My Math of Truth Comes to 199.9% Truth; Let’s Weigh Stats for Mind, Heart and Logic.


Is this you? Too good for the truth? Don’t care too much for it? We share this world. Why not share the same truth even if it’s to varying degrees? It’s time for us to come to an agreement that life isn’t just yours, it’s shared with everyone and your existence affects me and our influences affect each other. We are each a mechanical part, a machine and also a system. All compact together as this miracle we call a human being. We can work together or wander apart. But we are one. We are a collective so lets start acting like it.

I’ve worked so hard my bones are showing. That the friction to my clothes are burning the flesh off. On the topic of honesty,  if i were to be asked how accurate is my paradigm to the truth. I would say 99.9% percecnt because there’s always that tiny bit that you’re unsure of. 99.9 percent of your body mass is actually space.. That is the truth. 99.9 percent of my truth may be true.. but i am completely exposed. Every dream, every action, every issue I have with the world I tell with my life exposed to the world through the blog, that`s an extra 25 percent. Every dark thing that crawls under my skin every truth I had to spill every flaw i had to tell about myself, The dark side of me. That’s another 25%. Every absence of every imagine possible spectrum of me that never existed i told about from time traveling to being someone I’m not to fictional. that would make another 25% My commitment the sacrifice of my personal private life makes me a truth of 199.9% only because I’m still unsure if I’m actually completely sure of my self but that does not matter, I’ve beaten this game of being genuine, sincere and truthful. I beat this system that dictates the statistic that i must conform to the science of a threshold. I will break your thresh hold of 100% science. Rules are made to be broken.

Movies and games of violence, rape, hate, substance abuse, gangs. The world is spinning out of control for this thing called freedom.. But it isn`t real if it`s virtual reality? This world is not virtual reality its a virtual universe paradigm yes. But we are still unsure how it works and also It’s all that we have. To a god this might be a virtual world of temporary excitement and activity but “we are but ants” to us as humans watching those ants. As we are to God watching us. To the world whether they want  to accept my truth or not. We have ant lives, lives gone in a spark in time. I have given them 199.9% of my truth and if they wish to get the real truth out. Then my credit for whether i’m genuine is no longer the issue because what we want is the pursuit of true knowledge is what we as the world are looking for. A higher fraction of degree of truth is all that’s left to be motioned.. All the work is done except that 0.01% that says i’m missing something. And i’ll always be missing something of the puzzle but that’s just how life works.

I guarantee you 199.9% that somewhere if you’ve looked hard enough is an answer to your question about life, your religion or truth for the 99.9% general audience. That your truth lies somewhere in this blog about your circumstance, conditions and events in your life. You are not really suffering, for suffering is a mental state. That mental state says that you are actually unhappy and not living blissful because it’s your perception. Change your mentality, free yourself, like yourself and heal yourself. Pain and suffering is a misconception and in actuality as long as you have your body and your free will and living in a free country. Isn’t that all that matters? Instead of trying  to accept your pain go to a higher mind of thought and commit to your pain and make it better through a stronger attitude of service. Sacrificing yourself in the line of action by committing to help people and yourself out when they/you really need it. Sure it might be busy and complicated with mundane tasks but life is bliss if you see otherwise. I don’t have the answer to ADHD, Parkinson Disease or even Cancer. But even this injustice about life makes  it more the reason for people to help and pitch in some time. We can practically all fall dead to a stroke at any possible second – That’s not fair but it’s life. We just need to prepare and do what we can to help the world. And if you aren’t looking for the truth or even curious as to what the truth is then why are you even surfing the web? With your blank stares and wondrous eyes.. You share this gift of life. Why do you not seek the truth? If we all know the truth what’s left there to hide? That is where we should be, unashamed and living in full radiant glory.

We are all friends here. This is the place to share, collaborate and collage ideas. Let me inherit your light and we shall craft a mighty vessel to a new galaxy of ideas and worlds of creativity.

Curiosity and Prosperity.


The All Knowledge as Light Manifest (Star, Sphere and Prototype)


Greetings to those who have made it thus far,

You’ve landed in the right place. If you seek to in-better yourself and for truths unseen by the world. This is the place of all knowledge precious to the Human Existence. If you have made it here, that means that you too share our dreams. So i will share with you what i know about this life. Life is to experience, to know and to feel what it is to be alive today. To Act in the “Now” presence and do what you can to help the world grow more conscious and develop into a whole new animal. We believe in the Causal motions of the Spirit of the being. That our consciousness can be projected in a way where we can act out of charity and humanitarian deeds out of habit/want/need to. To relay on our scope of life what it means to be human. I leave you with this gift to humanity. The archive of an Esoteric Adept. (No there is no cult, just loving people looking for truth and seek to help others).

