Why Heaven Won’t Slam Your Face Based on What Type of Christian You Are

lightworker-activation-love-and-light1Human Natural law says that:

“Natural law is a philosophy that certain rights or values are inherent by virtue of human nature, and universally cognizable through human reason. Historically, natural law refers to the use of reason to analyze both social and personal human nature to deduce binding rules of moral behavior.”

In this article we’ll discuss why it makes absolutely no sense to shut out a person from heaven based on what type of christian they are or who they are for that matter. The idea of  if they’ve accepted gift of Christ the atonement, what is most important in a communion with God and what it means to be Christian for these modern times. I will also touch a little bit on the problem society has with the acceptance of homosexuals, disadvantaged people, bisexuals, transsexuals and elderly. We’re going through the science of deductive reasoning to determine what it means to be benevolent and true – by understanding the truth of the situation.

It isn’t about how much manlier as a man and more womanly you are as a woman that gets you through life and others around you but whether your vessel is good for experiences in life. Whether you practiced compassion, loving, thoughtfulness and caring. That you believed that through compassion and consciousness of your surroundings really helped you. That you understood that you can manifest life into your world by existing and being who you are a person who is committed to the spirit of unconditional love, encompassing compassion and living conscience. Or to oversimplify, the holy ghost. It is about accepting the gift that Christ died so that we can be forgiven by god for our sins. Once we are forgiven we are in grace and are then redeemed – all this work is done in the physical world already it just needs to be accepted and taken to move into the mental state. And once we accepted and live as that body of Christ then we manifest it in our activities, service and basic life.

A man in this world can be stuck in a woman’s body and a woman can be stuck in a man’s. This is natural that the world is in a spectrum of genders rather then just a saturated definite and dominating force of yin and yang. Although i must admit those who are dominate in either forces are usually more powerful or physically attractive in life that is not the point. The point is co-existence and to me living together in peace, prosperity and understanding is the most important part of living happy. We also need to set aside the things that make us prideful and any attachments to this world should be set aside so that we can find the light in being humble.

The first problem is physical sin; We must admit that we are living in a physical world of sin. And we must be punished for what we have done wrong, acknowledging that we are not perfect and by asking your loving father that you were at fault, that you didn’t mean to do the things you did and asking for forgiveness will lead you to the path to redemption. This is a step by step process. But wait, you need to accept that he came down here in the flesh physically manifested in order for him to allow you to atone or forgive you even. Everything that happens in the physical world is crude, violent and dangerous. Even god in his physical form as Christ was not able to carry the weight of the world physically. Though as this Divine Luxor-Deva being died – his stars aligned to express his craft of life. And that just means that circumstances and conditions went to his favor and history came together to express a story that is comprehensible to the human thought about his journey, life and death.. and it’s symbolic meaning.

The communion with god is also really important. It is an expression of gratitude, love and in memory of what he did for us. He wants us to love him back for he loved us truly and fully by dying for us. The trinity of body, blood and spirit is a enigma that is still not understood today; When we practice the eating of his bread, wine and allowing his holy spirit into our lives. We are “practicing” the expression of living through god which is a physical trait of the physical world. The Sacrament as they call it, is a practice of the physical world and in practicing it we in memory of the mental mind believe it, allowing it to form in the mental sense. And once in the mental sense it will now establish itself in the spiritual world which is manifestation in being the body of Christ. We see this manifestation by looking at our christian body and seeing how vast and big it is today. This is the evidence for manifestation. Think about it, If some guy died in the past and he got crucified but did not have God’s purpose, soul or design in him. Why wouldn’t he have just been some guy who got crucified back in the day because of bad behavior? He had a story and a strong purpose and a system and design for a future world built on his sacrifice of the body. He died so that we may live. He gave us the gift of prosperity as a christian nation. People may just look at America and say that oh it’s because we have wealth, and that we just got lucky. That oh we took it from poor countries that couldn’t dig up the diamonds, oil and water themselves. It’s not just wealth. We live together, breathe together and sing together. Caring for one another and helping each other out. It’s a number of things that came together that brought about our overall prosperity and life style.

What does it even mean to be Christian now a-days? To be a nice guy? I believe there’s a quote “do not believe that I come to bring peace, but a sword.” Christ said this and it just means that he’s a source of great power to carve a path into life. God is wild at heart. He’s strong and established, but if you didn’t realize his soul is not some bearded man on a throne. He is also she. He’s both but he is established as a man because he is the father. The world of the deity is a complicated matter in the spirit world. There is no attributing his success to his female counter part mother earth. Who happens to be the woman in the shadow that makes this all possible. Your goal as a Christian is not to be just some nice guy. It’s to be a vessel of great experiences so that your experiences can be gods. Now i can relate more to a masculine rebel, mercenary, rogue attitude then a feminine goody, perfect, unchangeable and immortal being. This is who i am by nature and god even though he is a mixture of both or simultaneously both at the same time we have to move on the a new picture “evolving” to be and emulate god. Which i know is impossible, but God never changes. We change because we need to become just like him but the physical medium of life is harsh and we’ll die of age before we get there. Even so this is the pattern and way we are suppose to go in. Oscillating through time with this pattern imprinted in us. A Christian should work to change worlds for the better and individually work towards the collective good cause of humanity. The practice of the poem below will establish a spectrum and grounds for what we should focus on so to bring these good things to surface. But the topic of faith and relationship is important to what it means to be Christian. You should treat each other with respect love understanding and do it with grace. It is important that there is consent and responsibility in the relationship.

