Limited Time Free Read Future-Law Our New Comic Book 2023

We are pleased to reveal that we are finishing up the 3rd comic book of our long awaited comic book The Future-Law: A Genetic Creation. We decided to for a limited time digitally allow people to read our book for free before we mass produce and publish it this coming month. If you like/love our stuff please support us by buying our book when it comes out. Give us some feedback and let us know what you like or what you want improved.

Book 1




Book 3

Please enjoy and do not illegally distribute without permission.

Book soon to be released officially very soon maybe the month of June 2023. There will be a comic book signing sometime this year also so you can get a printed comic book signed. Please buy a comic book and support your local favorite comic book publishers.

-Nam Nguyen and Darrel Rogers.

Promoting New Comic Book! Future Law: War on Crime. September 2022

Future Law Book 1 and 2 premiering on September 2022. Intellectual Property of Darrell Rodgers who is the author and penciled the comic book. Illustrations and rendering by Nam Nguyen. I am excited for the announcement of a new Comic Book. Be on the lookout for the release of our original comic books (vol. 1,2 and 3) The Canadian adventures of artificial human Marlowe in his trials facing street crime, clone wars and confronting aliens.

Publishing Future Law Comic Project through AMSA.

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