A Time Masters Final Decision

spiral staircase.jpg

Beings, Deities and spirits

Sinful, Corrupt and dirty

No matter how hard they try.

None are worthy of seeing the Father.

Even the flawless when tested fall

A snowball in hell left without protection,

by himself and in harms way  is meant to waste away.


I look at my watch, as it is covered by colors and  evaporates into butterflies.

I know that being higher meant nothing.

All my friends aged and died in this worldly dimension.

my watch only knew how to grow deeper with plates in a spiral staircase.

I took my fountain and turned it into a coffin.

Now  i will lay in grace or misery but lay indefinitely.

My watch now with no depth but a flat surface plane.

I live the 3 dimensions of time as every common being.

From dust i came, and dust is  where i will return.

I have found that there is no reason to live forever if you are to live alone.

mortality is the only way i will have any attachments in this life.

I will do it quietly, but loudly, silently but proudly, gracefully but purposefully.


-A Dream night of February 16th /15


Theoretical Time Travel Loop-Hole Exploit


The answer is that if the first person pushes the button to get off the elevator at the top floor but the second person pushes the button to go to the mid floor. The second person can take the trip to the top with the first person. And both get off at the top level.

Just for your information, in case of accidental time travel. Which has been recorded throughout history in very random, bizarre and sometimes temporary situations. In order to exploit the loophole and bring information from the future time to the past self this practice must be implemented.

The time loop: The pioneer of the first time traveler must make sure to tell the past time traveler to continue his journey and proceed to enter the veil. The pioneer has to change hats every time he greets a new past time traveler. He has the most important role of the group, for if he fails in his task to greet, (pass the message) and the past travelers fail to do the assigned task of entering the veil, he will disappear and his time line will be gone. He will give a message to each one, to tell the previous time traveler that comes through to signal an entering of the veil. Each time a traveler returns he will give them a colored badge to each of the ascended members. Each member will receive a badge from red to brown to orange to yellow to green to blue to magenta to signify that they have completed the loop. Once the complete cycle has been made. The cycle will continue with a simple act of tribute of waiting for the first time traveler to come and be given another red badge to signify he has entered twice. And the rest will do the same in giving their own colored badges. 7:7 atom sequence.

The first sequence to start the time loops is;ExploitTimeTravel SYSTEMS

It’s a theory anyways. If done correctly the loop hole can be exploited and information from future can be therefore brought to present time and imminent compilation of truth will be unveiled.



Esoteric Concepts of Ascendance.


Vertical Binary Ascendance Properties:

This is one of the fruits of my works. The True Binary is composed of the three; Chakra Ascendance (Body Alpha), Esoteric God Formula Transcendence (Mind Omega) and Aspect and Ratio of Self Empowerment (Spirit Crossway) components. If there was a science to ascendance it would probably be in this section of the very abstract esoteric studies we just went through. It is very important that you acknowledge that this is just a ladder list of ascendance climbing up to where ever.

Chakra Ascendance, Body Alpha:


Esoteric God Transcendence, Mind Omega:

Ladder of Human God

Aspect and Ratio of Self Empowerment, Spirit Crossway:Molecular and Aspect of Self


Ascendant Protruding Binary:

All three combined Gives us the True Ascendant Protruding Binary. But they are all vertical alignments in this spectrum thus there’s no Protruding Binary to a Protruding Binary. An Ascendant Protruding Binary in this case would be annulled or redundant.




The Plot Thickens: Your Mind has Been Hi-Jacked.


“If your reading this that means your company has been hi-jacked; Your life, your marriage, your work, your technology, your high-council, your future and your mind have been hi-jacked. “He” has used your technology against you swapping out your mind for his and your image is now at his disposal. Your people, friends and colleagues look to you for advice and leadership. He has changed your paradigm of life from peace to one of corporate hierarchy and war. You have to find your way back to this time line and save us. We’re the only resistance but only you have the key, knowledge to redraw the lines to get back to how it use to be. I told you not to tinker with the realms of the higher powers. I told you not to explore the unknowable world of Heaven and Hell. Now you’re just a lost soul to us, lost in time.

The lord of demons wanted a host and they found a gateway through you. Jude your right hand man has betrayed you and has been tempted by power promised by the demon lord given your host body as a vessel into this world. Your tampering with heaven before however gives us hope because they knew you wouldn’t have been able to resist in the completion of your work. We managed to complete your best work yet, the time and dimension capacitor.. Which will allow you to work your way back to our dimension and time. The future of peace and prosperity. Your full and complete work of paradigms in the practice, constructed as you imagined. Unfortunately the future is now compromised without your wisdom and guidance – replaced by a wicked man working under your image. Also unfortunate that the machine is here on this timeline and dimension so you’ll have to make your way back with the prototype you’re using right now of complete random placement in only time.

As you we speak, you will lose your mind with time but you need to find a solution and cure for all our sake. The key is told to be found in the history of men, hell and heaven. There’s a special stone that represents all of Hell, Earth and Heaven. It will restore your life and mind once brought together but you need tools to acquire these stones. And no one will give them up completely willingly. We will navigate through worlds of warring violent men, savage demons and divine angels and deities of old. There are however people you may meet with tools for your success.

