Alien or not understood?

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A new study has led researchers to conclude that Octopuses (NOT Octopi) have Alien DNA. Their genome shows a never-before-seen level of complexity with a staggering 33,000 protein-coding genes identified, more than in a human being.

So it seems octopuses are apparently alien to our planet this year according to this article. It is still not clear as to say that they come from another planet but they have some interesting things to say about octopus. Having 33, 000 more protein coded genes than the 25, 000 in human beings. It’s ability to problem solve and adapt instantly its neural network properties making memory much easier than anything in the animal kingdom. Biological mechanisms that allow tissues to rapidly change proteins in order to alter their function and camouflage. They say there’s elevated transposon expression in neural tissues found in the octopus. The transposons are known to have the ability to affect the regulation of gene expression and are believed to play major roles in shaping genome structure.

Octopus have an invertebrate genome which puts it’s DNA in a blender and mixed. They are saying that Octopuses have alien baggage genes that they are not of this world which has great claim in the scientific community.

Well I think there’s a lot of things in this world that is unexplained and doesn’t always seem to be what it appears. Human beings themselves can’t be sure that they are not influenced or altered by a genetic evolutionary path led by outside forces. For example there are a population of people who cannot feel emotions or think logically. Some who cannot articulate and express themselves therefore very agitated and confused causing alot of chaos in the world. There are in nature conditions that inhibit and stunt’s a person ability to grow in consciousness, intellect and wisdom.

There’s something called the “de novo” genes that hasn’t been explored yet saying that human genomes can go up to 60, 000 proteins, the catch is that they are very rare. Based on the Orphan genes which are super genes that come from out of “de novo” or (out of nowhere) Some research say that genes can be possibly invoked by conscious thought or “gene alchemy”. Some interesting concepts and ideas that could be of both worlds existing and non-existing worlds.

The octopus genome encodes 168 multi-exonic protocadherin genes which are genes in mollusks, limpets and oysters could be an answer to why it may have so many alien protein genes. Human’s would obviously wouldn’t find those genes too beneficial unless they want to be slug like, or ever secreting slime and other molusk/worm/oyster like qualities. But all the same octopus are super natural and a specimen to wonder about.


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The Completed Self-Star; A Comprehensive Study of Self

This is the Star of Self.

This is the star of self that I assembled. It’s a comprehensive look into the forms of perspective out there and hence we have come to a spectrum mapping of the entities. Listed are the true purposes of the self and it’s inventions of thinking and adaptations of the mind. The study of all realms of the self in a very general spectrum of 27 sides and 21 ascendant values.

Star of Self

This is the Star of Self with Ascendancies:

Star of Self Ascendancies


The self

The self is a interesting concept and it often creates an illusion of self even though self is necessary in order establish who a person is on the Earth. We call this entity the persona. As we continue to progress I find that a lot of groups try to avoid Persona altogether and to completely abandon what they are building. This is a good way to explore your roots but not a good way to be in society that requires certain things of you like paying your rent, basic values and standards of morality and disciplines at work.


First off the form Authenticity has the dependencies of values and requires a person to be Genuine.

Second, the form Transformation has the dependencies of conductive code and requires a person to be progressive.

Thirdly, the form Persona has the dependencies of Ego and requires a person to seek acceptance.

Lastly, the ascendant form of Selfless has the dependencies of Virtuous Rules and requires a person to seek Constructivity.


The first form Authenticity of values and needing genuineness. Means that to be Authentic you require values that like a child inside begs of you to express. Small nagging things like did you forget your wallet to “Oh! you need to go on that ride”. This is the inner child that speaks and as you develop more as a human being the development becomes a consciousness that invokes ideas of donating to the poor or helping human small causes like finding safety for that homeless child wandering the streets. 

The second form Transformation of codes and needing progress. Means that to be a form of transformation you require codes that changes your perspective in life and forces you to grow and become more than what you currently are. Progress is idea that is imprinted in the mind of a transformation being. Always wanting to become more. Ideas that bring you to become more human and stronger as a person such as the development of consciousness and helping others and following causal nagging of the spiritual self.

