Arguments: God doesn’t exist

imagesGod does not exist because there’s no living evidence that he lives or has lived. Maybe he lived through Christ as he is the son of god but without testing we are again relying on complete faith. Shouldn’t The son of god be the ultimate vessel of a human being? Or does only his knowledge and virtue carry over into god in the form of man? If he has godly intellect why did he not preach science and start an age of scientific discovery? Surely that would have been a sign god existed: Son of god the greatest scientist ever would have resounded through history. All he needed was a pen and paper to show everything he knew but it was history that he wrote weakening the argument that god is real.

God does not exist because he does not persist in contacting us. He makes his existence a mystery by letting faith of man lead man. If he wanted us to be autonomous.and independent that is the only reason why he would leave us living on faith. Psychologically it makes no sense as a parent would he not nurture his greatest creation instead he would rather sit and watch what we do to ourselves without his intervention? He does not connect directly but allows us to speak to him through ourselves and imagine up a response. Leading us on faith, making us independent, giving us freedom to get hurt, if god claims to be love why is it so empty? Not trace of his existence a love letter by anonymity. Is this his form of love? If it is it is some cold tough love. Maybe god is in experiencing all our human lives in the comfort of his own world. Maybe the only way to reach us is through action and events in our lives. Maybe that is the only way he can express himself His system of leading man on faith is an interesting one it as teaches, comforts and consoles like a person but it is through us that he is present. If we are autonomous what exactly does he do with his time? create the expand the universe? work on algorithms for better colonies of humans? Plays with our dreams? The degree of him existing through an embodiment of people may be true to a degree but his physical body is nowhere to be found.

God does not exist because the world was created and existed long before he made the world argument: Could be a mistranslation in that the world god made for this Adam and Eve we all know about was created 6000 -40000 years ago but the world was 4.2 billion years old. 4.56 billion for the solar system.

God does not exist because life would still persist even without The Godhead of religions. We naturally have a sense of ethics engraved in us from religion or not. I believe religion was just a catalyst for a human civilization to improve with. The Koran, Bible, Torah and Buddhist teachings and Sikh philosophy (Guru Granth Sahib)  are the most receptive and embraced religions of today and we can see the economic and political growth the native religion of a society and it benefited them. The question is does wealth of an economy determine the civility of a religion’s influence? Yes it certainly does I’m sure people are more happy not hungry, stable, not dealing with poverty and other insecurities. For example in Detroit: The city police can’t keep up with the reports because of insufficient funding. Christianity even with it’s brutal rule as a civilized religion in the past it has become quite an interesting animal providing services beyond call. The Koran, it being brutal even more extreme then the Christians. In the past (infidelity, arranged marriage, caste system, women’s rights and etc.) it has been and is still brutal today, still leaving their society in the third world full of hate and the worst discrimination then any of it’s brother religions. Buddhism being a very passive religion still has the economy lacking behind all other religion’s native countries but lives very natural and has some what stable political rule as in not the best but the system may rule in it’s longevity. The Torah if you’ve noticed the Jewish community is now all around the world as they have left their terrorized country for more peaceful home. They are now living in the Americas as chairman, founders of google, government staff, supreme court justice personnel, publishers, investors, certified doctors, nurses, bankers and lawyers. They have built on a wealth of agriculture and standardized ethics. Freedom of speech and amended constitutions, laws and morally conscious bi-products of possibly an over conscious religious country. In conclusion I believe that it is a combination of agricultural wealth, religious roots and it’s political stance which make what it is today. And ethics of a community today will mostly depend on it’s people how they were raised and their living condtion/circumstances and situation is. If god didn’t exist we would we be ruled by terrifying people.

The argument of god not existing through Christianity will always be a compelling one for God will always be of anonymous origin, faith, tough love, understanding, independence  and freedom. Life built for or not for god; All these things are still good and we can still build on them

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