Tai Lopez Notes for Chp: 40 “About life”: Balancing Pessimism and Optimism. Have Faith.

guidelines rules and success. Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness . We are mostly dealing with pessimisms and balancing it today.
Outlook, default mode – negative. Rethink how you think believe in a positive outlook. Also think critically. New concept practical pessimism. Conrad hilton: Point in his life, turning point. picked up book on optimism. So struck by optimism . All about end game. The great depression, Hotels were thriving and then when depression happened lost his chain of hotels except for one and asked people to stick around promised to pay them back double for doing so. They stuck through he became one of the biggest chains in the USA and payed them back.
Optimism+Pessimism = Practical Constructive Critical Thinking.
The take away is the necessity for faith. Keep shooting. Rise above the crowd and have more faith and optimism more then anyone else. But stay away from disillusionment. Identify your goals. What gets you towards your goal is one tool with another. Use pessimism with optimism. Pessism alone can’t bring you to your goal. Optimism cannot either. Use both. Use your pessimism to inspire your next actions.. think “If i don’t have milk today.. i’m going to be more assertive tomorrow!” Think of ways to spur your inspiration.
The fighter pilot mentality. Try not to crash your f-13. Plan for the worst, prepare for the rainy day. Plan different plans; a, b and c. Cultivate more skills, be more self taught, read more random wikipedia and watch more youtube go for knowledge. Brave but not be foolhardy. You must find your balance. Find your niche. Make mother nature your ally plan ahead find the advantage in all situations.

Essentials to Mentality in Life Built Around the Idea of Spectrums.


It’s not the mentality of the glass is (optimism) half full that makes it any more superior than the glass is (pessimism) half empty. It also doesn’t matter that you care that it is half full and half empty because you’re thirsty, you’d prefer there was water in it. Agnosticism says your neutral about it, cannot prove or disprove but also not motivated to. The idea isn’t that it is filled or not filled, but that it can be refilled with effort to restore purposeful function is what really matters in the end.

The believing in something and not believing may be fundamentals to there being a bridge and not being a bridge. That building a bridge begins with the idea that there is a need to build that bridge. That if there is no need for a bridge or a negative notion of building a bridge, that lack of wanting to build a bridge becomes the reality that there will be no bridge. But the process of the present action of building the bridge, of incorporating ingenuity and applying yourself is more important than just what the current temporary status is, you have to think what can you do about it. Pretty much, benevolence is the topic we are discussing.

There are 5 radical spectrum stances about belief to be had in this topic.

a) Conviction in believing in God may be wrong in that you cannot fully prove his existence and it builds walls of ignorance from growing and being open minded. It also causes bias and quiet agendas that obstruct and deconstruct the construction of idea paradigms. Idea paradigms are essentially just a defined spectrum with depth and dimension. Believing it has more in it than it does, does not  increase it’s content’s value but it sure feels good doesn’t it?

b) Ignorance (Atheism) of God existing may be wrong in that you cannot disprove his existence is another belief that also causes obstruction and deconstruction of any progressive constructive thinking. This also causes bias and quiet agendas that work against the constructive effort of building bridges and construction of ideas.

(in three dimension a new stance in the spectrum develops in the progression of seeing the linear spectrum, Deism. Creating the triangle of spectrum extremes. Though still lacking oversight, it is a necessary component in acquiring a balanced perspective.)

c) Aimless Virtue (Deism) of God existing may be wrong in that you put moral encompass over a direction and a end goal purpose. Excessive virtue obsession may hinder the constructive process of bringing about new bridges, though admirable to not over look the small things there is a lack of balance for this perspective of belief. Sacrifice of time, ideologies and self may conflict with collective interests. A person who practices Deism may be troubled and disturbed easily and unsettled by what they have to do and what others do.