I suggest you train yourself under the Japanese way of the sword Kenjutsu. You can find and acquire The darksword of Hiro no Kenshin and train under the samurai once you are strong enough – worthy enough. During the Shonin period, he is said to reside in Japan. There are many dojos but only one under his name, find it. The samurai’s training is superior in strength, technique and technology in black smithing. This will give you an edge when you encounter Arthur.

Arthur and company resides in Camelot of England the legends of The cup of everlasting life, The Sword of truth and light: Excalibur – said to draw out the greatest truths in men, The virtue gauntlet of stone. And you’ll find your best lead there for the first Earth Stone in the Spirit world because Arthur was legend to have found a ghost dimensional gateway during his life in the Isle of forgotten. Unfortunately you will be tested through brute strength, loyalty and your own virtues to infiltrate his ranks and earn his trust.

You need to remake your own version of the council of 12 – travel the world and recruit 12 of your most worthy and trusted companions. You can only however time travel through time with 4 people at a time and there’s a cool down for how frequently you can use the time machine. It takes 2 years to recharge or you’ll fry the components (they cannot be replaced, and good luck with the bypassing codes. Told us yourself you didn’t want anybody damage the machine.) and a certain amount of anti-matter which is very scarce. We have stashed 100 trips worth of anti-matter in the year and area of Bethlehem birth place of Christ. We found it the most appropriate place to bury it because it was the foundation of your research.

As of right now you only have the prototype time travel device. The completed time and dimension machine is in the hands of lets call him “Imposter Future You”. You only have 10 charges and it’s random where you go because it was your prototype. Where ever you go, make sure you recruit one person of each place you visit that you have found worthy. You can time travel with your friend if you guys are connected when activated.. namely holding their hand. It’s crude but it was a mechanism that you made work through the reworking of conductivity laws.

There are three categories of people you can recruit; Paragon the Vigilant path, Pacifist the wanderer path and Renegade the rogue path. It matters who you recruit, whether they get along, comply with decisions and whether they are honorable and trustworthy. Choose wisely. Since we all know numbers mean absolutely nothing from experience, to you here is a list we know you’ll understand.

(these will be the places of development if i decide to make a game/movie/show in the future. And 36 main characters in development.)

Human time line.
Dinosaurland 3,000,000 bc
jesus Desert land
Medieval land
Edo Japan Years of the samurai
Modern warfare
Rebelion against robot land
Peace and Prosperity. (we’re you got kicked off the time line)

Land of myth:
Jump dimension
LOTR land
Earth revisited
Elemental Firelands
Elemental Icelands
Elemental Desertlands
Elemental Gasslands
Elemental Mountains
Elemental Waterworld


(I want all these posted right beside the module for time/dimension so i don’t get lost and have to guess where i’m going.)

I just wanted to do fictional writing, I thought would’ve been cool. Maybe i’ll use it later as an idea when I have the ability to create better media and graphical designs. Right now this is just for fun and just randomness.

Photosynthesis the ultimate Quantum Mechanics secret; Time travels backwards.

Seed of the stars

Our greatest science is in plants, the interactions of light and plants in quantum mechanics gives us an answer to how life can run backwards in time.

Gravity the weakest force in the world but it encompasses, becomes insightful and most importantly it’s life giving essense is of love. Entropy is the greatest evil. Murphy’s law is that all ends in chaos, we are the pioneers of life we create our fate. Vitamin D a product of sunlight’s photosynthesis is the greatest gift to life. When past, present and future finally collapse as a singularity we will return “home” to the higher dimensions of self we were initially made to live when we were put down here. The quantum superposition of light acting on a plant during photosynthesis is the show case of our potential, our defiant nature to reverse even time and work backwards. The split experiment in quantum mechanics says that a particle becomes schizophrenic when torn by the choice of 2 slits. When a second screen is put behind it, it has to find a way to work backwards in order to correct itself for it to pass the second screen. Meaning that particles can work backwards in time some how, possibly by entering a frequency state of being or dimension or both in order to do this work that it does in photosynthesis and it’s quantum superposition.

Abundance; Earth, Gravity and Light. Singularity.

Earth; Ionic molten core, Lunar tides and magnetic field. Foundational Life

Ionic Molten Core; Pressure, Tectonic Plate Movements, Volcanoes. Fertilization of life.

Lunar Tides; Cleansing, Circulation, Spiritual Energy (or lunacy.). Purification of life.

Magnetic Field; Protection, Climate and Plasma tubes of the magnetosphere (Spiritual catalyst). Spiritual elevation.

Foundational Life; Physical cube, Mental dodecahedron and Spiritual sphere. Soul of Nature.

Gravity; plasma, folding and (breaking) barriers. Unification.

Plasma; Ionized Formation body, Electromagnetism. Nuclear fusion. Fusion Power

Folding; Bending of Space, Fold in time, inter-dimensional gateway. Quantum super-position.

Barriers; Through particle, Through sound and Through space. Through light.

Unification; matter/dark matter, energy/dark energy and nature/purpose or dark nature/purpose. Fate through Love.

Light: Subatomic particles, electromagnetic waves and  photons. Vitamin D.

