Harmonics, The Pyramid of Giza (human development catalyst)- A love story for humanity, Initiation and Awakening.


Properties of the Pyramid of Giza: It holds the math of pi, phi and euler the universal constants all in one structure. The acoustics of the kings chambers have very interesting properties.. the Pyramid is like a tuning fork suggesting and now proven through science it is a structure for harmonics. Another aspect of it is that it may play the role of shaping our DNA. It is through the evoking of an ancient “language of light” an ancient language called the Hibiru language (said to have harmonics imbued into the language) and the Hebrew language is also similar in evoking these feelings. The properties can also be found in Keys of notes evoking nature, feelings and emotion. Which are said to be evolutionary triggers. It is said that the Pyramid of Giza is a resonating structure that harmonically acts as a catalyst in triggering human spiritual evolution. The consciousness trigger that allows people to attain higher knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We find that historical figures have had past lives there namely. Ra-Ta aka Edgar Cayce. Thoth, Hermes, Merlin aka Jesus of Nazareth; also had lives as Adam, Jeshua, Joshua, Elijah and Joseph of Egypt and Enoch, (who was the son of Jared [Genesis 5:19–21], the father of Methuselah, and the great-grandfather of Noah. The one taken to heaven to see Ein Soph the tree of life and to describe it to the people on Earth).

I have reason to believe that the Pyramid Giza is a gateway not for the body but for the soul of the architect of the Giza pyramid, for not only the queen and king to be eternally united – but for those involved in the construction to continue to reincarnate and find each other every time. I also have reason to believe that there was a much grander scheme that they were acting as a catalyst in the construction of this structure. For it has harmonic properties that resonate throughout time and life on earth. Used almost like an antennae for influence at the DNA level for consciousness.

The architect was one of great wisdom building this monument which represented rebirth according to this symbol The vesicle Pisces. We later learn that the architect was actually Hermes Trismegistus, the Thrice Greatest, also known as Toth (Lord of Magic and Time) the Atlantean or Hermes to the Greek or to the Celtic Merlin who disappears up an apple tree to mythic Avalon seeking the secret of immortality. Edgar Cayce’s reading says that Jesus is the reincarnation of one of the builders for the Great Pyramid. The builder Toth got help from an Egyptian priest by the name of Ra-Ta who is said to be reincarnated as Edgar Cayce himself. Toth meticulously designed the pyramid for his future awakening as the historical Jesus of Nazareth who awakened to the Christ consciousness through the Great Pyramid initiation. If the initiation in the Great Pyramid was successful the graduate was awakened and returned with supernatural abilities to heal and perform wonders. Many biblical historians claimed that Jesus indeed spent a long time in Egypt. Toth and Enoch said they would return “with the keys to the gates of the sacred lands”.

vesica pisces pyramid

The Vesicle Pisces which is also a strong symbol of Christ. Who we find that his love life may have been complicated because of the Roman rule and Jewish control. Though it is said he may have lived and visited Mary Magdelene after he was crucified, claimed dead and put in a tomb but said to have raised from the dead. Hints to his survival was the cloth that made him instantly die when stuck in his mouth (suspected he may have been sedated) and also when they went to his tomb they carried aloe and healing materials instead of funeral flowers which is suspicious if he is dead. In the lost gospel Ecclesiastical History of Zacharias Rhetor under the pseudonyms of “Joseph” and “Aseneth”. According to the text, the two were married and had two children. The encrypted tale is suggested to have been based on a lost gospel that escaped being destroyed during the time of the first Christian Emperor, Constantine. Not to be confused but Jesus is just a prophet just as Buddha, Mohammed, Zoroaster, Krishna who attained enlightenment. Christ is the one of interest who is the perfect being of light.. He is the product of all the multiple enlightened lives he’s lived.

The fourth generation pharaoh Khufu “built” the Giza Pyramid with it in mind the constitution of construction of the body, the Pyramid, It’s associations the  3 pyramids of Giza. And also the system or what we in the human world would call the story of his life as pharaoh. His work, life and love attempting to manifest through time. But the architect and mastermind was Ra-ta and Toth of the time who are reincarnations of Edgar Cayce and Jesus of Nazareth. They are the initiates of the Pyramid of Giza and are the ones that deserve the credit. There is one more figure in the puzzle the only one to be taken up to the heaven’s with flesh still on him, we’ll learn of him in a minute.


(The Giza Pyramids Alignments say that it is made by the mastery of using Circles [Study of Heavens] and the creation of the pyramids just establishes how superior their knowledge in sacred geometry was.)

