Religion, Science and Spirituality. The Trinity and Physics How it Relates.


I’m reading a book called Science of Spirituality, you may be familiar with his website .

I’m trying to simultaneously connect the gap between these eternal arch-enemies (Religion and Science) -and (Science and Spirituality). I’ve understood this little conflict and war through time from these simple summaries of the fights, all in chronological order.

  • Religion is threatened by Science.
  • Science is threatened by Religion.
  • Science is threatened by Spirituality.
  • Spirituality is threatened by Science.
  • Religion is threatened by Spirituality.
  • Spirituality is threatened by Religion.
  • Religion and Science is threatened by Spirituality.
  • Spirituality is threatened by Religion and Science.
  • Religion, Science and Spirituality are threatened by Light Walkers.
  • Light Walkers are threatened by Religion, Science and Spirituality
    but they keep walking.. they don’t care for this concept of human drama and lip service. The world keeps turning, they have a message, they live, they teach it and they are gone.

The message that I got from understanding all this is that we need to get together as a cooperative. These fiesty competitive ideas/people need to learn to cooperate and think win win situations. It’s too costly to push competitors off. The youth to cooperative mode is a maturation process. To understand this one concept: The whole is greater than and unpredictable from the sum of the parts. There is a Holistic Synergetics to these ideas.

The Idea i’m coming to realize is we need to find a way of:

a) uniting Religion and Science.
b) uniting science and Spirituality.

Currently this is under process and these three subjects coming to terms with one another is my intention and goal.

Notes Science of Spirituality:

  • The universe is multidimensional (You only see the physical.)
  • Universe goes through cycles of activity and non-activity.
  • The human being is Multi-dimensional.
  • Human Consciousness survives death and reincarnates.
  • Human beings are evolved spiritually.

Energy, Matter and consciousness

Models of Overlooking Systems

These are the paradigms i came up with for Objectivity;

Energy, Matter and Consciousness; The first is the Esoteric pure one we can relate to, traditional Mother, Son and Father. Use your head.

Love, Hope and Faith: The second is of subjectivity is the one known to Religion of Christianity; Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Use your intuition.

Courage, Wisdom and Power. The third is of benevolence is the one known to us as a collective humans; Courage, Wisdom and Power. Use your heart.

Theres is a pattern that emerges.. The body A (of Disciplines) of Mother, Father combined make Parental/Guardian, This is important that the Alpha and Omega are gender specific where as the third is both are neutral but include both aspects of parenthood. The Son is consistent known as Filial or Child. And the Spirit evolves from Father to Holy Ghost to Guide/Spirit.


It is known that dark matter and energy lives in the higher dimensions. That less than 99% of the body is actually mass.. That it is also known that majority of space occupies the body. It is only in the frequencies whether it is high or low that constitute a body’s state of solid, liquid or gas.

There are levels in rising from the state of NDEs from Hell like to Heavenly. You tune into this positive and negative depending on whether your mind is positive or negative which allows you to see the positive things or negative things in the world around you in this out of body NDE state.

Allan Botkin, Psychotherapist induces after death communication with high success rates. He has determined that life on earth is an opportunity to grow spiritually. And has decided that traumatic incidents such as accidents was necessary in order to change it’s life path. That everything in life has been created, with you as the architect of the life you live. (Science of Spirit, Pg. 39)

There are rings around Earth: 7 Subplanes of astral planes. Inner ring usually has dead relatives/people. There is known of the 7 planes of Kabbalah it’s system of cosmology “Tree of Life” and it corresponds with 10 Sephiroth or “worlds” which also corresponds with the 7 planes of the Old Hindu Eastern World. We have learned of the 7 worldly sub-planes here..  but there are Cosmic planes also. It is shown here that there are 49 planes in the Universe.

Physical matter only has a fraction of matter and mostly space as previously discussed. Dark matter and energy make up the remainder. This has been known to the Hindus of the East for thousands of years.

Energy matter and consciousness are the keys to understanding this. Consciousness is in everything as it ascends through various kingdoms and nature. We are a collective consciousness, the universe exists in multiple planes/dimensions and we happen to be in that space of multiple dimensions. It affects everything inside of this multiple universe – including us.

Kabblistic Cosmology and Esoteric

9 thoughts on “Religion, Science and Spirituality. The Trinity and Physics How it Relates.

