Art Gallery Submission

I’ve finally got around to organize and show the best of my work while at Anderson Hospital. The 6 months, I must say was – a miracle – and I pulled through with flying colors. I am hoping to catalog and archive these paintings on this post. I am planning to adjust the paintings into printable format for those who are interested in getting just a copy. As for the originals, I am unsure how to price them just yet. I will probably sell them at the farmers market for a couple of weeks (hope to see some interest at my little tent), and most likely auction at some point. I took out two wall paintings I didn’t feel met whatever standard I thought it needed to be.. and most likely because it was a duplicate paint job of lesser quality.

So with all good things there is a story that is told.

The first three was a symbolic reference to “alpha, omega, crossway, salvage and ambiguity” the ground colors that made this all possible.

It was just an idea. The idea of the bridge from the Heavens coming down to Earth is now the focus.

These components combined creates a bridge to the Sunset Cave where a Fallen Star from heaven has landed. This is where The Tree of Imagination is now planted. The Nose of the Cosmos knows of specific things which eventually leads it in to become The Weeping Tree in the end.

This is where the Dark blossom and Space Rose come in to shine – because in the magnitude of darkness something must exist.

In the sea of strange nature comes stranger animals – the Space Whale of all creatures splash in spirit through the sea of stars. The skies filled with already great wonders The Celestial Trees came to soak in the magnificent energy and experience. In the imagination of the Heavens, they create the Space Bouquet in the name of love – and not just any love.. selfless unconditional timeless love.

Another bridge; the stairway is to be made instead of heaven to earth – this one to be made earth to heaven. The star that falls here is the Earth Bound Star. Earth touched Trees and mountains and Earth touched Aurora Borealis come into the picture.

Out sprouts the Tree of Life and Knowledge reaching left and right, instantaneous as if grown over night. This tree overlooks The Earth and The Heavens and all things good within it. It oversees and introduces pious resolve and virtue of human kindness. This integration of Heaven and Earth present us with the Celestial Bouquet of Earth.

With this strange gesture of exchange and to co-exist as a sign of mutual agreement to cooperate under the law of symbiosis – comes the signal of the Blossomed Space Rose. Where the egg of infinity now lay. We have concocted the Phoenix Peacocks it seems.

The Phoenix Peacocks establish it’s hierarchy with The Dragon, and The Gryphon, quickly. The Tiger, The Wolf and The Black Lion soon follow. And finally an oddly organized team rises through The Buck, The Serpent and The Great Squirrel.

The Animal Totems have come to play but as guardian spirits. By the Equinox of Seasons the trees have a choir in which the twin dual spirits of the great Masculine and Feminine duality playfully flow. The Human Spirits through music of song and manifestation of butterflies ring for all to hear.

The Tree of life bursts in a blaze of burning but growing flames of leaves and roots. The Sunset Tree signals that all is ready and well. The Golden Eagle makes way to it’s new home on sanctified foundations it will grow.

The grass cut like Golf Greens, it appears like there is an oasis at every turn. The Perspective is good at every angle. The Polar Bear Guardian stands vigilant but at rest. Blissfully at peace. The Green Dragon reveals it’s true self to the audience.

Thank you for visiting! Maybe I can help you find your favorite part of this post.. prints are available soon, please be patient while I get everything organized. If you want an original canvas picture please message me,









Staircase of Imagination 2


Sunset Cave


Falling Star 1


Tree of Imagination 2


Aurora Borealis Nose


Weeping Trees


Bloom in the Dark


Space Rose 2


Space Whale


Celestial Trees


Space Bouquet 2


Staircase 1


Falling Star 2


Trees and Mountains


Aurora Borealis 5


Tree of Life


Space Bouquet 1


Space Rose 1


Cosmic Egg of Infinity


Phoenix Peacocks


False Microphone Dragon






Timber Wolf


The Black Lion


The Buck


Mystical Serpent


The Great Squirel












Sunset Tree


Golden Eagle


Golf Greens


Desert Oasis




Polar Bear Guardian


Green Dragon

Alien or not understood?

A great find today,


A new study has led researchers to conclude that Octopuses (NOT Octopi) have Alien DNA. Their genome shows a never-before-seen level of complexity with a staggering 33,000 protein-coding genes identified, more than in a human being.

So it seems octopuses are apparently alien to our planet this year according to this article. It is still not clear as to say that they come from another planet but they have some interesting things to say about octopus. Having 33, 000 more protein coded genes than the 25, 000 in human beings. It’s ability to problem solve and adapt instantly its neural network properties making memory much easier than anything in the animal kingdom. Biological mechanisms that allow tissues to rapidly change proteins in order to alter their function and camouflage. They say there’s elevated transposon expression in neural tissues found in the octopus. The transposons are known to have the ability to affect the regulation of gene expression and are believed to play major roles in shaping genome structure.

