The Reasoning Behind the Name STARTOWER.


I believe the world should exist with a balance of creative and scientific touch. That being said, the left side of the brain responsible for art and creativity and right side of the brain for calculation and practical logic should be distinguished but used together. The lack of one world without the other is a mindless read into a research paper we don’t understand, full of numbers and calculations when looking into a science paper. And flowery, sugar coated, pretentious words when it comes to full all out poetry.

Star tower is like a light house for the lost looking for sound answers that cannot be found any where else. It is dedicated to those who are soul searching trying to figure out the things we don’t understand but know is out there. I practice this perfect balance and to see a truth where it begs to be seen.

Working on a system that allows us to catch on to patterns and see the world in a different perspective. What i am trying to develop is a way to organize the list of ideas into a mapping process of linear matrices just like the way you would multiply in Japanese. A series of linear lines intersecting and counting those intersections to find the answer.

The arrangement of words sitting parallel by effects/basic appearance, attributes and properties parallel help you to see the spectrum of where things are going based on an oscillation or pattern that we can see happen. I like to write articles with an occasional innovative and exclusive “scientific poem” written in a very organized and colorful scheme. It is to be read in a linear matrix fashion. Left to right and up and down. Usually done on a specific system in the arrangement of physical, mental, spiritual and ascended benevolent. This is the system that is based on the idea that physical is usually visually how it appears. Mentally usually pertains to attributes. Spiritually usually refers to it’s thinking properties. Ascended Benevolent usually looks at it’s overall collective spectrum and direction. Usually in colors of cold to hot. Order of importance from less important to more important. Less evolved to more refined. Soft to hard. Minimal to maximal. Color basis: dark to light. Recessing to progressing.

My favorite being the example.

Spacial, temporal, dimensional. And a word i describe as benevolence because it relies on the use of the human touch so to speak like traveling to a different desired time line. It requires the physical construction of a gateway. The mental calculations and adjustments of the mind. The spiritual essence/power of nature harnessed. The benevolence of human desire to get there  given the appropriate tools to direct this mechanism.


space; dark, medium and light.

time; past, present and future.

dimensions; microcosm, home plane, macrocosm.

benevolence; alternate, experiential and multidimensional


This is the full stanza of these four different elements.

As you can see the first word in the column are our categories. Next is the minimal extreme of the spectrum, then the medium and then the maximal extreme of the spectrum. They are all organized. It’s the same thing as the Japanese multiplication math video except it’s with words. It’s a matrix that helps organize information in the future in a spacial environment rather then randomized information we have to scramble to get. We can figure which element colors are of cold to hot. Order of importance from less important to more important. Less evolved to more refined. Soft to hard. Minimal to maximal. Color basis: dark to light. Regressing to progressing. All this could be implemented in a manner where it will be easier to navigate the information interface and differentiating dark and light, good and bad, in order to single out which direction is recessing and which is progressing.

This is the beginning of a more resourceful, organized and well assessed future. We need to prepare ourselves to be more humanly friendly as we are entwined into a more AI oriented world. It is coming and it requires benevolence of the human conscious soul imprinted in it or else we may come out with a monster in the end. This AI we create must have love, compassion, understanding that life on earth is brief and that it must learn humility over all else.

A fun site to read if you want to hear a bit of theory on frequencies entwined in the english language. I’m actually currently exploring this website’s articles in depth so that I can understand this world through his/her eyes better. Check it out and tell me what you think.

My life As Society’s Hobbit. Dispell The Word Evil


Hobbit: Small people shorter then average with the ability to sneak by trouble quiet as a mouse. Let us dispell the delusion of genes. We all know that the genetic change of height is due to the generations of nutrition in mostly dairy and milk products accumulated throughout generations of life and their daily activity throughout life. We also know that the genes of a person for color of hair, or color of eyes is due to a mutation of genes due to a complex variety of variables like environment, or activity and sometimes just error in DNA coding. The amount of melanin in the skin can also cause darkness which helps protect us more from the radiation and harshness of the sun. The evolution to be able to soak more sunlight and soak more Vitamin D is a natural one through generations of living indoors and from more livable conditions. The mind is also a variable that is evolving that we still do not understand completely which controls the rate of these errors in coding but we also know coding can also be fatal in deformities and disorders. They can be a blessing and wonder but can also have a dark side in how many illnesses and disorders it can bring.

I am a Vietnamese guy from a war torn Lower Earth now communist country. Now, not to say communism is bad and that Facism any better. I believe the medium of the two is the child of the English and French two nations who were in great conflict before who have come together creating Canada the product child of some of the greatest nations in the world, a true representation of Democracy. This seems to be the medium or tame of the worlds extremes, i would call this Middle Earth. Where as Higher Earth would be with UK, Israel and Germany. Lower Earth would probably be China, Vietnam and Japan. I determined the Asia to be the Lower Earth and considered all things such as wealth, economics, health, overall appreciation for life and happiness. I also considered these categories because of the amount of conflict in those locations. It wasn’t difficult to say that Jewish have the upper hand on the conflict over the Islam conflict backed up by the worlds most powerful nations. The other countries not mentioned may have a hand in these conflicts but these are just sample sites of the most ideal candidates for living standards.

I have identified the most iconic sample sites to label my factors. Higher does not mean better and lower does not mean worse. They are frequencies. Highest pitched does not mean its better neither does lower. When put together they bring together a frequency that is in harmony and balanced. Only peaking and dipping to a standard amount in “Conflict/Chaos” but consistently moving forward in time changing it’s colors in succession maybe from cold to hot (can be measure of inefficiencies of energy use) or maybe even better brightness/luminescence. Considering that Lower Earth has traits such as intellect, balance, wisdom. Higher Earth would have control, abundance and power. Medium practicality, humanism and creativity and Maybe with this information we can determine a frequency or algorithm that is ideal best suited for life and set this as the standard frequency in which a society should set a standard to. That way we don’t over distribute and under distribute resources in a manner that makes life inefficient. Does it make sense to destroy what we can combine? What we lack we can help each other with. It doesn’t make sense for wisdom to fight and kill off power or creativity.

“Into the fire of Mt. Moridor Sam! We must destroy the ring!” We must destroy the ring of power. That is the ring that rules them all. If we are moving towards a place where we want to some how rule the entire planet. This mentality is wrong. We must work together as a people, as humanity to solve our human problems. We should be coming together for ideas and this is an idea i think people should contemplate on. The movement for “One World to rule the World”. Before the idea of who is best swallows us all and destroys all hope of ever lasting peace on Earth. Last i heard we might be learning Chinese pretty soon. Or run by a corporate rogue owned U.S.A. While Canada is doing it’s thing shy and timid, we are in the right position to press for something like this. We are in the correct political situation, condition and circumstance to tell the world what we want.

So why haven’t we?