The third form Persona of ego and needing Acceptance. Means that to be a form of Persona you are required to feed your ego which establishes your identity and helps you explore you personal self. Persona is said to come with the shadow of personal cravings and the double face of vices but it is still a necessary component to exploring who you are. Acceptance of who you are and what you like to do is part of the living experiment of life. The truths you find throughout your life and the ultimate one being the realization of who you are at the end of your life is a necessary component to your acceptance. Acceptance from your peers is also a necessary component to finding out if you are progressing or not and critical feedback from them is also necessary to finding out if your on the right track.

Finally the form of Selfless unconditional love of virtuous rules and Constructivity. Means that to be a form of Selflessness you are required to integrate virtuous rules which establishes what you want to see in life and who you truly are. Selflessness is the idea that you become unattached but aware conscious of all the things around you, committing to time, patience and mindfulness of your situation in life and all that comes to you. Never completely indulging to an extreme but always being mindful through moderation and balance of how much you should indulge. The Selfless form is always looking to be constructive in the world and seek to build bridges and construct structure and integrating positive loving vibes to a person, place or thing. In life he is the teacher, engineer and architect to a certain degree. He has learned of all these worlds and wishes to implement them in all that he does.

In conclusion:

There are varieties of self and different degrees of them but there are only 4 forms that are possible. The fourth is the combination of all three. The most balanced and least understood/pursued state of them all. It is ideal to press towards the 4th form in order for ascendant values towards a constructive life to begin. I am aware of the varieties of spirits out there namely tricksters and animal totems. These things are trivial and lead to matter of expression rather than the ultimate cause which is to a higher purpose and reason for life. The answer “Is that how it is” is the answer to expression and human incompetence and emotional attachment. The light is the answer in the end. The light exist as the binary of ascended values and the 4th column will always contain the ultimate, the beginnings of human and identity progression to collective human kind and the self.


Self volution

The Self-Volution is interesting in how the word volution means to spiral or coil like a double helix. In a manner of speaking light is a manner of volution as previously studied. This graph represents the trend of systematic mentality of change and the human condition of adapting and it’s response to the change. It also explores the root cause of why this mental state of the mind is changing and it’s trending tendencies rooting to the behavioral adaption capacity of humanity. Basically the tendencies of natural man to behave based on adaptations by said imposed ideas of change of state of living (evolution, devolution, involution and intervolution) in this case.


The Devolution of the Study of General Nature of hunting and gathering origins is rooted to the cause of our Primative Origins.

The Evolution of the Study of Materialism is rooted to the cause of Scientific Narcissism.

The Involution of the Study of Self is rooted to the cause of Identity Fixation.

The Intervolution of the study of Collectivity is rooted to the cause of Causation Deconstruction.


The devolution of the study of general nature and hunting and gathering origins is about how people have the mentality that going back to our primitive former life was where life was really at. Even with the wars, pillaging and destruction people still want to live in the past. The Life of solitude and hunting and gathering life style is one that is rewarding, closed but in all honesty more fun but at the cost of history to repeat itself every time. An ego rises out of all the hardship and a mind dominated by a persona of supremacy. It is a dangerous path for those who believe in a rightful spot of privilege but a noble one if one tends to live humble and isolated.

The evolution of the study of materialism is one of objectivity and moderate to severe narcissism. It is a mentality of having and not having, a legacy of scarcity and abundance. Owning things and that life is about absolute chaotic entropy and random chance to obtain desirable traits. It is a world defined by materialism, advertisement and artificiality. This world is solely about the objective of objects and the physical qualities and traits of a defined person, place or thing. This is why we need to tap into to the spiritual world and a reason to elevate above this static grounds of little depth and contrast. As we open our eyes to the higher knowledges of reason, purpose and causation.

The Involution of the study of self and it’s persona’s identity and it’s the root cause of identity fixation. This is the spiritual world of emotion, belief and causation; where life is about deeper meanings of life – your acceptance, authenticity and genuineness. The acceptance of yourself and everything around you is an important step to involution. The authenticity through understanding and coming to terms with who you are as a being and believing yourself deserving of everything in your life and through feedback of your peers is essential to your involution. The root of this is Identity Fixation because this study of self is only beneficial to those seeking to nurture, heal and recover from an existing environment that begs us to change and adapt because the problem is so deep and damaging. The study of self can only help to an extent, personality, attitudes assessment and acceptance of certain things will certainly help you in the right direction in life. But the fixation of one world and perspective where there are many to comprehend can only be literally described as fixation of self. This is where Intervolution steps in.

