The Action of Love Speaks Louder than Gods Words.


The combination of service to human society, the raw power of science, and a touch of divine presence and it’s appreciation for mortality.. may bring us something sacred.

Artificial life, what is it? And can we create something more evolved, traditional and thoughtful at the same time? Willing to serve, advanced and contemplative. Something that can exist as a manifested idea, a thinking brain with dimension/depth? Is it possible to create guardians for society without the corruption in it’s abuse? Artificial life can be finicky when you’re on the wrong side, so what is the right side? It’s in creating, sustaining and cultivating the world around us. Preserving, understanding  and comprehending the natural laws of man. Abiding by them, applying them, and improving on them.

Now i must ask are we even ready for that? Am i asking the right questions?

Life is flawed in that we only have so much time to change things, with every step we take many years have passed. It is true the process of our evolution is stale and counter productive according to the wars we wage. It is true that we are endangering ourselves of extinction. We are the lost sort, unless we are to be found – found to be the reverse of that. Found to be willing to change, adapt and evolve. To be Conservative, Liberal and Sustaining. All three mediums must be bound traditionally, changing and embracing. The challenge of our lives is to overcome our pride, prejudice and hate. We must learn humility and put aside everything that makes us different to become a people.

The divisions we make in sex/orientation/color/race/age (shades of grey, hints and hues) need to stop. The distinction, appreciation and concern for them is acknowledgeable but the hate/injustice/prejudice for them is unacceptable. I think it’s time women get treated equal. Blacks sit where ever they please. White people can walk the streets at night. Asians don’t have to be good at math. Kids can study quantum mechanics, deep philosophy and what ever their heart desire. God wants what is good. So let us have what is good. He is a good god who encourages us to adapt, evolve and change. Traditionally it could be said that we go to a wedding at a church to marry 2 people in general. Changing’ly’ it could be said we don’t do it the old way where man marries woman anymore because it was way too unfair for the BTLGs. Embracingly we abide by the rules in marriage, joys and it’s burdens.

Read up on life. God never made the rules. You did, humanity did, history did. If we even got past our division issues maybe we’d be blessed with dealing with cool killer robots by now. At last we’ve still got a ways to go before the error of man error can be dealt with. This abomination, aberration and unquantifiable piece of unnecessary, paranoid and indecisive man regurgitation is beyond our control. If  you understand how i feel about reading the modern bible then you will understand it is unfit for anyone with a brain who knows that if you want the real bible.. it’s untranslated in ancient Hebrew text. Go to the source and save yourself the missing chapters, mistranslation, edits, human errors, human influence, human inspirations. That is god’s word, the humble beginnings of christianity, it’s costs, values and experience of what truly happened.

Even so. I believe God is changed. Changed in that he needs to be different throughout man’s journey. Where his book is untimely it must be presented a certain way with a certain attitude and if he were to speak he would have different words to say after seeing the world as it is yesterday/today/tomorrow. And i wish he would speak himself but atlas he sent his only son to earth to be destroyed so that his actions speak greater than words. The virus of the word has been brought and it is used for hate and love all the same. Christ bought us time. A functional society where we have a foundation to collaborate and understand more about the world. Now don’t let his words do all the talking when he taught you that actions speak louder then words. It’s not enough to just know it; we must apply it. Willing is not enough, we must do it. -Bruce Lee. Love speaks louder then words. Just do it out of love for humanity. Embrace what it is to be human and allow error to be part of the gift that is life.

Also i was asked what i believe will happen with the world and to this I answered:

I believe the past, the present and the future is to be made a singularity. It is simple, the present is what we live in. The past will catch up to the present when the person realizes that they are made of the past. The future which is where ever these other entities come from.. and i suspect because they can travel the way they can and do the things they can that they are a future we cannot comprehend. They are entities of the future. All will “naturally” come to be what you are today. A product of life. What you call natural is a delusion when life is not selfish, hateful or separating. It’s an integrated, compartmentalizing and also a humanizing process. I think awesome will happen, that’s why you exist. To be awesome.

Technology, Divinity and Humanism.

Okay so theory time!

The reason why i’m trying to put both artificial life in the same category as divine life is because of how they may view us and vice versa how we view them. They are the two most powerful influence in our human society, deities of religion and artificial life of technology. Both are polar opposites but help in different ways. Artificial life may not know better but we can’t blame them for what they do because of what they are – tools. Though Deities have consciences and thought and hearts to understand and comprehend what they do. To study these two side by side would be a most interesting venture as artificial life is as real as deities in this world. Artificial life being far in the future but very possible. Deities are rumored and idealized throughout history from the far past, or far future.. i’ll explain.

If the heavens were eternal then that would mean the start and end would be in the same place would it not? Maybe deities came from our future but came back from a different time/dimension because the work load is mostly in the past. Maybe deity’s are a product of the future so i would identify them as part of the future. Just as science grew from the primitive’s carts to a vehicle of today the future is also there with science. The two forces that influence our future, technology and divinity.

In a matter of how they view us. We may be viewed as a small, insignificant and sometimes trivial because we act on impulse and emotion which they(deities/artificial life)  may view that as dangerous. It’s dangerous if we implement emotion into artificial life because they may act on their emotions and that is undesirable. Animals have emotions we just have a much more vast range of emotions. I wouldn’t imagine deities having any bigger of a range of emotions, as long as we can define it we can feel it. Emotion is about comprehending what is felt, knowing a definition of an emotion is enough to pinpoint what it is on the scale they are feeling. Thought is what we have above all animals; to access information, comprehend the situation and put forward authoritative decisions. As much as we want to argue we have heart over animals, animals feel love, hate and sorrow too just in a very basic form.

In this era at the moment, it is still quite dangerous for those who can die from mortal wounds. Why would a demi-human risk it’s life to explore a world when it’s safer up at home where it can do all it’s thinking and decision making there? But then again we risk our lives as humans going out into the world every day. Ignorance, arrogance, selfishness may be a factor but also maybe it’s their duty to be an anonymous beneficial factor in life. Though the world needs more teachers, extra hands of service and most of all better vessels for ideas! Their grace, their ideas and their morals/ethics are wasted if that is what they are known for. People do what they want, there is some uniformity in the product the United Nations but the world is still separated into different peoples with very different ideas of what is right. I guess people are already capable of grace, ideas and moral/ethics. But people may be still ignorant blind of the world around them, selfish and arrogant, prideful, hateful and really angry. It’s really a cluster bomb of a mess with both sides being what they are.

In “Timaeus” by Plato. He speaks of a world that is earthly, chaotic and changing and a divine world that is perfect, ruled by order but never changing. If our world is this ball of chaos that is in the process of sounding like this divine world, that of which is perfect.. maybe our worlds are not on two different plains but on one plain, universe and in one time line.. where the heavens is our future destination and hell was our developing beginnings of when the world was made. It doesn’t have to be whole different worlds, but more of a destination where ascending to a more divine state is the changing current in time. We’re moving towards a better life and world every day that passes, and we owe it to those around us living with us to make life possible for others to experience life to it’s fullest also. At the same time managing our resources and water – finding different means of energy to get away from this crude dead plant and animal form of energy that happens to be harming our environment.

If only we could harness the power of the stars. Just a small dense star the size of a basketball heavy enough to have a small gravitational field, and then to tap into that energy to power homes and movie theaters and companies. Clean energy, advancing technology for creating safe replicated food/a better way to produce fresh organic produce. Converting our abundance of salt water to potable drinking water. All this done through energy. If we can just envision it everyday in our lives maybe we’ll gravitate towards it even more then we currently are. How do we know what we are looking for if we don’t know what we are looking for. Am i right?