The Pyramid’s elevations to the chambers represent the time and years marked by ticks.  They also mark historic events in time. The pyramid encodes Jesus’ birth date as exactly 27th Sept 2 BC. Maybe the greatest mystery of all, if the pyramid has a timeline that perfectly predicts the future, how were the builders of the pyramid able to see into the future? I wonder if they induced out of body telling of the future rather then time travel by body. According to Lemusier, the Great Pyramid has been meticulously designed to mark all historical events from the last 4000 years into our present time. Lemusier found that an inch in the passageway corresponds to the length of a year. The Enoch circle in the Ante-Chamber was the perfect key for the translation of length (an inch) into time (a year).

There is also another figure in the building of the pyramid, he goes by the name of Enoch who happens to be known as Jesus too as the scientist-priest in the construction of the pyramid. The man who was shown Ain Soph/Ein Soph which is the Tree of Life. There is a language of light.. and it is called harmonics the keys of music are actually the keys to activating certain natures, emotions and feelings in the human body. The kings chamber is said to harness this power, the Hebrew language is said to best known to evoke these feelings – which is said to help in the transformation of human beings in consciousness to become beings of the stars. They say that humans are potentially beings becoming beyond angels, like unto gods. The lost Enochian knowledge reveals the mother tongue as a language of light. Known to the ancients as HIBURU, it is the primal seed language, introduced at the beginning of this time cycle. Hibiru is a harmonic language, mimicking the waveform properties of light. The tree of life is a live vibrating structure.

Sonic experiments performed in the King’s chamber showed that the King’s chamber has a series of acoustic resonance frequencies that correspond with perfect musical notes. The coffer inside the King’s chamber has a perfect resonance frequency of 440 Hz, the ground note A, the frequency of a tuning fork.

Four other resonance frequencies were found in the King’s chamber. These correspond with the musical notes F#, A, C# and D#. These notes are the notes of the F sharp melodic minor scale (F#). Indian shamans tuned their ceremonial flutes to F sharp because they believed that it is a frequency that is attuned to mother Earth.

Now we may remember from the Cymatics studies that the Platonic solids emerge from the perfect sound frequencies of the diatonic musical scale. Pure tonal frequencies were found in the Earth grid frequencies.

The amazing thing is that the resonance frequencies of the King’s chamber correspond with the resonance frequencies that were found in the 4 nucleotides of the DNA molecule. This structure has only 4 basic building blocks, the DNA bases adenine (A), cytonsine (C), guanine (G) and thymine (T). Two out of four of these nucleotides can be joined to form a base pair and these base pairs are sequenced to a DNA string. The complete DNA is a spiralling helix of three billion of such base pairs.

The purpose of this Pyramid of Giza is for spiritual initiation and healing. Another purpose could be that it served as a balancing instrument for the Earth’s energy grid.

We’ll get into the studies DNA as we learn more about it. I think this is a good place to stop.


DNA our biological evolution through the mind


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The mind is the next frontier of our evolution. We need the mindfulness of the world around us, because the environment does affect what happens to us. It is said that the consciousness of thought affects our DNA itself and that mindfulness of the world around us will help our environment allowing us to further evolve. When i speak of evolution i am talking about our growth and change into the world we want to be in, the ideal state trying to go through metamorphosis in order to become who we want to be. Environment and our body are intertwined in that it is a microcosm inside a macrocosm. Our DNA is self replicating and put into different environments will change what the cells become; bone, muscle or brain tissue. It is the same with our environment we build the world around us so that we ourselves can grow to become who we were meant to be.

Quantum physics says the world is made of energy. And energy is made of fields. What is a field? invisible moving forces that influence the physical world. This is spirit and it’s domain is in our mentality of what is and what isn’t. These forces exist because of the environment but also through our mentality and motives. Spirituality is a topic alot of people try to stay away from in the scientific community but Quantum physics is bringing them all back to spirituality one way or another. The understanding of the universe is based on the principle of spirit and this is where science and religion once diverged us, we will converge once more. The oscillation ends when we make a full loop around to the beginning. It is infinite, eternal and divine; The macrocosm and microcosm eventually lead back to the same place and we are at the center of the worlds in our consciousness.

Our DNA also serves as a data storage. In a way we are just a more complicated entity of light; made of words, sentences and paragraphs. A thing called wave genetics is changing everything. They were able to capture the information patterns of a particular DNA and transmit it into another, thus reprogramming a genome into something else. Using vibration and language they were able to make a frog embryo into a salamander embryo without side effects. This makes frequencies more influential in the development of a organism than biochemical processes of alkaline sequences

It is determined that vibration or frequencies have a role in the creation of the human life was by some kind of conscious wave of thoughtful frequencies. We are all made of energy and frequencies which determine our world of the multiverse (our world of wave information reality).  Royal Rife and his frequency healing machines is one example of vibration and frequencies at work said to cure all sorts of ailments. These discoveries suggest that every living organism has its own unique resonant frequency and that by subjecting the body to electrical currents that target specific pathogens, diseases and ailments can be healed and destroyed without pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures.