The Intervolution of collective and it’s root cause of Causation Deconstruction. The Idea of Intervolution is that we need to integrate many of these different selves that we have into a well weaved tapestry. Intervolution is bringing in the idea of Devolution, Evolution and Involution working together in it’s own way as a system working to our personal benefit. This is all to the collective being, us as a human race and not subject to only a group of certain people. As much as sometimes we need that solitude and discontent tension of people who aren’t liked minded. We must think what can we do for the collective human species in order to progress as human beings. The root of this is Causation Deconstruction because you need to break down everything you ever learned about these adaption techniques and build a new bridge that incorporates all the perks of having all three worlds to your bidding. The Integration of all three of these worlds is necessary to build the self that gets the excitement of life in Devolution. That gets the Progress out of the material matter of fact world of Evolution. And The Insights and Oversights of Involution in determining who you are and comprehending what you like doing personality wise.


The world of the mind is an interesting in that some believe we as regressing and others believe we are progressing. The state of mind is essentially how you live it. You don’t choose to eat alone in front a television, it just happens that you live this way. Life choices are at your disposal and you need to make your path through the decision that you can decide what you want to do. If you are living this latter type of situation, make something happen. If you are unhappy with your current situation and opportunities are scarce – Find ideas and craft yourself a mighty bridge of ideas of course. You are your own enemy if you don’t act on these type of situations. These ideas of progressing and regressing in the mind is essentially just a misconception that the mind decays because of ideas. Which is non-sense. We just need to choose the right path.


Self Spectrum

The Self Spectrum is a chart that describes beings such as Shadow self, Ideal self, Persona self and Collective self which may sound alien to some of you who are not familiar with this terminology but the alternate selves are very real and very necessary. The self spectrum is an exploration of the manifestation, nature basis and this concept called Perpetuated Causation. The Consciousness manifestation are just the platforms for which the body exists. The Nature Basis is essentially the tendencies in which the platform by design will act out as. The Perpetuated causation is really just the root causation of what drives it to be the way it is. I will speak on why they are such an essential part to our identity in a moment.


The Shadow Self is a consciousness manifestation that by nature basis is instinctual and it’s perpetuated causation to be Emotion.

The Ideal Self is a consciousness manifestation that by nature basis is seeking for improvement and it’s perpetuated causation to be Lack of Having.

The Persona Self is a consciousness manifestation that by nature basis is seeking for Embetterment and it’s perpetuated causation to be Lack of Being.

The Collective Self is a consciousness manifestation that by nature basis is seeking for a Holistic System and it’s perpetuated causation to be Lack of Integration.


The shadow self is a being within youself that draws it’s energies from your emotions and what your primal instincts require of you. It’s basis is instinct because they are the primal urges that bring you to act out in ways out of character. They are sometimes darker in nature. Sometimes harmless and sometimes dangerous. Depending on what you are exposed to and the knowledge you have access to it will manifest in your subconscious always swaying you to believe that you could have done this or have that because of certain egotistic assertions of that certain persona. The shadow-self is known to be deceiving, hostile and hurtful. It preys on weak minds and manipulates it as if it has control over you. But again this is all in the mind these entities cannot act on their own but only through suggestion. It is important to note that a shadow self is often imaginary and only manifests when one concentrates to the point where they act as if they are real people. The perpetuated causation is emotion and it stems from what you deeply internally desire to express by your human nature.

The Ideal Self is a being that you want to become and it exists as a destination you want to ultimately come to. It is sometimes unrealistic and demanding of yourself. It can be as simple as having and not having a certain person, place or thing. It sometimes requires you to improve yourself cosmetically, aesthetically and functionally. Always pushing to become greater version than what you currently are. It too exists in the mind and has no control over a physical body on its own. It merely suggests that you should be better then what you are right now. It works in the same manner as any imaginary entity but this one can be harmful in causing disorders such as anorexia, big-manly syndrome and all sorts of strange disorders that root from not looking the way you “should”. The perpetuated causation is in the lack of having. In which because you not a certain way you may want this ideal person to be you because life would be so much better and this acts as an enabler for you to live your dreams.

