Something unexplainable

I don’t know how to explain this but i had a weird experience last night when my entire dream became like a computer interface where i could control everything and monitor my energy levels and such, there was talking in the background by other people (plugged in?). Is this what it’s like to be in a Merkaba? Or is this something else? like an interconnected dream state where we share the same dream? This is the first time i tried to click on something in my head.. i think i’m turning into a robot. Weird thing was i’d wake up and go back to sleep only to have it happen again. i’m probably gonna have to low key this because it’s just a silly dream. I think i’ll type more on this topic if the dream becomes consistently in this state through out the next few nights. It’s probably just too much time on the computer using Autocad and blogging i suppose. I’ll know i’m less crazy when i have a conversation with a person in that dream that actually lives in this this space/time/dimension. That brings me to wonder if anyone living has ever had a shared dream experience. I should probably keep a dream journal and keep this blog relevant to my topics instead of just throwing weird random dreams and explaining them all the time.


4 thoughts on “Something unexplainable

  1. Don’t think you’re remotely crazy or weird, just lucky to have recall of one of your more abstract dreams. Usually we only have clear memories of the ones that are more or less like everyday life.
    Sounds like you got a download from another dimension and were in touch with other aspects of yourself.
    You could be in for an interesting journey… 🙂

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    • Lately i’ve been remembering all my dreams and i recall them like memories. There was shouting in the background about a emerging energy and i was able to see it marked on a globe with (ley) lines and nodes. I think the energy level hit 23%. Not sure what that means, whether it was the total output or if it was me in general. Don’t you think if they were in a different dimension their words would be in a different language? Maybe the dream was just a interpretation made in a way i can comprehend it. Anyway thanks for commenting.

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      • How fascinating. I wonder what the 23% referred to. As you probably figured out from my blog, I’m in telepathic contact with a higher dimensional aspect of a person I know in physical life. He told me once that communication is all frequency. In our physical world we use sound, a relatively low frequency, but at higher dimensions communication has a frequency of light. However it can be stepped down to make it intelligible to us, so yes, i think you’re correct – you were given the information in a way that you can comprehend it. I look forward to reading more of your writing.


  2. Well in my theory i was trying to humanize light so that it would.. i suppose work at the frequency of light and be compatible and comprehensible to this plain of life. I was trying to do this in a way to make it so that communication through light would be possible. I don’t know, i was just recently inspired by this video that said that we at one point were higher dimensional beings and are fallen to this dimensional state of living. I’m still wrapped around this idea that the Pyramid of Giza is a blackhole/gateway to another dimension.


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