Aurora Borealis In Space


Paintings I did this week. The camera pictures do not do the work justice but I’m able to showcase a little of the paintings completed this week. If you like the work message me here or send a message to my overloaded hotmail account that may or may not send your message to spam.

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We Are a Product of Our Work


  1. We are a product of our work.

You are what you make of life. In the end it’s what you’ve done, the kindness you’ve spread and the hearts you touched that makes logical sense in life – but most importantly, who you become is immediately significant. Life is about the people you meet, yes this is true, but you are the product of all these interactions that make you grow, being a result and product of all things that have come. All things that influenced you as you figured out and sorted problems after problems to become solutions. Turning dirt, molding it to become gold in your eyes. Making something from nothing. Doing something surprisingly great and beautiful despite all odds and what tools and things you have to work with. This is the philosophy of the lotus being born in a barren dirty place as the swamp and blooming into a beautiful flower out of no where.

All the things we have done, all the work we put in, all the people we interacted with to get where we are today. This is what we have taken for granted. People don’t see the impact of their actions and kindness but as we grow more mature and thoughtful this results in development refining of character. We become more respectful and polite in order to resolve common conflicts that could be dealt with easily with simple decency. If we remember our goals and keep our personal plans for ourselves focused at heart and strive for these resulting projects consistently persevering, we will surely get where we want to go in life and collect all the rewards that we sowed in the end. Keeping in mind that we can’t please everyone but we should still aim to be selfless and generously giving. Not everyone has the human interest in mind.

Despite the fact that not everyone has good intentions, we can only help the few that care and spread acts of kindness and behaviors. Focusing on the here and now, we prioritized our love ones and make preferences to enjoy and allow the joy in our life to flourish. Allowing our love and happiness and our justice and peace to prosper. We have worked our method and analyzed our directions and conflicts and this is what we found in the end. In chronological order these are the conflicts but also profound virtuous solutions I have come to conclude..


My Journey’s Stellar Pin-Pointed Gems:

Life: Be Yourself.

Dream: Follow your heart.

Self: Build and learn. One lesson at a time.

Light: Shine in the Dark. When all good is amiss, be the light in the dark.

Redemption of Alphonse: Stand for the Truth.


Loyalty: Think of what you can offer by building faith in one another.

Trust: Respect and think of others but be smart but caring.

Authority: Be the invisible hand that gives hope. (Be bold, have courage and be strong).

Wisdom: Find the fine silver lining path (to understand, contemplate and comprehend the truth) To resolve the truth.

Redemption of Omegan: Legitimacy and Credibility.


Hope begets Faith. Faith begets Compassion. Compassion begets Love. Loves begets Grace. Grace brings forth the Redemption.

Hope: I sought to practice and I intended to build bridges.

Faith: I sought to understand the world and my wool was covered in soot of taint. I remind myself that there is hope in the end if I have faith.

Compassion: I sought to nurture the world and started giving. I remind myself that with great faith in the end I will have compassion.

Love: I sought to care for the world and started understanding myself, others and the world around me. I remind myself that with compassion in the end I will have love.

Grace: I sought to do good in the world and I started offering my services to God and The Heavens. I remind myself that with love in the end I will arrive with grace.

Redemption of Christwey: I sought to change life for the better and I gave my heart to everyone. I have forsaken the angel in my heart but one day I will be fruitful with my work.


Love: I’ve found love, it is in the people.

Peace: I’ve found peace, it is in acceptance of my reality on Earth.

Justice: I’ve found justice. I look to solve love, peace and happiness for the self and others. A person should stand for good on the bold and narrow path.

Happiness: I’ve found happiness,  I found the Truth in myself.

Composure: I’ve found composure, I look at stability and try to balance my life.

Temperance: I’ve found temperance, I seek inside me to find what it is I can offer.

Solution: I’ve found the solution, I believed that there was a way and would plot my points, draw my lines and that would make my paths in life.