Octopus have an invertebrate genome which puts it’s DNA in a blender and mixed. They are saying that Octopuses have alien baggage genes that they are not of this world which has great claim in the scientific community.

Well I think there’s a lot of things in this world that is unexplained and doesn’t always seem to be what it appears. Human beings themselves can’t be sure that they are not influenced or altered by a genetic evolutionary path led by outside forces. For example there are a population of people who cannot feel emotions or think logically. Some who cannot articulate and express themselves therefore very agitated and confused causing alot of chaos in the world. There are in nature conditions that inhibit and stunt’s a person ability to grow in consciousness, intellect and wisdom.

There’s something called the “de novo” genes that hasn’t been explored yet saying that human genomes can go up to 60, 000 proteins, the catch is that they are very rare. Based on the Orphan genes which are super genes that come from out of “de novo” or (out of nowhere) Some research say that genes can be possibly invoked by conscious thought or “gene alchemy”. Some interesting concepts and ideas that could be of both worlds existing and non-existing worlds.

The octopus genome encodes 168 multi-exonic protocadherin genes which are genes in mollusks, limpets and oysters could be an answer to why it may have so many alien protein genes. Human’s would obviously wouldn’t find those genes too beneficial unless they want to be slug like, or ever secreting slime and other molusk/worm/oyster like qualities. But all the same octopus are super natural and a specimen to wonder about.


other research articles to read about:

Monad Atoms, Animal Spirits and A Spiritual Colossal Boar


Notes and discussion on Monad atoms and spiritual creatures.

Monads: There is a system of Monads 7:7 makes a complete Monad.

Molecular and Aspect of Self

The essence of primordial matter: Bose-Eintein Particle. Is Below the first plane of atoms.
1:1,1:2,1:3. These correlate to the states of Solid liquid and Gas respectively.
1:4,1:5,1:6,1:7 These are Etheric. Part of the subatomic particle and dark matter.

protons: 2 units
quarks: 6 units
undetermined: 18 units

1:4 molecules are baryons.
large 1:5 are unstable mesons.
small 1:5 and 1:6 molecules are quarks.
1:7 atoms (1-atoms) are preons.

The Mineral Kingdom, The plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and The Human kingdom.
Of all the kings we had the most unique ability having the causal body within us.


Studying of the legendary 4 Spirits;

Protector, Mastermind, Architect and Healer. I was identified as a Healer Spirit.

The Protectors; Those who mastery lie in strength and honor. Virtuous beings who guard those they love.

Mastermind; Those to contemplate and manipulate situations to turn the tides or work to exploit a weakness no one would think to. Conjuring ideas and thoughts allowing the flow of creativity to create a template for easy manifest.

Architects: Those who build and design the constructs and vehicles that allow people to cross gaps and places people cannot reach without bridges. He who builds to sustain the living condition that we have, who house the people.

Healers: Those who give nurturing and loving guidance to the young and lost. The healing spirit that paves a  way for men and lead them to safety and victory.


Native Americans believe that animals had a certain built spirit inside of them.
Respect: Buffalo
Love: Eagle
Courage: Bear
Honesty: Bigfoot
Wisdom: Beaver
Humility: Wolf
Truth: Turtle

I had a dream of a very strange boar: ( 3:7, 4:7, 5:7 realm?)

The Boar: Symbol of Courage and Fearlessness
The dream of a wild boar indicates success and protection in troubled times. It is also a symbol of personal honor. Some ancient cultures associated the boar with healing as well. This association arises from the boar’s ability to fearlessly face unknown dangers
death, demons that devour humans and danger.

In the dream, I believe it to be the rendition of the second triad the spiritual world. I was recycling and reusing all i could get. Brushing and beating down the deathless resounding echoes of apparitions and manifests of dust and matter that no long can sustain their state. Cleaning it to make way for children to play. I was a healing presence, a nurturing spirit. In my dream i ran into a Gigantic Black Boar of some kind with dense fur of metallic bristles – he was a beast of the “etheric” world of the sub-atomic, dark energy and dark matter 2nd triad plane. He was a revered beast and he is a protective spirit. The boar was a sacred animal with links to demonic elements. as traditionally sacred animals, can take away evil and purify it. At the same time, they are creatures of the underworld themselves and are receptive to evil. He was in the way of my cleansing session i was having.

He had a resonance of a devouring and shaking disturbance. In the Tales of Hermes, these people were faced with omen of destruction and afterlife. They had a heavy loss against a Colossal Boar. Stopped only by the Bronze Arrow representing the Bronze Age. In order to overcome this new obstacle to reach our new age we must over come this idea of brutish, juvenile, reckless and destructive behavior. To understand Religion better, to brave Science and to comprehend the Spiritual. Malekulans in Melanesia, where boars are sacrificed at Megalithic shrines as a payment enabling one to enter the Otherworld at death. The association of pigs, and especially boars, with the underworld, night, and death is almost universal. He is an omen of facing great hardship and opening the doors to the next gate.