The Persona Self is a being that exists in a strange mix of physical reality and mentality. It really is who you are but at the same time it’s a made up thing that makes you believe you are this certain person. The persona is a strange thing in that it essentially is your ego and it possesses you to claim that you have a right to a certain thing, or enable you to act a certain way.. or in general pretend you are someone you are not. We are all human beings and the persona can only get you so far, unless you have physical attributes thanks to the gene lottery that make you a stellar specimen. Even with this your limits are well.. limited. The reason for the persona actually stems from seeking embetterment in your life and finding strange antidotes to why you are a certain way and how you can better yourself to become a gateway to a better living condition. This Perpetuated Causation is formed from the Lack of being in which this character you play as has a certain taste for a specific things and a pallet for whatever they desire. Lack of being is a vague way to term this perpetuated causation but it essentially rooted from the lack of what you can do as being of your certain nature and caliber.

The Collective Self is a state of being where all your memories of all the people you loved and all the people you admire and people you want to be fictionally or non-fictionally come together as a soup of a variety allowing you to progress with their consciousness in your mind. This is a holistic system where the entirety of everything you love, you have access to in your head. The knowledge of the internet holds some of these truths and you can branch out to these people that are unknown to you and find out more about what you like and who you like. The Holistic System is one where the sum of the components is not greater then the system’s holistic entirety. The edge is in the synergy, the product and the collective mechanic of the machine; that is actually the collective of humanity. The Perpetuated Causation or really the meaning why all this came to be necessary is because of the Lack of Integration that we find here in these three worlds to create the collective self.

Conclusion: The world of self is one of curiosity and wonderment. The reason to why we are certain way is heavily embedded in our genes, dna and environment. This still doesn’t determine who we are completely. The ideas we often fantasize about ourselves are often dark or fantastical. And sometimes it’s mundane and average based on your persona. The idea that your nature makes who you are is completely wrong and should be negated to the creation of a completely new being as a collective of as many people and lives that have touched your life as possible. The summation of all you are is due and attributed to the collective taking all their lives and putting all their energies to making your life possible. The root of all this helps determine the causation of why we are and where we should go.


Ascendant Self


Ascendant Body is selfless and about intervolution. It is in essence the collective self. But in the end The Protruding Plane Binary is The Way of Perspective.

Transcending Mind is Virtuous Rules, The study of Collectivity and working as a Holistic System. But in the end The Protruding Plane Binary is The Path of Oversight.

Empowering Spirit is Constructivity, The Causation Deconstruction and it’s root Lack of Integration. But in the end The Protruding Plane Binary is Roots of Causal Origin.

Physically the Ascendant Binary 1 is selfless, of virtuous rules and it’s root constructivity.

Mentally the Ascendant Binary 2 is of intervolution, study of collectivity and Causation Deconstruction and it’s truth in Integration.

Spiritually the Ascendant Binary 3 is of Collective Self, Holistic System and it’s root Lack of Integration.

Ascendance of the Protruding Plane Binary is of Way of Perspective, Path of Oversight and Roots of Causal Origin.


The ascended body in this case is the body in which we ideally want to “wear” – we determined that we should be selfless because the ego is a pride facilitator. We found that intervolution was the most receptive mind set in that we should integrate only the good of the three other worlds. And that we should work towards a Collective Self which means we should all be unique and be who are through the conscious distribution of all knowledge of all that we love (may it be person, place or thing).

The Transcended Mind in this case is the mind in which we truly want to facilitate – we determined that we should have virtuous rules integrated. That we should follow the study of the collective which is the study of being human and working towards/for humanity. The holistic system should be understood that the sum of all components is not greater then the collective holistic system. The other factors that give bonuses for having a collective holistic system can be attributed to synergy, the products and the collective mechanic of the system.

The Empowering Spirit in this case is the spirit in which we want to emulate – we determined that we should pursue the root of constructivity in being positive contributors, that the root is The Causation Deconstruction that leads to the integration of the three systems. That the root cause of why all these worlds are separate is because of the Lack of Integration.

Ascendance of the Protruding Plane Binary is of Way of Perspective, Path of Oversight and Roots of Causal Origin. This means that the body of “The Way of Perspective” is what we should use from an overview of what we have learnt about selflessness, intervolution and collective self. That The Path of Oversight knowing Virtuous rules, Study of Collective and Holistic System brings us to conclude that these practices must be implemented in order to become a more conscious human. That the Roots of Causal Origin of Constructivity, Causation Deconstruction and Lack of integration is the reason why a world of Heaven on Earth doesn’t exist yet.

