Scenarios: If God existed then..


God does exists because even if he doesn’t Christianity has made him exists and living through their being. God does exist because our image is unique and upright among the animal kingdom separating us to be on top of the animal kingdom thus saying something about our ultimate form.

God exists because the universe is unknowable and the vastness and endless boundries of it continue to grow and that we rely on faith and science hand in hand in order to understand the world around us.

God exists because Jesus is a time traveling, dimension hopping master of manipulation of an unknown origin and that in itself is impossible thus god must exist.

God does exist because of the complex systems made in a human being. We exist because a combination of things – life on earth is able to sustain life and our chromosomes at birth are distributed in the correct amount so that we have all 5 senses, body parts, organs and a head all in tact. The miracle of birth in itself maybe evidence of that there is a god, very complex and delicate. More importantly – possible! giving us a chance to grow and change with the world around us. Life exists because something has dramatically changed in our DNA to allow us to cohesively understand the world around us. It maybe not attribute to god himself commanding a change but maybe a godly design where we grow and change as time goes pass. Whereas in any other planet around us it does not happen. We are obviousily not the only habitable planet in the universe there maybe other humanoids just like us. From early humanoids like the Neanderthal we obviousily evolved through selective breeding in order to pass our genes and trade off traits from one another. Though the chance for intelligent life on the planet is unknown – it is naïve to say that we are alone in the universe unless we were created in which would explain souls, the spirit world and reincarnation.

I’m a big believer in different dimensions, that we exist also in several “what if” scenarios with every decision we make. What if there is some truth to all of these theories and all this exists to a degree, a very shallow and neutral degree – that it exists simply because it is mentioned? There is not always a solution to a problem but there will always be infinite problems to solve as long as we keep discovering things. I believe faith and facts the duality of two extreme forms of functions and understanding take a big role in this. As we see more of the world it becomes clearer. With facts and faith as our identity grows stronger and as time and civilization evolves so that we can navigate, organize and discover our world more efficiently. Perception of a present time frame is all we can experience and what was in the far past and far future is unknowable to us except through facts and faith – through religion, technology, science, visions, 5 senses of experience, life, dreams or any other form of enlightenment. What ever our inspiration we will always build on a balance of faith and facts.

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