In conclusion just because you are a different color, have a bad knee, no leg, missing eye- just because you are different does not mean you are not worthy of god’s love and heaven. As long as you’ve accepted the gift of Christ’s atonement, know what is most important in a communion with God which is that he loves us and needs us to love him and know what it means to be Christian for these modern times then we’re on the road to salvation. I think this is all that we need to gain god’s grace and key to heaven. All we need is love; (a huge general field that actually fractals to small things). All we need is unconditional love, service and honor (book of life.) our keys to becoming saved. Hope, Faith and Redemption is the tools we use as humans to grow.


practice (keys): unconditional love, service and honor. life

believe (tools): hope, faith and redemption. dream.

manifest:(solutions): awareness, understanding and benevolence. light.


Practice with these keys; They are unconditional love, service and honor. They will lead you in life.

Believe in these tools; They are hope, faith and redemption. They will make your dreams come true.

Manifest these solutions; They are awareness, understanding and benevolence. They will bring you to the light.

Chastity and controversial themes


Personally i’m a little pro-chastity just because i want to travel and live a little before i settle down with kids and a wife. Though i guess dating would be more enjoyable when your traveling with someone you love. I don’t really care to enforce the “no sex before marriage” idea because for the most part it doesn’t happen – very often. Some people like to go for “test rides” before they commit and that’s fine. Sex is a normal and it plays a role in a good relationship. I’m no expert at relationships so i’m just going to identify my objective here. Without chastity there would be population problems, social problems, society problems; it’s a virtue that is heavily over looked. In my case i don’t see it as a very big problem – as long as you keep it to yourself. It does pose a problem when people are just fixated on those said ideas and fantasize and romanticize about it all day. It distracts and lowers the productivity level of a person. There is also a negative thing about trying to be chaste in that you cannot try to be chaste. It is not something you can focus on and try really hard to be because not only do you get negative attention but you yourself may start doing the reverse of what you intended. The opposite of what is intended happens when a person “tries” to be chaste is what i am saying. Even talking about it may provoke unintended ideas.

On the subject about sex, i’m not pro-homo but i understand that people are born under different conditions and circumstances that may influence their sexual orientation/preferences and it’s not only a fact that a girl can be born into a boys body (vice verse), there are asexual, over active sexuality like bisexuals, even those who are barren and have no sexual desire and those who withdraw from their sexuality temporarily until they’re good and ready (me?). Anyways we live in a new sort of world where tolerance is a must for everyone to have. Equality of women, equality of ethnicity, equality from any form of discrimination – this is the world we live in today. Hate is no longer an emotion we tolerate because we are trying to get through this life as a people. As humans we need to respect that everyone is different with their own perks. We have the right to be angry about being paired up with someone we don’t like but we all have a job to do; an objective to solve for the reason of being paired up – if and when we are paired up.

So the man is a little fruity, not manly enough, maybe even a fairy – there is no reason to pick on him because you cannot change a person’s nature without consequence of making that person unhappy for the rest of their life for not being who they wanted to be. Life is about redemption, redeeming  yourself for who you were yesterday; to make mistakes but learn from them. If your mistake was being born (not that that’s ever a viable answer) then the more reason to be good at other things to make up for being a screw up. I know some homosexuals who are naturally witty, maybe cynical but intelligent, articulate and speak like they were breathing in public. There’s alot of qualities that these people of the grey spectrum seem to hold and it makes the world a better place to have such people in our lives. As i said i’m not pro-homo but i’m highly tolerant of the people around me and respect those i come in contact with.

Every person has a story to tell and a reason for why they may be who they are. You just need to understand why that “derp of a man” is always saying stupid things – because maybe he was never taught certain etiquette or has spent most of his time doing labor to support his family. This could be the very reason why his social skills are so bad. Teen pregnancy early fatherhood, no social life, late work schedules, life’s labor draining his very soul and no life at all other then what he watches on today’s movie screens, internet and television. It’s sad for some of the parents who come from a different country to start a new life in Canada but moving here was the first step to being successful and it’s made a world of difference for the children of this generation. I’d like to thank those people as they are the pioneers for their children’s future risking everything and starting with nothing to give their kids a head start.

So i’d like to end this post with Chastity is a virtue we should practice but not to focus on because of the negative effects. It would just make that potential partner happy to know that he/she may be the only person in their life and goes as far as to say they were made for each other. Which they can honestly say with a degree of truth. Every person has a story and reason for who they are; We are all warriors out here suffering life’s trials and we need to get through it all in one piece without making it harder for another person to finish life possibly broken. Sex is okay with whatever partners as long as you play safe, If you happen to fall in love make it go out with a bang because you only live once, objectifying women is bad, bullying is bad, hating is bad – the list goes on but this is basically everything i wanted to say.