Morality Dilemma On Fictional Characters and Rape culture.

Why do we put fictional characters in a scenario where they can be hurt or endangered? Do we enjoy the fantasy of them beating all odds and blowing up their egos? We’re going deep and dark, if you’re not up for it i suggest you skip this topic.


I was talking to my cousin the other day.. and he told me that in the movie “The Edge of Tomorrow” the hero should have died instead of surviving and that they were following a western trend of positive endings. He argued that movies now a days should have more variety for creativity’s sake. He also made a statement that a lot of people are stupid and that’s why he’s cynical about relying on people.To that i have to say true to an extent but we should always think positive and hope for the change we want to see in people. But what about things like rape culture? do we want to be creative and go in that direction? Oppression of women, the abuse drawn towards them, and the sexualized images of them in media. Are women made to be sexy? if yes. Than why is it we have this problem about sexualized characters? Is it because of someone else’s event in their life that traumatized them? Yes. Their hardship has caused a concern and open awareness of a subject (rape) that affects our standards for today’s media. Rape is evil there is no doubt in that, but this blurred line has been around since the idea of sex has been around. The idea of no consent means yes in a male dominant man’s mind. Whereas a man who considers a woman’s feeling is not a gentleman but a pussy or one who thinks like a woman.

The question still remains. Do we have the right to put our fictional characters into a dangerous situation? Is there a moral code that should be followed in a fictional world? Should we apply standards to our video games and movie scenarios to make it PG clean for everyone of all ages? We have ratings for movies and games already for gods sake. If you want PG friendly stuff go watch a PG movie/game. Hypersexualization is a made up word. It’s either sexy or it isn’t. If girls weren’t suppose to sexy why does sex sell in the model economic world? In the fashion industry, modeling, design, movies, games – even the sex industry. Why aren’t all women of all sizes desirable. The answer is because of Phi and proportions. We have this built in idea in our subconscious mind of what ideal looks like so this is why we gravitate towards it. Why does sexual appeal effect people the way they do? It’s a double edged sword, but it doesn’t have to be if people just understood the words “NO” in society.  Feminists anger me in that they put themselves as priority over everyone else because they’ve suffered a tragedy of rape and it makes our entertainment suffer because of it. They wanted to put platform boots on Samus Aran instead of her killer rocket heel boots. Clunky box shaped moon boots kids use to wear because they felt weird walking in them, i still don’t understand the concept honestly. They are ugly, clunky and impractical. There was a woman that complained about them, hacked her way into their website and flooded their mail with feminist attacks such as this:


Anitworshipper of Tumblr

This is what your over-sexed world has done to poor Samus Aran and IF this comes to pass that she has to wear those boxes someone will feel my unbound wrath and fiery. I mean heels were originally made to be worn by men.. it was a symbol of power. It was mostly for walking over piles of shit on the streets but then women decided they wanted power too. So they wore them and it looked sexy on them so men stopped wearing them and thus women continued to wear them. Heaven forbid Samus rolls her ankle that would suck. But if we rationalized that the heels gives head room for the rocket boost to not be made a close system when flat on the ground it would make alot of sense. Logic put aside, it’s a kids game. And all the princesses in this game had heels so why do they these feminists continue to attack Samus and her attire? She’s a badass bounty hunter from the future and she does what she wants. She’s also a woman that gives her the right to be sexy. I mean men are suppose to be sexy too, but it’s more subtle whereas females they have assets that sometimes have no boundries and just hang out there.

This topic is ridiculous but it’s a sensitive issue where we’ll have some crazed feminist who’s been traumatized by rape dictating what our world should look like. And we’ll also have some sex crazed game designer who comes up with deviant ideas for costumes. Its an ongoing battle of the sexes that will never end. The word rape just makes me shudder because it can do so much damage and destroy homes and lives. The person either stays quiet or lets the world burn the smuck who raped her. A rapist was denied access to his education because the victim still went to school on that campus. It’s just a colossal mess and if people just understood the words “NO”. Then there wouldn’t be a problem. Another example is where a Boyfriend is accused of raping his girlfriend? Yes, this happens in this world. Personally i would kick him in the balls and see if he beats me. Then you can call the cops. The End. But i don’t understand the idea of submitting to an assaulter. Just makes you seem like you didn’t do everything in your power to not be a victim. Not trying to make any enemies here but screaming and shouting and biting, kicking and scratching is an effective way to stop an offender. If he beats you then he can go to jail for it. Then again i see this being abused because females can be aggressive and abusive too. It just needs to be sorted out by the justice system i guess.