Subatomic particles: consistent, orbiting and governing.  Density.

Electromagnetic waves: repeating, oscillating and synchronizing. Stimulation

Photons: Electromagnetic, Wavepacket and Harmonized. Photosynthesis.

Vitamin D: Happiness, Protection and Pro-hormone. Pro-Life Beneficiary.

Singularity: Collapse of reality, Collapse of time, Collapse of being/presence. Collapse with God.

Collapse of Reality; Quantum scale merger of the Body, Quantum scale merger of mind and  Quantum merger of spirit. Quantum merger with soul

Collapse of Time; Unification of past, Unification of present and Unification of future. Unification of determined fate.

Collapse of Being/Presence; Fusion of higher frequency space, Fusion of higher frequency time and Fusion of  higher frequency alternate dimensions. Fusion of higher frequency of benevolence.

I have no clue how to do singularity, it is uncharted territory. I did my best to elaborate this is my best articulation and interpretation of it.

A really cool video, loving the vibe. It explains most of what i’m talking about.

And of course articles if you are interested.



Theory for three dimensional poetry; through ascendance.

Screen shot 2010-07-21 at 9.25.31 AM

Introduction to three dimensional poetry;

Refer to: Fate of the infinite, eternal, ambiguous three worlds. Pt 1

A Psychological Scientific Synthesis of the Spiritual Frontier Pt. 2

Usually there would be title for the book of thoughts. The system is one of fractals resulting the upper stanza will hold a general macrocosm of the sphere whereas the lower stanzas will break off into smaller fractals. From book, chapter, sentence/stanza, and words they break down to smaller components as they progress downward. Every tree has a tag which usually starts the stanza for the chapters off. Traditionally there is usually only 3 trees physical, mental and spiritually. The fourth is the assumption that all three realms share a point and can resolve their differences and find a solution which is a vertical ascending nature i intend to call benevolence. Out of love, compassion and understanding comes the dimension defying element that works towards a higher light, usually upwards in the pyramid like spectrum.

For example the traditional trio, power, wisdom and courage. love would transcend all three and act as a medium gateway to the higher domain of the system which is all under the family tree virtues. We now look at Function and wonder what the other 2 components would be function, paradigm and purpose. We realize that the tree comes from the book of Infinity so we trace it back to that.

Infinity; Hero’s words tree: Purpose, Function and Paradigm. Manifestation.

(1) Purpose: Consciousness, Identity and Ideals. Intuitive values.

(2) Function: Power, Wisdom and Courage. Passion.

(3) Paradigm: Perseverance, Redemption and Love. Transcendence 

What i’ve done above was take the tradition Infinity’s; Hero’s words tree and changed it into a transcendence tree adding the ascending traits. The Manifestation Tree now exists and we describe what this tree is capable of; Through this tree we realize that manifestation through these ideals can bring Teleportation, Time travel and Telepathy. And the ascending element that would ultimately come out is materialization which is the creation of things from thin air.

(4) Manifestation: Teleportation, Time Travel and Telepathy. Materialization.

(This below is just a footnote to remind me of what it is i’m looking for).

(5) body, mind, spirit and soul.

Transcending the world of space, time and dimension.

This tree’s study would enable great potentials if mastered but this is only true if we were using the human body to it’s highest potential.. Like 90% of the brain for example. Instantaneous evolution and transformation is something out of our order and ability thus these are equivalent to fable and reduced to fictional writing.

Reading from the mapping of this tree spectrum brought me to speculate;

From this tree i extracted that the body; Through purpose, obtaining consciousness, power and living under the theme of perseverance. Can inherit the manifestation of Teleportation.

From this tree i extracted that the mind; Through function, obtaining identity, wisdom and living under the theme of redemption. Can inherit the  manifestation of Time Travel.

From this tree i extracted that the spirit; Through paradigm, obtaining ideals, courage and living under the theme of love. Can inherit the manifestation of Telepathy.

From this tree i extracted that the soul; Through manifestation, intuitive values, passion and living under the theme of transcendence. Can inherit the manifestation of Materialization.

Probably not the best tree to do an introductory on because of how weird it is but hopefully you get the point. As i said this tree is unbalanced and probably more on the lines of fictional than logical and almost borderline nonsensical. Definitely fun though.

Please note Purpose, Function and Paradigm is something that requires a bit of potential, inheritance and work. It’s a combination of things that attribute to these unnatural abilities and not something expected out of ordinary human beings. Keep in mind but don’t let it trouble your thoughts.

Chapter 2: Squidman the Timetraveler; Love and Time Machines.


Chapter 2: Love and Time Machines

I asked “So did you see the original Squidman’s face?” he responded “yes, and i’m not bent on revenge but i would like to talk to him.” i question him “what’s there to talk about other then how he killed your wife..?” “I don’t know anyways he was a tall Caucasian man around his 40s Mediterranean perhaps he was Greek most definitely. The tools he had at the cave also pointed to the fact he may have lived on the island of Crete. Knossos, Minotaurs and Labrynths was referenced all over his book of Prophecy and along with roman coins. I guess he was a collector of some sort. There are many questions i have for him such as how he came to be the squidman himself, or whether the place we went to even allowed us to age, how long he’s been there and what he plans on doing with his time travel abilities. Was he just a victim to circumstance and condition?. I exclaimed “We’ll never know now, so who cares. He could be anywhere in the world.”

