Golden Rules For Wealth


Money isn’t important and should never be the focus but you can’t live without it.

“My dream is to be that guy.. who owns a multi-billion company but his head quarters is in a soup kitchen serving the poor, building homes for the homeless and saving the orphans and abandoned babies from the harsh cold of the night. I’m that guy.”

I’m reading a book by Robert Kiyosaki called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. It’s about financial literacy and how it is not taught in school. People know how to use money but not how to save it. They don’t know how it works. It’s a system of recognizing where your money comes in and where it goes out. What generates money and what does not. Income and Expenses, Assets and Liabilities. If you can figure out how to get more assets you are set for life.

Mc Donald is not a business of flipping burgers.. it’s a business of real estate. And that’s what people fail to realize.. the franchise is strategically buying out land so that they can sell their goods. Real estate and owning businesses that’s where it’s at.

I would like to share with you the philosophy the Japanese taught about; The Sword, The Jewel and the Mirror. The Japanese held the mirror – or self knowledge as the greatest tool. It was a tool of wisdom and reflection – of seeing through the illusion of money for what it is.. a fabrication and using your passion to make money work for you. Instead of you working for money and getting trapped in a rat race.

The Sword represented The Military. The Jewel was money. The Mirror Knowledge.

I just moved my giant mirror from downstairs into my room. I will focus on building an empire and minding to my own business from now on.


Foundation for Wealth:

  1. Do not accept a wage.
  2. Make money work for you.
  3. Do not let the fear of not having money drive you.
  4. Emotion is energy in motion. Use this passions of emotion to make money.
  5. The rich don’t pay taxes.
  6. Be aware of the trap of the rat race (fear of not having money).
  7. The trap uses fear and desire. The Rich use this to work for them.
  8. Use your head. Do not let fear or desire take over.
  9. Ignorance about money causes greed and fear.
  10. Use emotions to think, don’t think with your emotions.
  11. A Job is only a short term solution to a long term problem.
  12. Be financially literate
  13. Assets and Liabilities; Know the difference
  14. Keep it simple stupid.

Golden Rules to Life Compliments these rules.

Guidelines for Healthy Philosophy This is Supplementary to the Wealth Rules.


“I invest in all knowledge”.

The Vista

Paradigm of the Sword, Jewel and Mirror. Titled The Vista:


The Sword is the physical body of this entity. In the world of the mind it is the Strength of military. In Emotion it is represented by Love and it’s spirit is in Power.


The Jewel is the physical body of this entity. In the world of the mind it is the Intelligence of Money. In Emotion it is represented by Hate and it’s spirit is in Control.


The Mirror is the physical body of this entity. In the world of the mind it is the Wisdom of Reflection. In Emotion it’s parallel emotion is Ignorance and it’s spirit is in Knowledge.


I added more to that paradigm.

Let me tell you about the Lamp of wishes; It holds the ambition of the mind and emotionally inspired. It delves into the passions of man and what he desires most.


The Prism is about Comprehension with the mind. It’s Emotion is to become content. It’s spirit is in Assessment.


The Pyramid is about Having Authority in the realm of the mind. It’s Emotion is to be compassionate. It’s spirit is Monarchy.


The Glass Marble can only be achieved through refinement, information, memory and knowledge. It’s mind spectrum world is finding Methods.  It’s ideal state of emotion is Composure. It’s natural spirit is Archive.


Prosperity, Humility and Curiosity,


One thought on “Golden Rules For Wealth

  1. Thank you, Nam. Your post has brought me to thinking about my relationship with money more honestly.

    Regarding The Sword, considering our discussions, it may benefit you to read Paulo Coelho’s The Pilgrimage. You may find a more metaphorical meaning to The Sword. The movie, The Legend of Bagger Vance, may also be of interest to you.


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