    • Yes. In another life i would’ve wanted to live this more mundane level which is more down to Earth but i found that as i grew as a truth seeker deep inside i had to explore more in the world which brought me to Esoteric knowledges. I found that the more i learned about the world the more likely i was to inhibit the knowledge that i obtained.. soon to exhibit them as you can see on my blog. I think all truths are necessary though. Your truth may be to help those who struggle with these newer truths. So we’re all part of the system of truth finding.
      You’re always welcome,
      Curiosity and prosperity.

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    • I can elaborate on your universality among living things through this chart. .. These universality that you describe are of the Physical Alpha world in my studies. It involves the Mass of the Physical body, electrial nervous system, (Desire,Impulse and Nature), and the Brain. Those are parallel to your (Struggle of the body), (Survival of instinct and nature) and (Renewal of mind and concepts) [reworking and reaccessing of misconceptions]. And i think there is one more your missing.. (Visualizing Paradigms and conceptualizing ideas). But that may be too deep idk. I think your goal should be to integrate this idea of where you want to be and drawing out what life should look like ideally – conceptualize your happiness to get over this fear of dying. Find the here and now concept of just enjoying the moment. The present, trusting yourself that you’ve done all you can with all your heart and that others are in the same situation — going through possibly the same stages of struggles as you do. And accepting it. If you die regretting life and clinging to life with the idea of never letting go when your time is up then you might not find the light (acknowledgement of your state) at the end of the tunnel. Come to terms with yourself, unattached and let selfless unconditional love take its role in your life.


  1. Ohh beautiful work! You seem to be coming together really fast; I mean, if you imagine ideas to be like molecules that come together in different ways to form a compound, there now seem to be greater coming together (or integration of your ideas into one stream of thought), unless of course you are all clear in your head but words not conveying them…or more likely, that I am not putting together the full picture of what you speak. By the way, the post I spoke to you about time continuum is going to take some time. My computer has got some battery problems; cant work on it. Will post as soon as it is up.

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    • It will all come together.. i only need to finish this damn course for The Resonance Academy for the Religion to Science unification.. and i also need to finish the book on Science of Spirituality (Science and Spirituality unification.. It’s going to take some time but that’s the plan! I hope to build a bridge of ideas to bring religion into science into spirtuality so we can all go to this strange new place of- understanding and higher knowledge.

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      • The answer is in the synergetics of the system. You can’t have a bike without all parts working together as one. I’m still missing components to my studies. In order to craft them i need to collaborate all the resources in order to engineer a collective mind system. The answer will come when i am able to ride these ideas as i would a brand new bicycle. It’ll be a clockwork of a bicycle but it will be an answer. The whole is greater than and unpredictable from the sum of the parts. There is a Holistic Synergetics to these ideas. The idea will be form when the “bike” is fully functional.

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      • hi5 of a reply :-). I call these missing components as missing dots (as in dashing the dots). Michael Beckwith said “Behind every problem is a question trying to ask itself, behind every question there is an answer trying to reveal itself, behind every answer is an action trying to take place, behind every action is a way of life trying to be born.”

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  2. Erm.. What exactly is my question again. I’m not sure i even know what that is yet. I’m just truth seeking, seeking truth by wording through my thinking thoughts. I don’t know what i’m making but making is what I do. Probably just a bridge to higher knowledge is my possible guess. I’m also thinking each transition will also require different approaches to find the answers. For Religion to Science it might be a matter of embracing knowledge that we can’t trust completely the human made information world we have made. That the world of human made ideas are flawed and we need to leave it and move to a higher realm of knowledge away from idols and symbols. For Science to Spirtuality might mean that even with all our knowledge of this world and technology at our disposal what the meaning of life really is.. is that we find a way through the misconceptions of suffering, of being unattached and attain higher knowledge of our living conditions. That even with all these technological advances how can we still find happiness when it is behind a screen? How can we find the ingenuity of mountains when we don’t visit them? How do we appreciate the nature that we are given when we abuse it and take it for granted.. our fresh air, clean water and beautiful world. Animals plants and many other things. I suppose i don’t need to know all the theory and works.. but it’s worth the effort to know more. I don’t even know if i have the answer.. unless that was it.


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