Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperation Youth Group



“I’m a new youth leader for The Multiculturalism Health Brokers Cooperative in Edmonton. I integrate immigrants and local youth. Promoting Healthy Living Practices, Studying Approaches and Adapting to Daily Stress”

I just applied for a job as a youth group leader for immigrants who are integrating into the Canadian life. They haven’t told me the pay yet but I’m sure just getting paid to do something productive this year will be good for me. MCHB believe in Equality and Social Justice, Direct Responsiveness and Accountability and Democratic Governance. I thought that was a good start. The building is shared with the Multicultural Coalition, an Aboriginal Society Hope Group, Prenatal Women’s Group and the building is also used by children for summer activities.

The group we will be establishing for the youth will be called the “The Human Integration Youth Council” ideally we want to integrate all races of all religious backgrounds right now and create a refuge for all youths of all nationalities but we are starting small so we’ll be working as a Vietnamese Youth Group until it gets bigger and more diverse. It will be based in Edmonton Alberta for anyone who is interested. We will be making our first event on August 2nd at the legislature, bringing in food and beverages for Poke-trainers. I have yet to talk to the event coordinators yet but we will figure something out.

I will continue to blog consistently about it’s progress, hopefully it will be memorable and useful to the future. I think this is a good seed. An excellent place to start up a youth program for people of all age and backgrounds. It’s also government funded, but we need the labor to support it. The Youth Leaders for this group consists of Jason Tran, Jeffery Duong, Minh-Thu Ta, Peter Trang, Britney Huynh and Nam Nguyen (myself). We will help the youth of Canada to become more integrated and live more fulfilled lives. If things go well – I will try to create simple programs like – Basic Financial Literacy, Dealing with stress, Approaches, Guidelines and General direction of work and establishing concepts of priorities and preferences. I will also focus on an Application for Philosophy which will be this vehicle to serve the youth through the general Knowledge of all human experiences and it’s archive through spectrum of life.

We are meeting at The Multicultural Brokers Building on Tuesday the 18th to organize the our first event and session with the youth. Come support us, and comment below if you want to help the community grow.


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