Religion, Science and Spirituality. The Trinity and Physics How it Relates.


I’m reading a book called Science of Spirituality, you may be familiar with his website .

I’m trying to simultaneously connect the gap between these eternal arch-enemies (Religion and Science) -and (Science and Spirituality). I’ve understood this little conflict and war through time from these simple summaries of the fights, all in chronological order.

  • Religion is threatened by Science.
  • Science is threatened by Religion.
  • Science is threatened by Spirituality.
  • Spirituality is threatened by Science.
  • Religion is threatened by Spirituality.
  • Spirituality is threatened by Religion.
  • Religion and Science is threatened by Spirituality.
  • Spirituality is threatened by Religion and Science.
  • Religion, Science and Spirituality are threatened by Light Walkers.
  • Light Walkers are threatened by Religion, Science and Spirituality
    but they keep walking.. they don’t care for this concept of human drama and lip service. The world keeps turning, they have a message, they live, they teach it and they are gone.

The message that I got from understanding all this is that we need to get together as a cooperative. These fiesty competitive ideas/people need to learn to cooperate and think win win situations. It’s too costly to push competitors off. The youth to cooperative mode is a maturation process. To understand this one concept: The whole is greater than and unpredictable from the sum of the parts. There is a Holistic Synergetics to these ideas.

The Idea i’m coming to realize is we need to find a way of:

a) uniting Religion and Science.
b) uniting science and Spirituality.

Currently this is under process and these three subjects coming to terms with one another is my intention and goal.

Notes Science of Spirituality:

  • The universe is multidimensional (You only see the physical.)
  • Universe goes through cycles of activity and non-activity.
  • The human being is Multi-dimensional.
  • Human Consciousness survives death and reincarnates.
  • Human beings are evolved spiritually.

Energy, Matter and consciousness

Models of Overlooking Systems

These are the paradigms i came up with for Objectivity;

Energy, Matter and Consciousness; The first is the Esoteric pure one we can relate to, traditional Mother, Son and Father. Use your head.

Love, Hope and Faith: The second is of subjectivity is the one known to Religion of Christianity; Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Use your intuition.

Courage, Wisdom and Power. The third is of benevolence is the one known to us as a collective humans; Courage, Wisdom and Power. Use your heart.

Theres is a pattern that emerges.. The body A (of Disciplines) of Mother, Father combined make Parental/Guardian, This is important that the Alpha and Omega are gender specific where as the third is both are neutral but include both aspects of parenthood. The Son is consistent known as Filial or Child. And the Spirit evolves from Father to Holy Ghost to Guide/Spirit.


It is known that dark matter and energy lives in the higher dimensions. That less than 99% of the body is actually mass.. That it is also known that majority of space occupies the body. It is only in the frequencies whether it is high or low that constitute a body’s state of solid, liquid or gas.

There are levels in rising from the state of NDEs from Hell like to Heavenly. You tune into this positive and negative depending on whether your mind is positive or negative which allows you to see the positive things or negative things in the world around you in this out of body NDE state.

Allan Botkin, Psychotherapist induces after death communication with high success rates. He has determined that life on earth is an opportunity to grow spiritually. And has decided that traumatic incidents such as accidents was necessary in order to change it’s life path. That everything in life has been created, with you as the architect of the life you live. (Science of Spirit, Pg. 39)

There are rings around Earth: 7 Subplanes of astral planes. Inner ring usually has dead relatives/people. There is known of the 7 planes of Kabbalah it’s system of cosmology “Tree of Life” and it corresponds with 10 Sephiroth or “worlds” which also corresponds with the 7 planes of the Old Hindu Eastern World. We have learned of the 7 worldly sub-planes here..  but there are Cosmic planes also. It is shown here that there are 49 planes in the Universe.

Physical matter only has a fraction of matter and mostly space as previously discussed. Dark matter and energy make up the remainder. This has been known to the Hindus of the East for thousands of years.

