Logical analysis on why people lose interest

Actions, Words and ideas have the power to separate people from their love of a physical person, place or thing. This concept basically is the idea where if you disturb or attack a person while they are enjoying their favorite food you may separate the spirit of that food away from the person and he may no longer enjoy it. Negative disturbances such as gun fire, verbal abuse or images can cause negative effects/resonance/ideas to a person’s routine which literally tears the “spirit of love of something” for something out of them. You lose pieces of yourself throughout your day in the world of conflict. Things like your appetite, hobbies and interests may go down as well as up if you lose or rediscover that love for something. Logically, say that when you lose interest in something and you say i don’t feel like playing tennis today that is your lost of interests due to some physical, mental and spiritual separation of spirit from your body due to chaos, dissonance and negativity. Routinely if everyone were to live in a world without conflict (chaos, dissonance and negativity.) then theoretically we would be able to “ride” our frequency of reality to that imagined place we yearn to go to. But we are in constant struggle with conflicts in the world so it sways us to change our direction/mind/ideals of where we are going and what we really want. If you love anything worth loving it will stay loved to the end of time. But you will experience on and off experiences that will test your love for it. Just like in life the quote “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back than it was meant to be.” Literally is the perfect quote for this article.

It’s just an idea i picked up from another dream. It’s strange how i am taught a lesson a day from light of dreams along side my study of light of life. It’s like a perfect balance. At the moment i have lost the interests to do anything but blog my work in life and in dreams. I should probably focus on my classes and passion for some kind of hobby but i guess in a way I’ve lost the spirit for those things literally. I guess a way to get the spirit back into you is to align yourself and plant that seed again and imagine so that you’ll go back in the right direction for life. Because school is really important i got to get back into the practice/spirit/idea of enjoying it.

Parallel Universes and simultaneous existence


Our existence is simultaneous. Where everything is happening at the same time. In the world of spirit when we die we are still connected and still able to communicate with the dead and the living through the use of mediums. Technically in the future we are dead at one point but when that happens we are united with god as a singularity and given the power to see through omnipotent eyes, all the right and wrongs we’ve done is reviewed in a omnipotent spatial view of the world. Our lives from the past and those of the future who come back to Earth come to live in the present. We exist and we die. It’s a paradox that is life. This brings in the idea of reincarnation, but minus the memories which we lose in the process of changing bodies. We exist and are deceased simultaneously meaning there may be a spirit version of yourself flying around trying to help guide you in the right direction. With many dimensions, times and realities you can be sure there are many different versions of your spirit too. And because your children are a branch and extension of yourself they are also different dimensions of yourself. Our spirits are intertwined with the celestial bodies of stars. Somewhere out there is a star that life can identify you with. Your problems, condition and circumstance are all interconnected with the timing, events  and phenomenon of the cosmos. Just as in biblical times Christ was identified by the Star of Bethlehem and depicted as a falling comet which marked his birth. So is our spirit and all that we are, fallen stars making our way back up to the higher dimensions of life.

Chapter: Eternity

Paragraph: Time, Space and Dimension

Sentences: Past, Present and Future, X,Y,Z Cordinates, Hell, Earth and Heaven.

What if everything is interconnected and the reason for these paradoxes is because everything exists and is deceased at the same time? your birth, your life and your death has already resulted in one reality or another and we’re just branching out to find more versions of ourselves in this continuity of (seemingly) eternal life? As they say, “The gods are watching.” In this case ideally, as we want to see life as a collective “God”, he who unites us as a body.