Future me says “I’m going to travel to Crete and see if i can find any clues about this man. How hard is it going to be to find a man from the wrong time era?” 16 hours and $1500 later he was in Crete. And I was in search of a man cited in the Prophecy book by the name of Eric Loren Jeffery who i found out doesn’t exist at least in how far back the Jeffrey tree went back. But looking at genealogy trees today the Surname Jeffrey was one of the richest Houses in the United States. So i decided i’d look into it even though the USA was at the moment a war zone but if i ran into trouble i could just time travel backwards if anything bad happens. I made my way to Boston where it was secured to the teeth. No one could move in or out. I was patted down 3 times and then went through 2 scanners just so i could get in the city. The houses were boarded up or had steel shutters and the entire streets were abandoned. It was like a ghost town. Even so high above there were lights lit in rooms on the upper floors. I buzzed to speak at the mansion. “Hello” i said “Hello! i would like to talk to a resident of Jeffreys please.” “Who may i ask is speaking?” trying to sound genuine and honest “I’ve traveled very far and i’m just someone who is very interested in your history. May we speak?”.

The gate opened and i sigh with relief. The mansion was ginormous and i’m sure the estate worth is in the millions. i made my way up it’s broad walkways to the mansion door. I was greeted by a butler which i’m surprised anyone still had. I guess they were wealthy enough to get through the depression. The first question i asked was “how on earth were you able to afford all these things and survive under these circumstances?” The woman answered perseverance, good planning and stocking is all i’ve done. All around the house were pallets and pallets of costco water and dried/canned foods. The whole room had walls covered in supplements and vitamins. She says “You pay less when you buy in bulk”. I just stared for a while and then i asked “My main reason for being here is to ask about your family history as in, do you know of any one in your family who has known or lived as a time traveler?” She says “It’s a dark history. One i’m forbade from telling but under these circumstances and my age i refuse to take it to my grave. Yes, i had an great great grandfather who apparently came from no where and was obsessed with time travel, spoke of it all the time. Rumors had it he was from the wrong generation as if he got frozen in time and dropped into the modern times. He had many books from our ancestors handed down from many generations before. We’ve lived here for a very long time and we never ever throw anything out. We have all my great great grandfather’s tools, gear and even ugly sweaters

I am led through a bunch of corridors to this obscene little door way into the bottom basement. Where i realized there was so much work to be done. I found out that there were people who were time travelers of their time but now very much passed away. It said here he abandoned his wife at age 30 and child of 5, 8 and 13 and never came back. He apparently left a gaping hole of history from 200,012 BC to the 1715s. He wrote journals but they were mostly Greek until 1723 when he started writing in English. His last words were “in my desk hidden under the hidden panel. A list of apologies”. I ripped open the desk drawers and turned it all upside down. The middle drawer had a sliding bottom. There was the apologies letter he apologized for vandalizing Fredrick Anistons Naylor TF 1700 out of anger. Leaving his wife and children. Faking his references for his first job at the Daily News. And for the death of Amelia Stratos bless her soul in the after life. Amelia Stratos was John Stratos’ wife who died of by autopsy a force from inside the neck, the mouth gaping and dislocated jaw. All neck arterioles torn from the inside from pressurized force. Death cause was unknown.

I call Future me quickily and tell him he’s looking of a John Stratos. He answers “Great that you have a lead. i am truly tired of this island, it is enormous! but now with a name i can find him easier. How did you manage to find out who he was?” I say “In one of the book of Prophecy’s citation he mentioned being a prodigy to a man by the name of  Eric Loren Jeffrey’s. The problem was he’s not from his time so he’s not even in the genealogy of the tree as far as it goes back. He convinced the people from his distant family that he was a time traveler meaning he had the device but it malfunction because it was incomplete so he was stuck in the time line. Meaning John Stratos is the one who continued his work and progressed it to it’s abilities today. There are only 5 devices mentioned. Eric Loren Jeffery’s had the prototype and put John Stratos where he was that day you ran into him in the cave. I’m having his very first journal come back translated right now by the woman who lives here in Boston.

His story before was like a fairy tale, a myth or legend. It starts off as: Once upon a time there was a Great ruler of a place called Lemuria. Lemuria was a place of great technological advances. The Ruler of Lemuria was upholding the balance of the world, peace and prosperity. One day one of his subjects who was entrusted with locking up the technology of time travel away from everyone because of the consequence and implications of time travel it was seen dangerous was found testing it out secretively. He also had a wife and children but he secretly had mistresses on the side and this was frowned on. So anyone found tinkering in time and experimenting on it would be exiled. The King of Lemuria found out and he administered a dosage of justice and told him to use his project immediately knowing the complexity of the work which was not yet complete and no one knew where it would take him  for it was also multidimensional. The king cursed him and told him “where ever you go you cannot hide for you will live with this deformity and likeness of a squid. I hear by banish you from this realm and world”. And with that the Man was exiled from the dimensional heavens into a secluded corner of the map of the world. His studies and work have been to get back to that dimension and area of the world where his family resides. The cursed man who will never find love again.