Energy matter and consciousness are the keys to understanding this. Consciousness is in everything as it ascends through various kingdoms and nature. We are a collective consciousness, the universe exists in multiple planes/dimensions and we happen to be in that space of multiple dimensions. It affects everything inside of this multiple universe – including us.

Kabblistic Cosmology and Esoteric

Mastery of the Heart: Hindsight, Insight and Foresight.


In my study to understand spirituality as an aspect of life, I separated the general star of the trinity/triforce/triumvirate into the three spectrums. The result would be our physical, mental and spiritual aspect of our lost past. The categories speak a message for the three that represent the qualities of body, mind and spirit. The mastery of the aspects is a pure line of ideology and practice. All are good and some compliment others but in no way can one man obtain all three aspects gradually and completely because it would bring insanity before it brought light. Though this is so, the ideals of this study can help in the mapping of the spectrum. Though theoretically for this being to come to light he must be created with all attributes intact for this reality to come to breathing life. Therefore you are either a mix and match of a few of these things or you are one that identifies with one aspect of the planes. The mastery of just one of these aspects is already a daunting task.

First figure, the test of the physical is to obtain might through religion, and be conservative/imperial/traditional, gain authority and the keys to the lands. Obtain power over all else, The show of energy is key and regenerating is probably an attribute. He usually acts/speaks/thinks in 1st person and embodies the father of the unity. The father will inherit the mastery of hindsight.

Second figure, the test of the mind is to obtain magic through technology and be liberal/confederate/evolving, gain control and ownership of the lands. Obtain intellect over all else. The show of wisdom and calculation is probably an attribute. He usually acts/speaks/thinks in 2nd person and embodies the son of the unity. The son will inherit the mastery of insight.

Third figure, the test of the spirit is to obtain courage through humanism and be sustained/democratic/stable, gain spirit and the hearts of the lands. Obtain bravery over all else. The show of responsibility and enlightenment is probably an attribute. He usually acts/speaks/thinks in 3rd person and embodies the holy ghost of the unity. The holy ghost will inherit the mastery of foresight.

  • Planes: physical, mental, spiritual.
  • The past: might, magic and courage.
  • The present: religion, technology and humanism.
  • The determined future: conservative/Imperial/traditional, liberal/confederate/evolving and sustained/democratic/stable.
  • Dominion: authority, control (justice) and spirit (liberty).
  • Attributes: power, intellect and bravery.
  • Etiquette: energy, wisdom, responsibility.
  • Views: 1st person perspective, 2nd person perspective and 3rd person perspective.
  • Bodies: father, son and holy ghost.
  • Mastery: hindsight, insight and foresight.

These are my findings and alignments to this star called the Aspects. These are the important qualities i believe that a true inheritance of the aspect should have and embody. All aspect planes must be in practice for a spiritual balance to prevail. None can last without the stable, maintaining and sustaining use of all three in practice, understanding and patience. The task to be the perfect being is impossible but what we do now to prepare for our future is as important as what we do now to act because of our past. We are redeeming ourselves as well as preparing for a future which is a mix of the past and the future. It is the present we work in and the present we defy all odds in. It is now that we act that we do all the things required to bring about realities. Now is the time for all things to align, unify into a singularity. This is the present. If you could choose one thing to have in this world you would have what would it be?

I would want to have general love, for love was the root of all this and i wish that for you too.

Reality of “The Hero’s Legacy”

The hero never gets what he wants in life; the girl, the life, glory, the money, it’s just the way the world works. In most heroic stories the hero has to die in order for the sacrifice to be significant. It’s like how great people’s work seem to only be of great importance after their passing and it is a sad fact. A heroes legacy seems to always to be the martyr, the sacrifice for the greater good. Everyone appreciates a good deed and they move on but is his good work in living spirit in everyone’s daily life? To that i say yes. The spirit of our heroes or martyrs and sacrifices are attributed to everything we are able to do daily. Without them all the things we have and will become is not possible. We mustn’t forget how fortunate we are as a collective to get as far as we have as a human race. Never forget we’re all in this together.