Conclusion: The Ascended Body, Transcended Mind and Empowered Spirit always has some interesting concepts to be had. This Ascended body lists all the requirements the body needs to function the way it was made to. This Transcended mind lists all the mechanics to what the mind requires to be transcendent. The Empowered Spirit gives all the spiritual enabling clockwork in order to be empowered. (Note: The first three elaborations are read left to right and the 4th-7th are read up and down.)

An Aesir poem: The White Dragon, Old Germanic Reminiscence.


High Omens

The black Aesir wolf watches,

Forsaken by God,

We make claims to be gods,

Forgotten by angels

We blame the heavens for our undoing,

Ambrosius is our calling,

This child brings new tidings,

Hope for life and peace for the weary.

Worn out by wars and treachery.

At last the once ill omen,

Is now renewed, rekindled by a new light.

The hero arises and his omen is,

The white dragon,

Feathered and changed to soar high,

and overcome great lows.

Change, adaptation and evolution of our perspectives.

Thoughts rejoiced the ground shifts.

There is now quiet where there once was noise.

When Aesir’s wolf sleeps,

The dawning of warring man pass,

There will be music, high creature and low creature,

Speak in song of harmony,

In this time of triumph the white dragon will be the medium,

Grace, Mercy and Dedication will be the thriving virtues.

Because we are swimming in abundance,

Prepared for any dark encounters,

Strategy and tactics are readied at hand for the accord.

Arrow pinned through the apple our surgical precision is lethal,

Life is fair, just and sound.

At long last,

But it is not time,

For this is the calm before the storm,

Prepare to meet at the heart of the storm,

Because our biggest trial is yet to be.

DNA our biological evolution through the mind


“Biological beliefs” article

“Evolution and DNA” article

The mind is the next frontier of our evolution. We need the mindfulness of the world around us, because the environment does affect what happens to us. It is said that the consciousness of thought affects our DNA itself and that mindfulness of the world around us will help our environment allowing us to further evolve. When i speak of evolution i am talking about our growth and change into the world we want to be in, the ideal state trying to go through metamorphosis in order to become who we want to be. Environment and our body are intertwined in that it is a microcosm inside a macrocosm. Our DNA is self replicating and put into different environments will change what the cells become; bone, muscle or brain tissue. It is the same with our environment we build the world around us so that we ourselves can grow to become who we were meant to be.

Quantum physics says the world is made of energy. And energy is made of fields. What is a field? invisible moving forces that influence the physical world. This is spirit and it’s domain is in our mentality of what is and what isn’t. These forces exist because of the environment but also through our mentality and motives. Spirituality is a topic alot of people try to stay away from in the scientific community but Quantum physics is bringing them all back to spirituality one way or another. The understanding of the universe is based on the principle of spirit and this is where science and religion once diverged us, we will converge once more. The oscillation ends when we make a full loop around to the beginning. It is infinite, eternal and divine; The macrocosm and microcosm eventually lead back to the same place and we are at the center of the worlds in our consciousness.

Our DNA also serves as a data storage. In a way we are just a more complicated entity of light; made of words, sentences and paragraphs. A thing called wave genetics is changing everything. They were able to capture the information patterns of a particular DNA and transmit it into another, thus reprogramming a genome into something else. Using vibration and language they were able to make a frog embryo into a salamander embryo without side effects. This makes frequencies more influential in the development of a organism than biochemical processes of alkaline sequences

It is determined that vibration or frequencies have a role in the creation of the human life was by some kind of conscious wave of thoughtful frequencies. We are all made of energy and frequencies which determine our world of the multiverse (our world of wave information reality).  Royal Rife and his frequency healing machines is one example of vibration and frequencies at work said to cure all sorts of ailments. These discoveries suggest that every living organism has its own unique resonant frequency and that by subjecting the body to electrical currents that target specific pathogens, diseases and ailments can be healed and destroyed without pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures.