In conclusion i think sex by consent is ideal. No means no. It doesn’t matter what females wear since it doesn’t matter what males wear. Game designers keep doing a great job and explore your creative world no matter what the world says. Feminists we apologize on behalf of the males of this world and hope your wounds heal but we are not going to give up our creativity and be absorbed in the concern for your safety. We will be aware of your human condition and situation on Earth so that others will understand the grief that this rape culture has allowed to happen. We are desensitized by action movies through sex, drugs and violence now a days and racism is still a problem in some parts of the world. People need to realize everyone has problems and blowing up your personal ones to be bigger then the ones current is not only unrealistic but causing untold pressure on the creativity and freedoms of a person. Everyone’s already turning introvert, sensitive, shy, isolated, uncertain, insecure and confused enough with the sexual innuendos. FFS can’t everyone just keep it in their pants. Its also not good to practice anything you wouldn’t do in life, it builds in the subconscious so i’d suggest not playing GTA every day of the year – it could cause some mental problems. I say stick to what you like and express yourself freely, and if you don’t like something keep it to yourself.

End of my rant.

Chastity and controversial themes


Personally i’m a little pro-chastity just because i want to travel and live a little before i settle down with kids and a wife. Though i guess dating would be more enjoyable when your traveling with someone you love. I don’t really care to enforce the “no sex before marriage” idea because for the most part it doesn’t happen – very often. Some people like to go for “test rides” before they commit and that’s fine. Sex is a normal and it plays a role in a good relationship. I’m no expert at relationships so i’m just going to identify my objective here. Without chastity there would be population problems, social problems, society problems; it’s a virtue that is heavily over looked. In my case i don’t see it as a very big problem – as long as you keep it to yourself. It does pose a problem when people are just fixated on those said ideas and fantasize and romanticize about it all day. It distracts and lowers the productivity level of a person. There is also a negative thing about trying to be chaste in that you cannot try to be chaste. It is not something you can focus on and try really hard to be because not only do you get negative attention but you yourself may start doing the reverse of what you intended. The opposite of what is intended happens when a person “tries” to be chaste is what i am saying. Even talking about it may provoke unintended ideas.

On the subject about sex, i’m not pro-homo but i understand that people are born under different conditions and circumstances that may influence their sexual orientation/preferences and it’s not only a fact that a girl can be born into a boys body (vice verse), there are asexual, over active sexuality like bisexuals, even those who are barren and have no sexual desire and those who withdraw from their sexuality temporarily until they’re good and ready (me?). Anyways we live in a new sort of world where tolerance is a must for everyone to have. Equality of women, equality of ethnicity, equality from any form of discrimination – this is the world we live in today. Hate is no longer an emotion we tolerate because we are trying to get through this life as a people. As humans we need to respect that everyone is different with their own perks. We have the right to be angry about being paired up with someone we don’t like but we all have a job to do; an objective to solve for the reason of being paired up – if and when we are paired up.

So the man is a little fruity, not manly enough, maybe even a fairy – there is no reason to pick on him because you cannot change a person’s nature without consequence of making that person unhappy for the rest of their life for not being who they wanted to be. Life is about redemption, redeeming  yourself for who you were yesterday; to make mistakes but learn from them. If your mistake was being born (not that that’s ever a viable answer) then the more reason to be good at other things to make up for being a screw up. I know some homosexuals who are naturally witty, maybe cynical but intelligent, articulate and speak like they were breathing in public. There’s alot of qualities that these people of the grey spectrum seem to hold and it makes the world a better place to have such people in our lives. As i said i’m not pro-homo but i’m highly tolerant of the people around me and respect those i come in contact with.

Every person has a story to tell and a reason for why they may be who they are. You just need to understand why that “derp of a man” is always saying stupid things – because maybe he was never taught certain etiquette or has spent most of his time doing labor to support his family. This could be the very reason why his social skills are so bad. Teen pregnancy early fatherhood, no social life, late work schedules, life’s labor draining his very soul and no life at all other then what he watches on today’s movie screens, internet and television. It’s sad for some of the parents who come from a different country to start a new life in Canada but moving here was the first step to being successful and it’s made a world of difference for the children of this generation. I’d like to thank those people as they are the pioneers for their children’s future risking everything and starting with nothing to give their kids a head start.

So i’d like to end this post with Chastity is a virtue we should practice but not to focus on because of the negative effects. It would just make that potential partner happy to know that he/she may be the only person in their life and goes as far as to say they were made for each other. Which they can honestly say with a degree of truth. Every person has a story and reason for who they are; We are all warriors out here suffering life’s trials and we need to get through it all in one piece without making it harder for another person to finish life possibly broken. Sex is okay with whatever partners as long as you play safe, If you happen to fall in love make it go out with a bang because you only live once, objectifying women is bad, bullying is bad, hating is bad – the list goes on but this is basically everything i wanted to say.