d) Agnosticism of God existing is the correct direction being what Aristotle called the golden means approach in that we cannot prove and disprove thus we live in between the two extremes. Acceptance of this allows you to work in a different direction on the axis  of the linear parallel platform into a 3rd dimension of space. We are all agnostic to a degree even when claiming to have conviction of god and not believing in god. It is also agnostic to stay away from beliefs of there being a god living secular and focusing only on humans/nature and being morally focused. It’s a belief system that we are both unable to prove or disprove him fully with our local truths and parameters of truth. I embrace this idea of agnosticism but we can progress further with this idea.

e) Benevolence of God is what we look for in life the idea that you can with oversight of the 4 previous belief stances, pull together your collective efforts and produce in a constructive way a mentality that allows your creativity to flow freely and build constructively. It’s called rebirth or refilling the glass. The idea is best expressed through the manifestation of a phoenix’s attribute to recover from a high expression of life to a low one and back again in a cycle. Your efforts, motivation and intentions matter in the building of dreams and bridges. I desire to embody this idea, benevolence is a simple matter of taking the cup and refilling it with water by means of purposeful assessment of the situation in life.

Bridges allow you to explore new branches of ideas, to understand new uncharted territory. It’s what gives us hope for a better future when we are stuck in a bad in place in life. It’s the transition between a bad life to a better or good life.

Share a Half Full Bottled Identity of Opportunity. If you know what I mean.


There are moments in life that draws your attention in present day that make you cringe, excited, or happy. These are the stories that make up your personality and identity. These stories are lessons that bring you to do something different the next time you engage a problem just like it. This is called experience and just like any video game experience allows you to grow and develop further to become who you are today. Your life is an amazing journey full of twists and turns but what doesn’t kill you or put you in jail will only make you a stronger and a better person. The topics discussed will be; All actions have consequences, your imagination is the spark of life,  ideas are made to be shared.

The decisions you make in life determine who you are. Every decision branches off to new opportunities and every opportunity has events, circumstances and conditions. Action is not without consequence and sometimes the consequence is good. Your attitude is a great influence on your direction in life and your vision of what you want in life determines what you will see and won’t see in life. For example is this full glass half full? or half empty? if it is half full you are an optimist and if it’s half empty you are are skeptic/cynical. Both answers are correct but it’s how you view it that allows you to enjoy life or dread it.

Your imagination is the spark of life; Life may pull curve balls at you but life never has complete control over you. You are in charge of your life and no one else has the right to force you to do anything. Life is about making things work/fixing it to work, building constructively and tearing it down for new and better things, helping and encouraging others to do the same. There’s always something to do, there’s so much work on this world that needs to be done. There is so much to explore and you don’t need to be out on high mountains to find it, it’s in your imagination. Your creative spark of madness allows you to open doors where there was no door before. You are the vehicle that makes these gateways of opportunity happen.

Thoughts are meant to be shared; Every thought that runs through your head is a genuinely unique snow flake achieved through the influence of another person/environment or thing of inspiration. Sometimes they are complete ideas and sometimes they are incomplete and missing parts to the puzzle. No idea is completely concrete and untouchable and you are wrong to patent something that can still be worked on. Ideas should be shared and improved on. The world of information is something we want to work with not against. We should collaborate more and bring into reality many universes overlapped in layers into a linear world where everything can interact as a compiled single entity of genius.

In conclusion; all actions have consequences is shown in that what you do and think effects what becomes of you. Your imagination is the spark of life. You can see this in all the work everyone has done throughout the years. Through cars, computers and architecture there are many ideas that with the right function/nature and behavior incorporated that develop into a thing that envelopes those categories. Ideas are made to be shared means that we should be putting our minds together as a collective and working together as passionately concerned family and friends rather then block head competitors and rivals. Really the metaphor of “Sharing a Half full bottled identity of opportunity” is a good example of what the perspective on life is. Will you take the half bottle of water not knowing where it came from and who drank it if you were dying of thirst? or would you put it aside and wait for a safe bottle of water from else where? It’s all in the trust. Both decisions have negative consequence but the first one is probably the safest idea being at risk of dehydration even if you risk some sort of illness you don’t know where your next sip of water will be. Constructive/Positive and Trusting is what we need to focus on and this is all we can do as humans.