fear for the elderly, children and women of the poorer areas of the world. And a higher ratio of practical application and approaches seems to be more necessary. Over the God component.

One day. I may find someone as heroic as this in myself. A lot of people don’t realize their wealth, opportunity and fortune often is a form of privilege. They think so high of themselves and aim so far they leave the small people behind and forget their humble beginnings. How do you stand without legs? How do you build a building without foundation? You build a structure from the bottom up. We lost a important human being yesterday night. Abdul Sattar Edhi Pakistan, July 8th 2016 last night. A person who had very little, but gave so much. It doesn’t matter how big or expensive a gift you give to the world.. it’s the matter of how much heart you put into it. Making something from nothing is the most beautiful gift you can give.

What he did.

  • Rescued over 20,000 abandoned infants.
  • Rehabilitated over 50,000 orphans
  • Trained over 40,000 nurses
  • Established 330 welfare centers
  • Worlds largest ambulance service 1500 vehicles.
  • He established nursing homes, orphanages, clinics, women’s shelters, and rehab centers for drug addicts and mentally ill.

We need to emulate this sort of kindness. We need to be more human. Your first world problems and struggle of appearance, of charming a handsome/beautiful mate, of finding the right brand of coffee, of driving the right car, of needing to drive back home to avoid the public washroom.. Of complaining about the police being too intolerant and being too violent and forceful. They are doing their jobs and the public don’t respect them enough to not cause trouble. This is what happens when we allow people to just sling guns over their shoulders where ever they want, it puts us in scary situations.

Self is not a problem. God acts through us and requires our hands in things to happen. Self is an investment for God, he wants us to grow. We can have that healing factor if you really need God.. but you need not deny a person his opinion just because he doesn’t believe in your God. We need to forget about the labels and work on just being human – love through humanism, society and being pro-life.


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