They call this the waking times for the reason of the Miyan calendar ending and starting again. The difference between the time before the calendar is that we were going into a sleeping phase and now after the calendar has started again we are starting a new chapter and beginning to reawaken. Modern science is starting to plateau in trying to explain the new world and spirituality is starting to answer these new questions about the universe. It is only through the combined efforts of both science and spirituality that we will progress and understand that there is a body, mind and spirit. Even in the smallest of things; as the ex-professor Bruce Lipton once said “micro-organisms are just like little people” this is on the exception that they have more basic nature, functions and behaviors. If we take care of our micro-organism world in our bodies as well as our bodies themselves and the world/environment and nature we will live healthier or complete and fulfilling lives. Wave, light and oscillation are the tools that will determine what our DNA will become. Another component is the universe which we cannot control but only identify because it is so vast but with the information of our awakening times, now we can build a way towards a more functional, purposeful driven and spiritual world.


Interweaves of time; Logic into the multiverse

The future is staring at us right now with our satellites and eyes in the air; our social texting, Facebook messages/status, email, Google searches, downloads, blogs they all tell a story and this information is immortalized until the end of time unless the service provider shuts down or corporations really take away our freedom of using the internet. When i speak of immortalizing something just the thoughts and actions that happen can be recorded this day and age making the world an interactive accessible media for the future.

Take for example Google story telling. it tracks your location and plots it into the story book, makes panoramic views of pictures you take. Places you eat, travel to and visit are all recorded with this google story book. Take a look at what is possible with my friends vacation to Korea. 

William Wong’s Korea Trip. It’s all organized, clean and easy to use. I wish everyone worked with this, it would make traveling pictures so much more interesting. We have technology that allows us to instantly bring up searches about people, places and things. It’s an amazing age to be alive with technology, people and nature. Especially GPS and how they are working on automated self driving cars now in California. 

We live in an age where we’ve evolved into different time eras. Our origins came from Africa (Modern Human Origins for elaboration) after finding the remains of Taung found in Johannesburg, South Africa. Taung the human ape child (click for full story) had the brain of an ape and flat face of a man and stood upright. Theres a theory an aircraft that travels many lightyears away and when it returns to the world it would be centuries ahead in the future. Perhaps in moving far the body retains some youthfulness while the other ages vastly. Perhaps the living conditions, life experience and environment forces a change in a person in adaptation to things such as abundance of nutrients, exposure to sun and forthcoming challenges that make Europeans so much more different than modern Africans in physical features. Adaptation to an environment where it is cold and people are in doors all the time and not in the sun so much could attribute to pale skin. An acuteness for smell or taste may attribute to stimulating the olfactory for the nose. Or it could be the need to filter dust better as they are around more books. Eyes and hair are just a phenomenon of natural selection and error of dna coding. These are all speculations based on science but you get the idea.

Life in a multiverse:

The point is we are living in an age where multiple universes on one earth is very possible and the idea of norse gods living among us from a different dimension of time/space could be very possible. Heaven in the future and Hell of the past. Or if we dig deeper Era of humans in evolution all in one living time frame. Those who have deviated in evolution more then others. Not that one can be more evolved then the other because we all evolved differently according to our conditions, circumstance and environment within the same time frame living in the same world. Deities have been rumored to roam the earth and live amongst us in the past. Could it be that we could be offsprings of otherworldly humanoids? Deities can live for a long time apparently and they can come and go sometimes. All they need to do is add a branch to the human species and they have done enough imbuing future generations with their essence. Interbreeding of angels and deities is not a new thing. It has been recorded in biblical times such as the Nephilim who have roamed the earth during those days. Angels and so forth fallen from their realm of life onto earth banished never to return. Living a mortal life with mortal inflictions and problems. All of this speculation of course trying to be as scientific as i possibly can.

If realms of different dimensions exist the future would already be here. Stories about Prometheus giving the gift of fire to man – the start to the beginning of technology. Rumors of an advanced civilization living in the past such as Atlantus. Rumors and evidence(?) that there was some tampering with our past. Fact becomes truth, truth becomes story, story becomes myth, myth becomes legend; time degrades information and it’s validity as time progresses. Without technology to accurately monitor and record everything that is happening like today we cannot verify these accounts but even rumors have their roots and reasons. But strange phenomenon like ghosts, demons and u.f.o accounts happen every day – unexplained and unsolved. There is just so much in the world we don’t understand.

Maybe my next topic will be on Ley lines – Hope i provoked some thoughts.