God. A matter of communication; It’s a relationship.


Over time i realize that you are not trying to tame a lion in that God can never change or be domesticated. We can attempt to but in the end it can only be seen as a relationship and that communication in that relationship is all that there is to understanding the realm of God. The better we understand god and progress to higher degrees of understanding him the closer we are to the paradigm that is heaven on Earth. The future. The epitome of functional society. We on the other hand can domesticate, civilize and sophisticate ourselves in knowledge, compassion and understanding.

We are the ones that need to change in this reality, god is the constant even though his idea of being came from religion – he is not religion. He is beyond organized religion and organized religion does not represent him. He is the universe, the truth and has a body we call God. His parameters are not limited by a given name he bestowed on himself so he could be identified in Moses’s time. He is everything that is good, everything in the universe, he is benevolent conscience. He is redefined every second because he is a changing definition with words based on human ideas not that he is changed in body because he is past, present and future. Everywhere and everything all the time. He is a constant of life.

There are so many things we need to define and it’s always changing; worlds need to to collide and relationships and parameters have to be established every time so we can see the balance and key ideas that make us closer to god and a functional society or heaven on Earth. It will not be perfect and there will be trials, challenges and problems but we can make this work to a degree and it can happen. We need a ideal paradigm model of society, structure, a vision, parameters, relationships and end product goal. It’s a matter of time and planning but we’ll get there. There will always be those who have their own ideas and projects but it’s most important if we can find those who share the same thought patterns and goals.

It’s important that we come together as a collective and share our ideas. It’s crucial that we find other’s like ourselves with the same mindset and interests. In time we will build something great as the sands of time distill through the singularity that is time.

Mapping of universal ideas; Human logic paradigms.

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The system allows you to see between the lines of matrices in life. The connections, roots and deviations. Once you can read the system, order is in place and we can identify the problems. Dark, chaos and conflict won’t be such a big deal as long as we navigate out of it in time with the right planning, preparations and mentality.

So i figured ideas are great and its fun to dig for ideas alphabetized and all but wouldn’t it be cool to go back to an ideas roots, understand it’s process, origins and be able to navigate the emotion or idea in a cleaner richer and colorful spectrum and interface that is tasteful and efficient?

The reason why i bring this up is if everything is done a certain way and we made a system for organizing ideas so that we can see the whole picture, there is potential for things becoming very systematic and almost automated.

Especially for an AI to understand our thought process and language. In computing everything is much simpler with complex emotions and ideas when there are a connections and roots. I also thought that this was a good idea because if we can draw the course and find the elements and components that make up what we are, see the course and do what is required to optimize our efforts we will increase our efficiency ten fold.

It is good to see where we stand, where we are going and what we are thinking. The color spectrum for ideas, the mapping of colors, virtues, emotions, ideas and paradigms is an interesting approach to studying the cause of delusion, distinguishing propaganda, and the worst of it all corruption.

Yes, i’m writing this in attempt to counter corruption. Including a periodical purge and starting from a clean slate reborn idea. Which is just a meditative idea of letting go of convictions, doubt and corruption that may be instilled in the mind. That convenient, intuitive, good ideas will stay or be reformed and a new approach to build a new tree until it is refined to perfection is the idea. I believe in distillation, filtration and cleansing of ideas in hopes of finding the truth. 

A proposal of an overhaul of the system would be wrong for me to say, but i would like to build something complimentary to our basic systems. That would change our ideas what your nature (religious, scientific, neutral, humanist) and more on the lines of what do we need and what is the problem to be solved. The mentality of being the change out of the will of the better good is essential to this world.

The Human Direction; Something better

No matter what crazy theories i may come up with. No matter what world i idealize and how hard i idealize our future. It doesn’t change the fact that the world is imperfect. Full of disease, physical and mental sickness, tragedy, destruction, hate, sadness and abuse. But more than that it is human succession into a better world. We know what is good and we know what is bad. That is the difference from us and animals, we have ideas, thoughts and a conscience. We improve based on our experiences/other’s experiences and based on that we create something better then before. Since we gravitate more towards what is best in the world there is a better chance that we can see the change in which we want to see. Negative, backwards thinking, destructive thinking is natural but there are consequences to this type of thinking where as the opposite will bring constructive; even if the blocks you build your world with are a different color or different shape it will still be an improvement and will work.

So lets be constructive thinkers and when a person is wrong tell them to do the right thing and work towards the world they want to be in. There is evil out there out of sickness there’s no changing that but if we put enough love into something you can be sure it’ll rub off somewhere else and someone will learn a good lesson from it. I try to practice doing a deed a day to make someone else happy. Something as simple as throwing out a piece garbage someone just threw on the sidewalk can be one. Or helping a blind person find the right bus. Making conversation and joking around with a stranger for a smile. Just doing something that makes the world a little brighter is the intent. I won’t go out of my way to find a kitten in a tree to save but if i come across one i would do what i can. We’re all warriors out here trying to get through this life in one piece. It’s very easy to be broken and wounded. What’s worse is to end before we get to experience the fullness and highest peak of life.

I just want to say to people to keep pushing for tomorrow and holding on to whats dear until we find a way to resolve our problems; like money, sickness, poverty, homelessness, death, destruction and world conflicts. There are many things that need to be overcome in order to see the life we want to see on Earth. There is so much work and so little time to do it. Population, pollution, sanity on a large scale all working against us. The direction in life is to be a contributing beneficiary to the overall human life’s quality of life. There’s no other way to put it, We make what we envision is right in our minds but what is right for everyone as a whole is a different story. We create the masterpiece as we imagine what it is to live an ideal life. We cannot change a homosexual’s sexual orientation but that’s his business and he’s human and he has the same needs as you do and his picture of the world may be a little different but we all have different taste in things because we’re different people. We need to respect that.

To be human is to error; and error we shall, but we will improve with time. Hope in humanity. Faith in our future. And redemption from our wrongs is what we should focus on because this is what human life is about and represents. Might, right and bright  as the stars do we will as they do. Lost in space but glowing brightly governing our children planets with grace and forgiveness like our Sun and Earth! Earth, Moon and the Sun have a divine relationship in that they are perfect and aligned correctly in order to sustain life.. keep this in mind as a comparison: The moon as the holy spirit. The Earth as the Son. And our Sun (Sol) as to the father. This system can be seen through the nature of each. The Moon controls the mood/tides of earth associated with the spirit, The Earth is the Child of the Sun having human characteristics because it is moving towards a more divine/spherical shape. The Sun is the father because it governs all the planets and breaths life into earth to sustain it.