Contemplating; Madness of God.


Forged out of love, compassion and understanding, comes the core of selfless unconditional love and it’s Star. The experience is in the realization that not all factors are accounted for, not all keys and elements are present until the unraveling of destiny. The trigger is a catalyst for the realization that is life itself. No man can peer into the pure true nature of destiny only the causation, circumstance and condition of it’s event. If man can foresee the future and it is for man to see, it is because we needed change. The notion that if we don’t change to the right degree, for the right purpose, for the right reason will consequently determine our inadequacy to perform. When the catalyst is triggered, all sum of work will unravel unseen and foreseen pieces to the picture and be pieced together. In this time will fate be determined, all our hard work, attributes and investments will reveal what is in store for us.

Our future is forged of the stars. Our fate riddled to be doomed to war and ill omens. Take heed wise words. Practice what you preach. What was taught of the bible is that action speaks louder than words. If love, understanding and compassion is what’s asked to be practiced then follow this trend be this essence. God is not because how he is written, God is in why he is written. If he told you to stone this harlot today, why wouldn’t you do it today? Because you know better. Times have changed, modern times bring modern methods. Christ bought us time on earth to learn about ourselves, to collaborate, to consult and find comprehension of the issue. We are fighting among ourselves and worst of all we are fighting for selfish reasons. The question “Who is going to be number one” is truly the thing that will separate us, destroy us.

Chaos and Order. I thought they were two seperate forces at a certain point in time. Now i realize that Harmony is part of the riddle and that Chaos and Order are actually a binary with an “ON” and an “OFF” switch simultaneously. It’s the ultimate riddle to quantum mechanics asking “What am I?”. If Dark and Light is actually saying i can be both, does that mean sequence 1 is anymore the enemy than sequence 2? It means that, your perceived evil and your perceived light is indeterminable. The nature of what is evil and what is good is based on what it does for us for the moment. Don’t be taking blame and sides when these fallen angels and devil becomes a mortal ally and hero versus a false god takes form in our heads and lead men to perish. There is no reverting an unknown future, the integration and compartmentalization of our universe to become one with yourself. You being a singularity; past, present and future. To comprehend the task at hand, your purpose, your truth, your role. Efforts, attributes and investments all move towards this one moment in life where it is required to be dispersed into a directional/quantifiable vector/ purposeful virtue.

The point of all this is to show that there is hope for turning things around and creating a double positive effect. Something that works for us from both ends of the spectrum. We can prepare for the future. Whatever these outer worldly influences do to us it won’t matter because we’ll be prepared in abundance, strategy and tactics all to our disposal. When we think about all the possible scenarios the best, worst and most likely scenario to happen we realize that we can have it all if we try. Going for best scenarios and getting them every time and sometimes having to deal with worst case but saving the day anyways. With an open mind we gain the mentality to open different worlds of opportunity. And as we grow wiser, articulate in our mastery of our art we can start doing it automatically, systematically and with surgeon precision. This is the way. We have problems though, and it is a delusion of a false god. One we have created in fantasy over reality and it is getting in the way of our progression. The modern bible is the face of a white roman catholic rendering of Jesus. The Hebrew bronze skin Jesus of the unedited Bible is who he really was. We need a balance of both worlds, the truth, the consistency and the practicality of it’s use. All i can say is conviction is our next biggest enemy right now, the stiff neck of only seeing one way and unchanging.

If this God caused you to bring suffering, to inflict pain and warn of deception when it is deceiving. Do you accept this god into your household? The god you seek is loving, caring and changing. Yes god does evolve, and so do we. Do not say change is radical. Do not say change is subtle. Change is undeniable and when we fail to change for the greater good we do the world a disservice and allow the system to be lazy, content and corrupt. The future is unknown, but we have some trials ahead. Some poor omens and a lot of skeletons in our closets. If you are not willing to see the change in yourself, who will do it for you? No one escapes truth, not even god. Not this one or the next. Not ever. Light often does not don loathers. Those who are bitter with contempt, those blind with vengeance, those who no longer look around to see the good in the world and to change for the good of the world are those who have given up each other and themselves. If we are to preserve this world, sustain and maintain it’s inhabitants there is only one thing to do. It is not enough to just know you now have a problem. You must apply yourself to fix the problem. It is not enough to just be willing to solve this problem. You must solve it to the heart of the problem.

Truth cannot be concealed. May the whole picture unfold before your eyes, and judgement be your own. We work for humanity or against it. Apply your efforts taking into account each tide, going with the tide rather then against it for effective results and less damage to ourselves. To the beneficence of society, it’s improving nature and justice through fate. Release yourself of your self born convictions, and change with the world as we find answers with the star of selfless unconditional love. Amen.

  • Core of Selfless Unconditional Love,
  • Truth, Justice, Intuition
  • Star of Selfless Unconditional Love,
  • Humility, Service, Compassion, Comprehension, Initiative, Practice, Sacrifice, Grace, Mercy, Insight, Courage, Guardianship.

picture: antichrist by pedrodonini-d3dpcua

Purpose and Imagination:

Purpose and Imagination: how does it relate?

Purpose will define what you unravel with imagination. Purpose will solidify what the imagination conjures up. A manifestation of your will on the world. You are in charge and you have the power to change hearts.. and environments.. and worlds.

These are two words you need intuition to understand.


  1. the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
    “we shall allow our intuition to guide us”
    a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

    The purpose of my work/blog is to inspire and touch another’s life. If i have changed your mind in a topic or influenced you in some way, then I am happy with that result. I understand my time is brief on earth and i would like to put meaning behind the life that i chose. My imagination is a tool i love using because it is a gift to create worlds. Purpose is a component to identity and identity (the need to define a life) is the ultimate goal in this reality.

    At first i didn’t understand why i was put into my conditions and circumstances but then i realized that those events that lead up to this day has created and made me who i am today. My life has been sheltered, i’m not going to lie but i learned alot of interesting things just being normal – or trying to be normal rather. My struggle to fit in and the appearance of what was normal usually deluded me. The truth is foggy when you can’t see through the delusion of appearance. I judge by the cover only based on evidence of who they are.. and only to a certain degree. And i expect the same from everyone else. I am not vain but i believe in the value of taking care of yourself. Hygiene is a great indicator of a person’s enthusiasm for life. Choice of clothing will describe personality or current mood. Detail in a person’s language can determine if they are educated, wise, narrow or simply oblivious. Judgement by appearance based on evidence is probably not a new thing but you do it subconsciously no matter how well tailored your moral/ethical self tells you.

    I value information analytically in detail, perspectively in numbers and in truth/justice to a figure. Same can be said for the value of a good movie, or a good book, or a good game plot. I have a desire to create worlds one day. Maybe it will be through the medium of writing, gaming or maybe even movie. Unfortunately i haven’t studied enough literature or created a philosophy/theory behind story telling to implement something totally awesome yet. Mark these words. Something awesome will happen one of these days and it will bring worlds together.