The use of Matter, Consciousness and Energy will be used alot. All things in this universe is composed of Matter, Consciousness and Energy. The counterpart to this paradigm is Breaking, Submission and Kurasagi which is a component part that should be in the mind. There will be more components to add to your machine. In the end we want to create a system ultimately. The paradigms will be mostly off of these 7 models repeatedly. The theme is love, hope and faith/redemption. Which ever you are more able to relate to atheism or religious. There will be a path for all to relate to.

Here is a Key model for overseeing the following systems:

Models of Overlooking Systems

Light Walker’s Guide:

This guide is a Theoretical Religion based on these nine religions; Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Semitic, Greek, Chinese, Norse and (Theoretical) Humanism. It is my first full fledged Ascended Chart and it was used to peek into the Veil of Dimensional Altering Domain. It illustrates that not only are we part of the grand plan subconsciously we portray different aspects and properties of God Within as a collective.

The Three Categories Stars, Spheres and Prototype. These make up a Complete world perspective of all things in life inside and out. The Intensity, spectrum, scale, depth and range of all things in the life of Earth all mapped to a certain degree being involved in this paradigm program. Those that are not listed are there also, you just have to use your imagination and make a branch into this world because making a pool of 9 religions is already quite exhausting. I don’t even know what a grid with more than 9 religions will make. There will probably be big ugly gaps.


STARS OF LIGHT: These are Paradigms of the Star The Star of Promises, Star of Emanation and Star of Kabbbalah. These Paradigms correspond to the Entropy, Order and Identity Paradigm. The idea is that despite great qualities  and aspects of your life. There is hidden meaning and revelation in the all of this. That life has depth and the protruding Ascended Binary Reveals to us that no matter how mundane or extraordinary your activity may be there is reason, purpose and empowerment to what you do. There is Truth, God  and Universe to your being here on Earth. The Reshaping of History, Life and The Future is already turning and rolling. You just need to open your eyes and grasp it!

Entropy of Star: Star of Promises

Star of promises

Star of Promises

Order of Star: Star of Emanation

Star of Emanation

Holy Star of Christ

Identity of Star: Star of Kabbalah

Star of Kabbalah

Of All Knowledge Post

SPHERES OF LIGHT: These are Paradigms of Spheres namely the shape and reference to hemispheres. These Paradigms correspond to the Entropy, Order and Identity Paradigm. The study of their ascensions through the Karmic, Realm and Monad Worlds is essential to this study. Each Paradigm Study tells of how it is born, matures, forms and establishes itself. (I also apologize for not being consistent with which way it should be read. I’m use to making the graph top to bottom but sometimes you will find one that’s flipped bottom to top through experimentation).

Entropy of Karmic Spheres

Aspect of being Chart 1 Esoterics

Order of Realm Spheres

Ladder of Human God

Identity of Monad Spheres

Aspect of being Chart 2 Esoterics

Esoteric Ascendant Binary Concepts

Hypothetical God Formula POST

THE LIGHT PROTOTYPES: These are Paradigm Prototypes of Light I have Created. They are Perfect in their own way telling a story that needs to be said. About the struggles and mundane life but that in the end of it all there is a reason for it all, a light. These Realizations make sparks leading to stars. Multiple sparks make a permanence there once their Protruding Binary has been established. These Paradigms correspond to the Entropy, Order and Identity Paradigm.







Elaborated Forms POST

A Psychological Scientific Synthesis of the Spiritual Frontier Pt. 2

A Holographic Poem of the 4th Depth. 4 different levels and 4 different degrees.

This elemental Stanza is the summary composition of everything.

Completion: Universe, Truth and God. Fate of the infinite, eternal, ambiguous three worlds. 

Refer to: Fate of the infinite, eternal, ambiguous three worlds.


Life is not one thing, it is composed of many things and my work is to map out and align the elements and compositions of what life is made up of into compartmentalized components to see the integrated process. I have interpreted this system to be in a 3 sided pyramid shape with each corner being an element and a fourth one being a balance of all 3 ascending vertically being the magenta color. It’s not a particularly perfect science, it’s more of expressions, systems and functions mechanism hence why the work is so colorful. The work i do is beyond any selfish comprehension not of this world and inspirations of it’s origins still unknown to me other then what my resonating intuition beckons. I hope this information becomes a source of your inspiration,  understanding and that may even become invaluable to you as it is to me.

This is what i call a poem of the 4th depth. It has 4 different levels and 4 different degrees. This is more practically suited for a hologram which is not something easily accessible at the moment. Though this is a work for higher truth and understanding of progression in it’s roots in terminology we can understand, I would take this with a grain of salt for everything should be taken in moderation for everything is also on standby for future modification and alterations. Enjoy yourself hopefully you’ve learned something during your stay.