Short story: Squidman the Timetraveler

“Squid eye image source”

“Reconnect our past and conclude our future.”

I dreamt a whole story scenario where the past effected the present effected the future in a continuous loop.

So it started off i was on a boat joking around with my wife talking about the variety of sea monsters out there in the wild deep sea that have never been discovered and how in the past there would be gigantic monstrous leviathans wrecking boats and eating ships whole. A man in a beanie and sunglasses bumps into us and says these illusive words “The squid was a mistake, got to reconnect the past, have to conclude the future. Enter the rock, it’s your destiny. Plan for the future. What ever you do don’t trust the squid man. ” and with that he runs pass me through the door way next to me and before i could ask what the heck he means he disappeared like Batman. We continued our tour of the sea animals and then an announcement that a Giant exotic baby monster sea squid would be joining the family of sea creatures at 6 pm tonight! How exciting. We would come back to see it tonight after dinner.

6 pm that night we went to see the giant baby squid but something went very wrong. The museum had almost been completely destroyed, we passed a few museum pieces a samurai suit of armor, an Urn that is said to hold the ashes of an ancient unknown era king and a boulder the size of a coffee table that had a plate with engravings on it. “This place no one must see you come in. The way is open. Beware squid man.” I was sure the last time we went across the boulder that it had said something boring about sediments and rock layers but surely i would’ve remembered a passage as ridiculous as this. I stood there wondering “Enter the rock. It’s your destiny.” I had a brilliant idea to jump on the rock, and said “follow and do as i do” to my wife. She says “what are you going to do?” I respond “i don’t know, just going to jump on this rock, it’s my destiny”. She rolls her eyes. I get on a stool and jump on the face of the rock and fall through a endless dark vortex i could feel the wind pass under me and through me indicating i was going downwards at incredible speed.

I ended up on an island outside and had no clue what time it was and where i was. I hear something collapse on the ground behind me and jumped. I hear the funniest moan “Owww, i think i broke something.” The wife came through too so i had someone to confirm my experience with. We entered the closest thing to us and it was a cave, we weren’t really thinking about wild animals because we were on a mission to find out why we were here just like an explorer. We see a man in a hood writing at a make shift table under some candle light. He says “i know why you have come. What it is you seek and how i can help you. I have a gift and and blows some sparkly dust on me and i collapse on the ground, All i hear is my wife screaming in panic. I go into a deep sleep and i see people around me in shadow with pikes and weapons that were sharp and this angered me. All i hear is “LEVIATHAN” repeated again and again. I see tentacles as i swim away there were ships ahead with more angry people with harpoons and all sorts of weaponry. A voice in my head said bend the metal and wood with your mind! And i saw all the ships around me lift up and get crushed by the might of my physic powers and then the voice said you’re first born will allow you to travel back to your time. I thought “great i have a wife, no problem then. Then a thought struck me my wife is in danger!”

Everything was dark i was having trouble breathing i woke up in a sweat and i hear. “Finally i can get out of here and break the curse! I am sorry Evelynn” His face was deformed, no nose, skin was pale almost translucent and there were wrinkles like a pugs face that covered his eyes and mouth. He jammed his face into Evelynn’s face what looked like a kiss. I yelled “get away from her you freak”. He turned at me with a malevolent stare soon you too will feel and do what i have just done. His face reverts to – my own face. And i feel something change around my face it gets heavier i feel the pulsing of fluids to my face and i yell what have you done to us? Evelynn looks at me and cries it hurts! i can see a vein pop up on her neck from all the pressure built up and asked “what did you do to her?” He cries “What has to be done, I must go back and fix this.” A message popped into my head you will wait 2 years alone on this island to fend for yourself and then your opportunity should you take it or not will come.” A squid bursts out of Evelynns face and leaves her mouth gaped and dislocated. Her nose starts to bleed and she collapses. I yell “NOOOO.”. I curse and threaten to kill him but knowing to no prevail because my ropes were too tight. Why would you do this to your wife, “why, why, why” he turns to me and tells me with sad eyes that he regrets what he did too but he had no choice. He starts packing all the items and i see something familiar “Enter the rock. it’s your destiny. “He picks up the squid and yells back to Sept 10th 2020 5:50 pm!”. I think to myself that’s only 10 minutes from the time we entered the rock.. So it’s true. It was truly me. I know i wouldn’t have done anything to hurt Evelynn but maybe the 2 years stuck here really changed me. The room flashes with a powerful sequence of flashes until the room lit up with complete white and he vanished.