Refuse to be the rebound for another’s dream. Refuse to be unoriginal. Be original and full of ingenuity, Be a collective. Don’t be scared to be a part of a collective, the collective shouldn’t be scared to be you. Don’t be afraid to share ideas, to give freely and to be generous. We are worlds of abundance always giving. We are not limitless but we can fight with teeth and nail to extend our hope, faith and redemption across the land. Each time growing stronger, better then before.  We’re all equal, with vulnerabilities. We’re all human; inflicted and vulnerable to death, disease and sadness. This is the human condition; we’re a part of a team and we look out for each other. There is no ego. The ego is in the mind. There is no “I” but really a “we” when something needs to get done. You do everything you can and pour your heart out, rinse and repeat. Give it your all in everything you do down to your last nickle in your pocket. The less people around you suffer and the more light you give to the world the more you grow as a person.

Keep the spirit burning. Keep things real and intense. Keep it interesting, keep our dreams true and never let our creativity die. Don’t give up and i pray all your hopes and dreams come true to a moderate degree. Because we’re fighting and biting and forgetting to chew. Some of us on the field want everyone to know that when we’re out here on the Earth battling our Earth issues spiritually, we’re thinking about you.

Service, Honor and Justice.

Faith, Hope and Redemption.

Wisdom, Creativity and Knowledge.

The Flower of Life, Music and Chakra (interrelated)


Chakra is also related to the flower of life. Chakra and it’s color orientation has alot to do with enlightenment, meditation and spirituality; it has an alignment in the flower of life that places each chakra channel in the correct place. I’m unsure if enlightenment is a path i’d be interested in yet anyways because i’m good here right now. I’m just curious and contemplating, left alone to my thoughts. i think enlightenment means awareness, conscious of everything and everyone and passionate understanding of life. I guess there’s more then that like the Merkaba theory that allows you to move through different dimensions changing your body’s frequency etc, which would be awesome. Chakra energy centers has it’s own geometries. Starting from the bottom:



1. Root Chakra – I am, Life

2. Sacral Chakra – I feel, Order

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – I do, Wisdom

4. Heart Chakra – I love, Love

5. Throat Chakra – i speak, Power

6. Third Eye Chakra – I see, Imagination

7. Crown Chakra – I understand, Understanding and Will


Chakra also has to do with music as shown here. Apparently each note in an octave corresponds to a chakra energy centers.



Phi, polar grid, binary, Fibonacci sequence, chakra; music is a mysterious thing in that all these things are related perhaps it has a role in light as well seeing that it could be the wave component and oscillation of another form of light.

Experiential Active Light: Experience, Light and Music(Growth and Healing). 

I found this website that describes the chakra in detail, its relation to the hemispheres of the brain, its relation to music and it’s imbalances, affirmations and much more. Sound Essence of Chakra. I can’t go into how much detail she’s put in her work. Cheers.



colors affect mood and chakra generating sources such as your organs.

Reiki masters specialize in opening/healing these centers.

7. Pineal gland, Crown/Spiritual

6. Pituitary gland, Intuitive/3rd Eye

5. Thyroid gland, Expression

4. Thymus gland, Love

1. Adrenal gland, Survival

3. Pancreas, Power/Ego

2. Testis/Ovaries, Sex

A Bluish man and third eye?

Also on a short note. I had a small dream last night, a glimpse of a bluish weathered rugged bald man with a painted eye over his forehead. I keep thinking about it today like it should mean something, as if we were suppose to communicate, there was a moment where a small sized lightning bolt struck the ground, i read that it means that i am no longer ignorant of something or it could be my awareness or insight to something. I was thinking the man was an old Nacaal, or immortal as they call them. Not sure why i dreamt such weird things or how he got in my head. Your mind and dreams thinking up incomprehensible ideas is pretty normal.

 The land of Mu, Nacaal and Leylines will be a topic for another time.