Pokemon-Go Event Catered by HIYC

Hosted by Thomas Wall and David Schwede.


Okay, details for our first Big Event. Aug 2nd 2016

We only have about 10 people to do the labor. If you want to help a “government funded non religious multicultural health brokers cooperative humanitarian group” please notify me. Lets make this event super fun.

@pokemongomedia1 YEG Pokemon GO Kickoff Alberta Legislature

I finished talking to the organizers.
1000 people coming. 3000 people possible.
We need to coordinate ways to buy/move the water and edibles.
I’ll set up 3 tables total: 2 tables for food (2 mornings, 2 evenings, 2 night). 1 for seating and promotion. 6 big platters of each food type at a time. Crackers, some juice (could be too expensive?), cheese, veggies and granola bars 3 each type per table. Maybe 400 bottles of water and 2 water jugs.  Should be good i think. A cooler for the cheese, chairs, Spray bottles for veggies to keep cool. Paper plates and plastic utensils. We’re going to set up trash cans and recycle bins to be mindful of the aftermath too. Maybe some posters to remind people to keep things clean and brochures on hand.
Remember this food is supplementary and compliments the event. It’s not the focus.

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