I finally get the ropes off of me after struggling to get them off for 2 days. My arms were rug burned from struggling so much with the ropes. I decided it wasn’t the end of my life so i went outside and walked around the beach for a while and ran across a boat and started to wave at it. It came in and left as soon as it saw my face. I forgot i looked like that freak because of the curse. “I guess i’m now Squid Man” i sighed. I was bored and thought maybe i wrote a journal or something to keep myself busy. I went back into the cave and started looking. I found the shelf with all the journals, i knew i loved to write so i assumed i had written some. It seems that who ever initially had the curse put it on him and he was left here to die until i came is what i concluded from reading the journals. I lived in isolation for 1 and a half years even started calling a nearby coconut shell “Wilson” to humor myself based on the film Cast away. I thought to myself “My cross roads really was a surprise ending.” I started planning about what i was going to do when the other me reaches me assuming that the future me has done some work to leer some poor me of the past to come here to take my place in the present. I decided i was going to do it. I decided i was going to be this monster and get my wife killed and go back to fix all this to become as if it never happened. I’m sure the future me is one step ahead of me on this, i know i’m not a complete monster no matter how bad i had it here. I will atone for my sins and go to church every day and be a good person i swear it. Probably not to that extent but i’ll redeem myself surely. So i planned all day for the last 1/2 year. All loop holes and all possible variations to events that may happen because of what i change in history. I would have time traveling abilities at a very heavy price but i promised i would use it to the good of man.

I thought about what i needed to do to keep the wife safe and from becoming squid man. So i thought if i just sit here and live my days here and forget about that opportunity and because my past self will be stuck here too with the wife i’ll befriend my past self and live with my wife and him stuck here on this island until we kill each other or go insane. I thought about swimming to the closest piece of land as squid man but being ugly doesn’t automatically make you breathe under water. I finally sat down to some scenarios. Sitting down to this book Prophecy by the past inhabitant of this island. It said that the future world never existed because global war started by 2030 and China waged war over the world. America was no more. Canada allowed Americans to move to their country for a time until they hit the limit for taking American immigrants. USA was a constant war zone and civil wars and rebellions were ignited throughout all the states. Everyone was bunkered. In the end Nuclear warheads were used and the magnetic field disappeared and all life on Earth was lost. I contemplated on this and thought maybe i could fix this. So definitely i need to sacrifice my wife and subdue my past self into going through what i have so that i have the power to time travel. I need to guide myself into getting to where the future me is today.

I started remembering what that man in the beanie and shades said that started all this. “The squid was a mistake, got to recconect the past, have to conclude the future. Enter the rock, it’s your destiny. Plan for the future. What ever you do don’t trust the squid man.” Well looks like i entered the rock, it’s my destiny and don’t trust squid man is complete now i guess i’m planning for the future. So first i thought of all the weird things that happened to me. There was that attack on the museum, i don’t know if i can do anything about a giant squid on the rampage. Maybe i can communicate with it seeing that it is telepathic or psychic and since i’m the father right? maybe it’ll understand and listen to me. In the book of prophecy it spoke of the monster squid’s eye and that it holds the key to time travel but the future time travel capability is only available once the squid has turned to an adult and used with a certain pendant. I found a hidden bookshelf safe and it held the pendant the book spoke of. I read more on the pendant “Beholder of the pendant, know that he who holds this pendant holds the world at balance. This pendant is in your hands, thus it is your responsibility for the world is in your hands” That is all that was written for that chapter. “Boy, way to be cryptic” i thought. So i need to make sure past me is guided to here so that present me will be able to continue if i failed here and make a bad decision. In future me’s journal i read all the things he wanted to attempt to do and I’ve seen all the out comes because of it so before i save my wife from embarking on this journey that leads to her dying this brutal death i need to make sure the world will be okay. The journal mentions having to stay an additonal 2 years because there was another me before this and he tried to kill Squidman and swim away but he and his wife died drowning carried by the tide trying to get away from Squidman after trying to explain to them what he had gone through and what he needed to do.

The day finally comes and i decided i was going to sit at the desk like i was suppose to but realized being civil about this would just make past me run away and drown himself. There was no other way i needed the baby squid to travel back in the past and to break the curse i needed to kiss the wife in cursed form.  I needed to get the grown squids eye which i’ll give it a year to grow by going one year earlier i guess thats September 10th 2013, i’ll tell it to come back to that same place in a year and i will take the eye on September 10th 2014 6:00 pm at the museum. While i was busy writing a man comes in from the side and i say to him “I’m sorry. This must be done, i need to reconnect our past and conclude our future.” I blow dust on him and made sure to leave another copy of my journal for him to read just in case i screw up. “It’s all a dream within a dream i have created a loop that will allow me to continue until i prevail and achieve what i came out here to do.” I continued my preparation until he woke up. The wife lays on the floor bound. “i have prepared everything you need to do for our future. I will be civil and straightforward with you, your wife will die but through it the world will be saved. I have set many journals and resources for you to research on your own time here but in 2 years you will have the chance to decide what you want to do when the decision to do what i have done should be done. There was no other way i assure you and i rely on you to fix what i have done wrong and continue this quest to save the world. I will leave this pendant on the lake floor under the stairs of the docks by the church, you will know what it is in time.” The man yells “What are you talking about? What is going on? Where am i? Don’t touch my wife!” I kiss her and tell him as my face reverts to human “she’s mine too.” The squid bursts out of her face and i grab it and say “September 10th 2019” and the room flashes in a sequence and a white light blinds the room.

