Science of Entropy, Order and Identity.

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Fundamental world view chart/Fundamental beliefs notes:

Western: science of nonliving universe; superficial darwinian scarcity competitive entropy

Eastern: science of Living universe; Science of Economics mature living system of practice in constructive building through identity.

Modern: science of conscious universe; aware spiritual conncectedness in cooperation order

Western: The problem is in the mind. The misinterpretations of certain concepts and views such as science of entropy lead us to be; dominant, competitive, Darwinist and evolved
-but at the same time it is destructive, feeding our vices, cheating and careless.

Eastern: The misinterpretations of certain concepts and views such as science of constructive identity lead us to be; thoughtful, mindful, loving and nurturing
-but at the same time there is isolation, alienation, discrimination and separation.

Modern: The misinterpretations of certain concepts and views such as science of order lead us to be; caring, social, connected and to cooperate
-but at the same time it is softening us, makes us gullible, makes us victims and to over distribute through socialism.

So i’m learning a bit about this resonance academy material from a person named Nassim Haramein. I’ll keep you guys up to date as to what i’ve learned. So far the material is about deconstruction of your perspectives and this concept called WorldViews. It makes sense, i made this chart in order to show relationships between the worlds they speak about. I’ll post more about my experiences with them. I honestly just jumped into this course because i was taken by the name “Resonance” Academy, his interest in Sacred Geometry, The Logo, It’s affiliations with the SacredGeometry the Flower of Life and his idea of a Virtual reality universe. I wanted to see how he did the math and study of the universe and how he made those connections – so here i am. Committing to this course because i felt a synchronicity with his ideas, I just hope it has a strong basis for my Virtual Reality Paradigm Model. I’m quite interested in what he has to say and what alterations i can make to my model paradigm of the universe.

The Nothingness Beyond God – Part 3

I’m reading a philosophical book by Nishada Kitaro and translated by Robert E. Carter. It’s an interesting read written during the time where Japan was being westernized by the American population. And thus a combined effort by Robert E. Carter and Nishada Kitaro to create a world that fused both the western religion to eastern philosophies together. It’s the starting point to a dynamic matrix of history of unraveling multiple dimensions/layers of the human conscience. The pure experience through which is only understood through the actual action of experience.

The eastern world of God and western philosophy of Nothingness must come together to create the ultimate contradiction that is pure experience. Our task is to form things from little to nothing. The external world; We shape it as well as it also shapes us. Who we were yesterday dies along with the past to become who you were made to be. The point of life is to be historically productive. To learn from yesterday so you can do something about tomorrow. In other words, you learn from your past to do what you can today keeping in mind your plans for the future.

The reality is we are trying to integrate into the world in so that it becomes like a stage for acting, to become a function in a system with intuition and flow. Pure experience is the beginning to a greater understanding of the world. In the book it says “Nirvana is Samsara” Is exactly what i’m trying to say, Heaven is Earth. We know nothing about the future other then it is a place we want to see and a place we are fighting for. We are making it so that the world is a more livable place and thus i am saying that Earth is equivalent to Heaven in that we are heading in that direction and away from “Hell” our abomination of the past.

We are part of a system, a system that leads to a product and that product is the future. The future is a combination of the bad and good events that lead to that day. In the book they finally solidly identified good as a transformation of greater dimension and higher qualities from lower self. Lower self is redefined and risen from it’s destruction to be recreated day by day. Evil is an act of seperation rather then an embracive act thus evil will always be the outcast and easily pointed out in a great mass.


Lest we forget God is everything and in everything there will be good and bad.

duality, particle, oscillation

Good, Bad—- God , Life, and Justice.