They call this the waking times for the reason of the Miyan calendar ending and starting again. The difference between the time before the calendar is that we were going into a sleeping phase and now after the calendar has started again we are starting a new chapter and beginning to reawaken. Modern science is starting to plateau in trying to explain the new world and spirituality is starting to answer these new questions about the universe. It is only through the combined efforts of both science and spirituality that we will progress and understand that there is a body, mind and spirit. Even in the smallest of things; as the ex-professor Bruce Lipton once said “micro-organisms are just like little people” this is on the exception that they have more basic nature, functions and behaviors. If we take care of our micro-organism world in our bodies as well as our bodies themselves and the world/environment and nature we will live healthier or complete and fulfilling lives. Wave, light and oscillation are the tools that will determine what our DNA will become. Another component is the universe which we cannot control but only identify because it is so vast but with the information of our awakening times, now we can build a way towards a more functional, purposeful driven and spiritual world.


Interweaves of time; Logic into the multiverse


The future is staring at us right now with our satellites and eyes in the air; our social texting, Facebook messages/status, email, Google searches, downloads, blogs they all tell a story and this information is immortalized until the end of time unless the service provider shuts down or corporations really take away our freedom of using the internet. When i speak of immortalizing something just the thoughts and actions that happen can be recorded this day and age making the world an interactive accessible media for the future.

Take for example Google story telling. it tracks your location and plots it into the story book, makes panoramic views of pictures you take. Places you eat, travel to and visit are all recorded with this google story book. Take a look at what is possible with my friends vacation to Korea. 

William Wong’s Korea Trip. It’s all organized, clean and easy to use. I wish everyone worked with this, it would make traveling pictures so much more interesting. We have technology that allows us to instantly bring up searches about people, places and things. It’s an amazing age to be alive with technology, people and nature. Especially GPS and how they are working on automated self driving cars now in California. 

We live in an age where we’ve evolved into different time eras. Our origins came from Africa (Modern Human Origins for elaboration) after finding the remains of Taung found in Johannesburg, South Africa. Taung the human ape child (click for full story) had the brain of an ape and flat face of a man and stood upright. Theres a theory an aircraft that travels many lightyears away and when it returns to the world it would be centuries ahead in the future. Perhaps in moving far the body retains some youthfulness while the other ages vastly. Perhaps the living conditions, life experience and environment forces a change in a person in adaptation to things such as abundance of nutrients, exposure to sun and forthcoming challenges that make Europeans so much more different than modern Africans in physical features. Adaptation to an environment where it is cold and people are in doors all the time and not in the sun so much could attribute to pale skin. An acuteness for smell or taste may attribute to stimulating the olfactory for the nose. Or it could be the need to filter dust better as they are around more books. Eyes and hair are just a phenomenon of natural selection and error of dna coding. These are all speculations based on science but you get the idea.

Life in a multiverse:

The point is we are living in an age where multiple universes on one earth is very possible and the idea of norse gods living among us from a different dimension of time/space could be very possible. Heaven in the future and Hell of the past. Or if we dig deeper Era of humans in evolution all in one living time frame. Those who have deviated in evolution more then others. Not that one can be more evolved then the other because we all evolved differently according to our conditions, circumstance and environment within the same time frame living in the same world. Deities have been rumored to roam the earth and live amongst us in the past. Could it be that we could be offsprings of otherworldly humanoids? Deities can live for a long time apparently and they can come and go sometimes. All they need to do is add a branch to the human species and they have done enough imbuing future generations with their essence. Interbreeding of angels and deities is not a new thing. It has been recorded in biblical times such as the Nephilim who have roamed the earth during those days. Angels and so forth fallen from their realm of life onto earth banished never to return. Living a mortal life with mortal inflictions and problems. All of this speculation of course trying to be as scientific as i possibly can.

If realms of different dimensions exist the future would already be here. Stories about Prometheus giving the gift of fire to man – the start to the beginning of technology. Rumors of an advanced civilization living in the past such as Atlantus. Rumors and evidence(?) that there was some tampering with our past. Fact becomes truth, truth becomes story, story becomes myth, myth becomes legend; time degrades information and it’s validity as time progresses. Without technology to accurately monitor and record everything that is happening like today we cannot verify these accounts but even rumors have their roots and reasons. But strange phenomenon like ghosts, demons and u.f.o accounts happen every day – unexplained and unsolved. There is just so much in the world we don’t understand.

Maybe my next topic will be on Ley lines – Hope i provoked some thoughts.