Angelic healing and virtue cards

So i got a deck of angelic reading cards today, 2 sets of them technically the other one is called oracle cards. I have a third deck called virtue cards and i’m trying to read them everyday to improve against challenges and problems i may run into. One card from each deck a day. And also completely separate readings when i need to. I made my first reading today; According to the Arch Angel Michael, to the question ” how will i find love” past: support, present: study and future: Animals. My interpretation was that in the past i was fully supported by the angel i chose my actions based on love for i cared for one but let her go because i knew i couldn’t take care of her as at the current time i was young, irresponsible and had very little and also i was told i don’t remember from what medium but if i let her go both of us will flourish in our careers. I was also told from another medium that because of this act the child in process best of both worlds was lost and the world never got to know her, our love was suppose to be in divine order but something bad happened. I do struggle with this idea but she never existed so it’s only curiosity that bugs me. For the present i am in the process of study so that i can get a good job and take care of a person i will soon come to care for in the future. In the future i will care for nature and animals and this will bring me to the love of my life. Interesting enough.. I asked next how will i reach my ideal career. I drew the cards family, environmentalist and healing. In the past my family has taken care of me very well to be honest, they still support me as we speak. Presently i’m about to get into the oil industry, so contrary to this card reading i’m actually a contributor to the loss of nature sadly. It says that i’m suppose to be an Earth Angel here to protect, nurture and teach about nature and the land maybe i’ll learn something that changes my mind about my direction in life, i’d like to make money though and designing 3D objects, pipelines, storage and vessels is my life. I think anyways. The future is that i’m a healer, and that i have the gift of healing. This is true in that i do feel i am a healer and i know what to say and to do when someone needs help. I am very spiritual and very attuned to nature and i have studied a lot of archaic ideas and ethical practices. For the most part i can see the reading’s intent, but i am not giving up a stable job to change lives am I? safety of home and security for a world of who knows what. I guess i’m still a little selfish but i’m really not. Just looking out for my ass because no one else will. Don’t judge, i’m still a nice guy. I’m not a coward, I just don’t work out of my field of comfort. I do what i know and help where i can. I’m the man with the plan if i don’t have a plan then i’m just a lump in my throat physical mess. Ya, i don’t know angels, if i’m up for your plans.

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