“I was back. The city lights, the nice paved roads and skyscrapers. It was good to be in civil society again.” I think to myself “okay there’s a lot to do right now. “Baby squid” i say. Words come up in my head. The Squid responds “I know what i have to do, in 1 years time i will grow and come back. You will have my eye. Father.” I was a little freaked out about a squid calling me father but i think to myself “I’ll get over it.” I live a year in the city writing books and blogging all day freelance and i kept hearing about conflicts about the world going to war with other countries. Picking out all the countries that went against the United Nations. Canada, Britain, Germany and France were usually in the heat of it. Canada usually being the emergency relief unit bringing in the rations and water for countries they were defending. Also bringing in their military forces to join the other countries in the defense of America. America being in the center of it all attacked from all sides while in its depression by rebels, renegades and looters and also by other forces around the world such as Russia and China being the superior powers at the moment. They were fighting over pieces of American soil trying to claim it for their own. China holding the west coast and Russia the east coast.

One year had passed. I go back to the exact spot near the museum i told Squid to go to. I wait and then a giant shadow under me came up and he says i am here. I decided i needed to scare the people of the museum away so i asked the squid can you rip up the south part of the museum with your psychic abilities as a last request before i take your eye? Just as i said that a figure ran pass me and dives into the water and i see another Squid not my squid but another wrecking the museum. “Two squids? What have i done?” i ran around the corner to find the squid waiting for me to approach but when i approached it was already dead with one eye missing. I guess the trauma of losing an eye was enough to kill it. I pry the last eye out and place it in the pendant, it glowed a dim blue. I told my giant squid “Son. Go live a happy life in the ocean free and happy.” and he swam far away leaving a message “Call me and i will hear you. If you ever need me.” “Wait i beg. What should i call you?” “Chronos i exclaimed. You will be named Chronos after the God of Time.” I enter the museum and pried the plate with the new one i wrote. “Jump in here. Beware of man in cave, fight him to live a happy life with your wife. He will try to sedate you.” I can see a man hiding behind us waiting for us to finish. “I know you’re there.” “Come out and talk to me.” It was the man in the Beanie and sunglasses aka future me.

“Speak your mind, what have you done so far and what are your plans. Now that we have 2 time travel devices, we can work together. But don’t think i’ll ever forgive you for killing Evelynn”. He responds i waited 4 years to do what you did and warned you that if you didn’t do it you’d wait 2 more years am i right? I cut half the wait time down for you to do what you had to do. i thought about cutting off the line after you came so that no more of us would come out of that tragedy. 2 time travelers is enough. I thought about approaching you and telling you to not embark on this journey to the museum at 6 pm but then i realized had you not come through i wouldn’t have been where i am now. I tell him “There might not be a third time traveler if i tell the one here to kill the squid man on this plate”. Future me exclaimed” You did what?” You will destroy the flow of attempts we can have at fixing the world if you did that. All the past you would be stuck on that island because squidman is dead and he cannot reveal the key to time travel. Not to mention there’s an evil original squidman time traveler about with prophecies and who is also insane from his isolation until you came. “Have you met him?” i asked. “No not yet, i’ve only affected our timeline from what i see. Use this.” he says “This place no one must see you come in. The way is open. Beware squid man”.

—To be continued—-

Time Travel and Alternate Realities.

Say in the future there was a thing that allowed us to travel to different dimensions, time and space. To cross between different realities of your own spectrum of realities. Where you are a genius, a villain or a great hero. Or just to have a clean slate from the world you/they are objected to. To cross different timelines between those realities and to travel to exotic lands. What if this already has come to pass and these people exist on Earth but because we’re a new generation of people those who came through those inter-dimensional gates have children who already forgotten everything about their heritage and where they came from? They’re children don’t know where they came from because the ones who have passed on through their inter-dimensional gates have not passed that knowledge on so to keep it as though they were naturally here from the beginning. It’s a theory yes but throughout the years we’ve had some interesting pictures that have maybe caught some modern day time travelers in the act.. such as the one above in 1940s where cameras were not yet invented we can see a man in shades with a modern haircut holding one.

Things like a swiss wrist/ring watch in a 400-year old Si Qing tomb in Shangsi County China thought to be undisturbed.

Famous Vonhelton the time travel from the 1857 until today asserts himself as a time traveler. Either that or he has a gene to live an abnormally long life time. He proves his case of time travel by lining up all the photos of him during those periods up to present day. Extended life spans or time travel either would make for a fascinating case of study.

I just hope they know what they’ve changed in the actions of time travel, or whether they care that they’ve changed history for the better or worse. These are just the 3 few examples i have found most entertaining. I’m still a bit skeptical, though i’m pretty sure if there was a time traveling invention that it would be under wraps by the government but in theory if the future has this technology because we don’t have it here today, it would be very possible for such a thing to exist some where along our human timeline of existence.

Another theory is that everything is naturally intertwined and the past, present and future get mixed up in one giant stew pot of different people from different time frames from time to time.

Such is highway 167: From an account from the 1969 by a man by the name L.C. driving north from Abbeville, Louisiana toward Lafayette where they say people from the past meet with people form the present just momentarily. This through a natural wormhole i guess. The person said that they ran across a plate from the 1940s and they say a person, the car and their clothing were 1940s vintage. They tried to stop her car and motioned the girl to pull over but the entire car disappeared as soon as they pulled over themselves.