(1)Book of Completion: (a)Universe, (b)Truth and (c)God. (d)Fate of the infinite, eternal, ambiguous (ethos synthesis) of three worlds. 

(2)Universe: (a)Physical, (b)Mental and (c)Spiritual. (d)Benevolence.

(3)Truth: (a)Reality, (b)Fact and (c)Actuality (d)Paradigm.

(4)God: (a)Omnipotent, (b)Omniscient, (c)Omnipresent (d)Omnibenevolent.

(5)Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous of three worlds: (a)empowerment, (b)enlightenment, (c)inspiration,  and (d)romanticism.

Progressive levels Red, Blue and Green are elements. Magenta is vertical ascending progression.

Progressive degrees Black, Orange and Yellow are progressive elements.

The ascended progression is suppose to be the synthesis of all three elements resolved and put together in order to “ascend” as a solution.

An important fact is distinguishing words from sentences from paragraph from book. All are in a different microcosm within the macrocosm of this fractal library. For example Universe as a book would have 3 levels below it like chapter, sentences then word. The reason the book “Universe” from pt.1 is different from pt. 2 is pt. 2 is generalizing from the macrocosm what the universe is whereas pt.1 of the universe book is only describing the physical domain of the universe.

First stanza, poem’s entry title is “Completion”. The World is composed of the Universe, Truth and God. Ascending element is the “Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous (ethos synthesis) of three worlds”.

Second stanza. Universe is composed of Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Ascending element is Benevolence.

Third stanza. Truth is composed of Reality, Fact and Actuality. Ascending element is Paradigm.

Fourth stanza. God is composed of Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent factors. Ascending element is Omnibenevolent.

Fifth stanza. Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous (ethos synthesis) of three worlds is composed of empowerment, enlightenment, and inspiration. Ascending element is romanticism.

Column (a) is of the physical realm aligned with Universe, Physical, Reality, Omnipotent and Empowerment.

Column (b) is of the mental realm aligned with Truth, Mental, Fact, Omniscient and enlightenment.

Column (c) is of the spiritual realm aligned with God, Spiritual, Actuality, Omnipresent, Inspiration and romanticism.

Column (d) is of the benevolent realm aligned with “Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous (ethos synthesis) of three worlds”, Benevolence, Paradigm, Omnibenevolent and romanticism.

Completion: Universe, Truth and God. Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous of three worlds. 

Universe: Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Benevolence.

Truth: Reality, Fact and Actuality Paradigm.

God: Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent Omnibenevolent.

Fate of the infinite, eternal , ambiguous (ethos synthesis) of three worlds: empowerment, enlightenment, inspiration,  and romanticism.

The Nothingness Beyond God – Part 3

I’m reading a philosophical book by Nishada Kitaro and translated by Robert E. Carter. It’s an interesting read written during the time where Japan was being westernized by the American population. And thus a combined effort by Robert E. Carter and Nishada Kitaro to create a world that fused both the western religion to eastern philosophies together. It’s the starting point to a dynamic matrix of history of unraveling multiple dimensions/layers of the human conscience. The pure experience through which is only understood through the actual action of experience.

The eastern world of God and western philosophy of Nothingness must come together to create the ultimate contradiction that is pure experience. Our task is to form things from little to nothing. The external world; We shape it as well as it also shapes us. Who we were yesterday dies along with the past to become who you were made to be. The point of life is to be historically productive. To learn from yesterday so you can do something about tomorrow. In other words, you learn from your past to do what you can today keeping in mind your plans for the future.

The reality is we are trying to integrate into the world in so that it becomes like a stage for acting, to become a function in a system with intuition and flow. Pure experience is the beginning to a greater understanding of the world. In the book it says “Nirvana is Samsara” Is exactly what i’m trying to say, Heaven is Earth. We know nothing about the future other then it is a place we want to see and a place we are fighting for. We are making it so that the world is a more livable place and thus i am saying that Earth is equivalent to Heaven in that we are heading in that direction and away from “Hell” our abomination of the past.

We are part of a system, a system that leads to a product and that product is the future. The future is a combination of the bad and good events that lead to that day. In the book they finally solidly identified good as a transformation of greater dimension and higher qualities from lower self. Lower self is redefined and risen from it’s destruction to be recreated day by day. Evil is an act of seperation rather then an embracive act thus evil will always be the outcast and easily pointed out in a great mass.


Lest we forget God is everything and in everything there will be good and bad.

duality, particle, oscillation

Good, Bad—- God , Life, and Justice.