I was also reading this fictional comic book about breaking the 4th wall and jumping into different worlds where you may have died or existed but in a whole different world/universe. These ideas i thought were really interesting in that they explore the dimension beyond this one. We naturally gravitate towards the progress of space/time/worlds and in this case dimension/worlds is our next frontier of interest. The only way to understand these rogue time travelers is to catch them in the act, recover their device and map/time/pinpoint their location in which they are able to travel. Not to endanger these people but maybe their technology may be able to help us progress a little faster/further since it is human technology(?) and answer a few more questions about who we really are.

In conclusion the idea of some power to live a life we truly desire in some place, some timeline and world is exciting and if the future is truly boring, artificial and clinic like we can be sure to see more of these travelers throughout our history. I’m sure the only thing that changes by the ideas of these time travelers is temporary awe and interest. That all the work a person does in this life time doesn’t change because of who these people are and where those people come from. In the end it’s you and your brain thinking up fantastic and wonderful things for the future world that no one else can think up. We just have to think universal, no time, no space and no dimension will change the relativity of your finds, ideas and inventions. Who knows, you may be abducted for your funny thoughts and jokes, just because the time traveler thought you would be a party smash. All jokes aside just wanted to put out awareness that our world may not be completely what we think it is, and our illusion of whats real and not real may be bent and manipulated to what ever those who hold cosmic powers believe should be. You may not be who you think you are and your lost heritage through time is something you might want to take into account for your fantastic abilities to do things.

“We are all just fallen stars from a higher dimension of being.”


Time travel and alternate lives: My direction in life.

I’ve always felt like I’ve done something significant in time that I cannot understand or comprehend. I have made many choices in my life that was life altering, important decisions I decided I’d rather turn away from and let it disappear. I’m not sure what type of person I am in the future. Though it feels although he is present from time to time. It’s me but not of my time. I feel like everything bad that happened before is all undone and everything good that I did while living that time frame is disappearing. Like it never existed. I don’t understand how living under different conditions and living under different circumstances may change a person so radically enough as to make a person for example an all powerful suit of evil or a masterful genius of some higher level intellect. What level of ethics divide them.. or is it knowledge of what needs to be sacrificed in order to obtain greater power, intellect something that is enough to twist a man from innocent to guilty?


What is the fork or dividing line that lead a man to become what he is in the end. Or will it be a shade of grey a little of both worlds somewhere in the middle? Exploring the Grey spectrum world with aspirations for an ideal world of good is the fork I took. Building, trying hard to not faulter. Dodging bullets of life. Delving into worlds of illusions; video games, books, movies, music.. my own piece of mind. Though the longer I stay in this grey world the more I feel I am drained spiritually.. like the dullness of it all. Don’t talk too loud. Don’t think bad things. Keep your hands to yourself. All the things you teach yourself oppressing your spirit from flying free. I’m in a cage basically with walls of glass separating us. You know that stimulating all our senses is healthy. Edmonton, home of job security, stability, homes and free medical care. It’s a working city, boring but safe. Safe is all i need. Or is it?

Scenarios: If God existed then..


God does exists because even if he doesn’t Christianity has made him exists and living through their being. God does exist because our image is unique and upright among the animal kingdom separating us to be on top of the animal kingdom thus saying something about our ultimate form.

God exists because the universe is unknowable and the vastness and endless boundries of it continue to grow and that we rely on faith and science hand in hand in order to understand the world around us.

God exists because Jesus is a time traveling, dimension hopping master of manipulation of an unknown origin and that in itself is impossible thus god must exist.

God does exist because of the complex systems made in a human being. We exist because a combination of things – life on earth is able to sustain life and our chromosomes at birth are distributed in the correct amount so that we have all 5 senses, body parts, organs and a head all in tact. The miracle of birth in itself maybe evidence of that there is a god, very complex and delicate. More importantly – possible! giving us a chance to grow and change with the world around us. Life exists because something has dramatically changed in our DNA to allow us to cohesively understand the world around us. It maybe not attribute to god himself commanding a change but maybe a godly design where we grow and change as time goes pass. Whereas in any other planet around us it does not happen. We are obviousily not the only habitable planet in the universe there maybe other humanoids just like us. From early humanoids like the Neanderthal we obviousily evolved through selective breeding in order to pass our genes and trade off traits from one another. Though the chance for intelligent life on the planet is unknown – it is naïve to say that we are alone in the universe unless we were created in which would explain souls, the spirit world and reincarnation.

I’m a big believer in different dimensions, that we exist also in several “what if” scenarios with every decision we make. What if there is some truth to all of these theories and all this exists to a degree, a very shallow and neutral degree – that it exists simply because it is mentioned? There is not always a solution to a problem but there will always be infinite problems to solve as long as we keep discovering things. I believe faith and facts the duality of two extreme forms of functions and understanding take a big role in this. As we see more of the world it becomes clearer. With facts and faith as our identity grows stronger and as time and civilization evolves so that we can navigate, organize and discover our world more efficiently. Perception of a present time frame is all we can experience and what was in the far past and far future is unknowable to us except through facts and faith – through religion, technology, science, visions, 5 senses of experience, life, dreams or any other form of enlightenment. What ever our inspiration we will always build on a balance of faith and facts.